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1.0.0 release

Feb 17, 20221.0.0Source[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-2347[Feature]Support hive sink in sort-single-tenant
INLONG-2334[Feature][inlong-dataproxy]create pulsar client need support config ioThreads
INLONG-2333[Feature]Support clickhouse sink in sort-single-tenant
INLONG-2266[Feature]Support reporting metrics by audit-sdk in sort
INLONG-2250[Feature][InLong-Sort] Support Kafka sink in InLong-Sort
INLONG-2247Read the consume group offset and store to the specified topic
INLONG-2236[Feature]Support iceberg sink in sort-single-tenant
INLONG-2232Add start and end timestamp of segment
INLONG-2218[Feature][InLong-DataProxy] Inlong-DataProxy support authentication access pulsar
INLONG-2217[Feature][InLong-DataProxy] Add TCP protocol client demo and config doc feature
INLONG-2216[Feature][InLong-DataProxy] Add UDP protocol client demo and config doc
INLONG-2215[Feature][InLong-DataProxy] Add http protocol client demo and config doc
INLONG-2326[Feature] Inlong-Sort-Standalone support to sort the events to ElasticSearch cluster.
INLONG-2322[Feature][InLong-Sort] Support json format for kafka sink
INLONG-2301[Feature] Support Standalone deployment for InLong
INLONG-2207[Feature][InLong-Website] Add component about charts
INLONG-2187[Feature] Website support audit view
INLONG-2183[Feature][InLong-Sort] Bump flink version to 1.13.5
INLONG-2176Add histogram metric and client-side metric output
INLONG-2170[Feature] add Inlong-Sort-standalone document.
INLONG-2169[Feature][Agent] should provide docs for agent db sql collect
INLONG-2167[Feature][Agent] support db SQL collect
INLONG-2164[Feature] Sort-standalone expose metric data using prometheus HttpServer.
INLONG-2161[Feature][InLong-Manager] Manager support getClusterConfig
INLONG-2138[Feature] Agent should provide docs for programmers to customize their own source or sink
INLONG-2106[Feature] DataProxy expose metric data using prometheus HttpServer.
INLONG-2096[Feature] DataProxy add InlongGroupId+InlongStreamId metric dimensions in TDSDKSource and TubeSink.
INLONG-2077[Feature]sort-sdk change pulsar consume mode from listener to fetch
INLONG-2076[Feature] Tube sink of DataProxy support new Message format.
INLONG-2075[Feature] SDK Source of DataProxy support new Message format.
INLONG-2058[Feature] The metric of Sort-standalone append a dimension(minute level) of event time, supporting audit reconciliation of minute level.
INLONG-2056[Feature]The metric of DataProxy append a dimension(minute level) of event time, supporting audit reconciliation of minute level.
INLONG-2055[Feature][InLong audit] Audit SDK Support real-time report
INLONG-2054[Feature][InLong audit] Audit SDK Support disaster tolerance
INLONG-2053[Feature][InLong audit] Audit Web Page Display
INLONG-2051[Feature][InLong audit] Add Audit API for Manager
INLONG-2050[Feature][InLong audit] Audit Strore for Elasticsearch
INLONG-2045[Feature]sort-sdk support Prometheus monitor
INLONG-2028[Feature][CI] Add support for docker build on GitHub Actions
INLONG-1992[Feature]sort-flink support configurable loader of getting configuration.
INLONG-1950[Feature] DataProxy add supporting to udp protocol for reporting data
INLONG-1949[Feature] DataProxy sdk add demo
INLONG-1931[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone-readapi support to consume events from inlong cache clusters(tube)
INLONG-1895[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support to sort the events to Hive cluster.
INLONG-1894[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support JMX metrics listener for pushing.
INLONG-1892[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support to consume events from Pulsar cache clusters.
INLONG-1738[Feature] InLong audit


