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Version: 1.3.0


Deploy all InLong module by Docker Compose, it's only available for development.

Notice: The default message queue is Apache Pulsar for Docker.

Environment Requirements

  • Docker 19.03.1+
  • Docker Compose 1.29.2+
  • Flink 1.13.5


You can get apache-inlong-[version]-bin.tar.gz from Download Page ,or you can build the InLong refer to How to Build.


Replace the FLINK_HOST and FLINK_PORT environment variables in docker/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml refer to the Flink cluster address.


Start all components.

cd docker/docker-compose
docker-compose up -d

Register Cluster

DataProxy Cluster

Open the Inlong-Dashboard page (the default is, and select to add a DataProxy cluster on the [Clusters] tab:

Click the [Create] button, and fill in the cluster name, cluster label, and responsible person in the pop-up box to save.

Note: [Cluster Tag] is a logical concept. Tags with the same name will be regarded as the same cluster.

For example, the DataProxy cluster and the Pulsar cluster with the same cluster tag belong to the same cluster.

Then add nodes to this DataProxy cluster - a DataProxy cluster can support adding multiple nodes:

Just fill in the IP and port of the DataProxy node.

Pulsar Cluster

Similar to the above entry for adding a DataProxy cluster, the filling example is as follows:


After all containers run successfully, you can access http://localhost with default account:

User: admin
Password: inlong


docker-compose down