INLONG-2373[Improve] Refactor of CreateBusinessWorkflow
INLONG-2358[InLong audit] modify audit proxy name of introduction
INLONG-2352[InLong audit] add audit introduction
INLONG-2349[inlong-dataproxy] change log file name from flum.log to dataproxy.log
INLONG-2331[Improve] Extract connector related code to sort-connector module
INLONG-2329[Improve][inlong-dataproxy-sdk] asyncSendMessage in can be optimized to reduce the number of invalid objects
INLONG-2297[Improve][agent] support audit for source and sink
INLONG-2296Added lag consumption log
INLONG-2279[Improve] Supplement TubeMQ's Javadoc information
INLONG-2274[Improve][Manager] Supports configuring whether to create a Hive database or table
INLONG-2271[Improve] rename the TDMsg to InLongMsg
INLONG-2258[Improve][dashboard] Audit page support auto select datastream
INLONG-2254Add historical offset query API
INLONG-2245[Improve] Supports database-level isolation of audit queries
INLONG-2229[Improve] Manager support pulsar authentification
INLONG-2225[Improve][InLong-Dashboard] Audit module support i18n
INLONG-2220[Improve] move dataproxy-sdk to inlong-sdk
INLONG-2210[Improve] package inlong-manager-web as inlong-manager
INLONG-2200[Feature] DataProxy add supporting to http protocol for reporting data
INLONG-2196[Improve] move website to dashboard
INLONG-2193[Improve] optimize inlong manager structure
INLONG-2160[Improve] Time format conversion using DateTimeFormatter
INLONG-2151[Improve] Add time and sort statistics by topic
INLONG-2133Update year to 2022
INLONG-2126[Improve] can be merged into,as a InLong beginner maybe forgot this step
INLONG-2122[Improve] Send a dev notifications email for issue status
INLONG-2119[Improve][Website][CI] Add support for building inlong website when building or testing project
INLONG-2117[Improve][agent] optimize class name
INLONG-2116[Improve][Website] Improve the README document
INLONG-2107[Improve][InLong Manager] remove gson and json-simple from dependency
INLONG-2103[Improve] update the definition of Apache InLong
INLONG-2073[Improve][InLong agent] remove spring 2.5.6 from dependencyManagement
INLONG-2072[Improve] update the deployment guide for sort
INLONG-2070[Improve] update the default pulsar demo configuration for dataproxy
INLONG-1944Bumped version to 0.13.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT for the master branch


INLONG-2371[Bug][inlong-dataproxy] monitorIndex should not use msgid for key,it affects performance
INLONG-2361[Bug] audit have no data
INLONG-2344[Bug][InLong-Sort] Kafka sink ut failed under multithread compiling
INLONG-2338[Bug] agent can not get dataproxy for docker-compose environment
INLONG-2336[Bug][agent] the manager fetcher thread was shielded
INLONG-2288[Bug] sort-flink task catches an NPE
INLONG-2264[Bug] DataProxy get metric value with error JMX ObjectName
INLONG-2263[Bug] SortStandalone get metric value with error JMX ObjectName
INLONG-2252[Bug] Remove character in sort-standalone
INLONG-2242[BUG][manager] table field incorrect: db_collector_detail_task, 'sql' should be 'sql_statement'
INLONG-2237[Bug] call audit query interface error
INLONG-2230[Bug] manager started get jackson error
INLONG-2227[Bug] build failed for dataproxy-sdk
INLONG-2224[Bug][inlong-DataProxy] Source receive one message will be send to pulsar twice when config both memery channel and file channel
INLONG-2202[Bug] add lower version log4j exclusion in sort-standalone pom.xml
INLONG-2199[Bug][inlong-audit][audit-source] one message will put tow channel, and store two message
INLONG-2191[Bug][inlong-audit][audit-source] requestId is not set in response message
INLONG-2190[Bug][inlong-audit][audit-store] can not started by start shell
INLONG-2174[Bug]Clickhouse sink can cause data loss when checkpointing
INLONG-2155[Bug][Manager] Some unit tests running failed
INLONG-2148[Bug][sort]Pattern used for extracting clickhouse metadata is not compatible with some versions of clickhouse
INLONG-2143[Bug][sort] caught a NoClassDefFoundError exception
INLONG-2137[Bug] version 0.12.0 cannot pass UT
INLONG-2130[Bug] inlong-sort occurs ClassNotFoundException: og.objenesis..ClassUtils
INLONG-2113[Bug][Docker] Audit docker image build failed
INLONG-2098[Bug] agent can not restart successfully
INLONG-2097[Bug][Docker] error while building tubemq image
INLONG-2094[Bug] summit job failed after enabling Prometheus
INLONG-2089[Bug]tubemq-manager throws error when starting: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.validation.ClockProvider
INLONG-2087[Bug] Miss a "-p" flag before 2181:2181 in the command "Start Standalone Container"
INLONG-2085[Bug] Solve the incubator-inlong-website Compilation failure problem
INLONG-2084[Bug]A bug in the Go SDK demo, and the API result class is not clear enough
INLONG-2082[Bug] file agent collector file failed
INLONG-2080[Bug] file agent send file failed
INLONG-2078[Bug] create pulsar subscription failed
INLONG-2068[Bug] the class name in dataproxy is wrong
INLONG-2066Each message will be consumed twice.[Bug]
INLONG-2064[Bug]master branch, tubemq-manager module occurs: package Java.validation.constraints not exists
INLONG-2061[Bug][Office-Website] The homepage structure image error
INLONG-1989[Bug]some font of " DataProxy-SDK architecture " page incorrectly
INLONG-1342[Bug] Create tube consumer group failed where the group exists