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1.10.0 release

InLong Source Code1.10.02023-12-13[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.10.02023-12-13[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.10.02023-12-13[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.10.02023-12-13[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-9089[Improve][Agent] Add enums for task and instance
INLONG-9091[Improve][Agent] Add offset profile
INLONG-9094[Umbrella][Agent] Reconfiguration of task management
INLONG-9102[Improve][Agent] Add file utils
INLONG-9112[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance profile
INLONG-9117[Improve][Agent] Rewrite class RocksDbImp to enable it to be constructed with a child path
INLONG-9120[Improve][Agent] Add offset db to store the offset data
INLONG-9122[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance action
INLONG-9124[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance db
INLONG-9125[Improve][Agent] Add offset manager
INLONG-9132[Improve][Agent] Add file used message cache
INLONG-9134[Improve][Agent] Add file related utils
INLONG-9136[Improve][Agent] Add instance manager
INLONG-9138[Improve][Agent] Add task manager
INLONG-9143[Improve][Agent] Add log file collect task
INLONG-9149[Improve][Agent] Add sender manager for file collect
INLONG-9151[Improve][Agent] Add log file source and source related modification
INLONG-9155[Improve][Agent] Add file used proxy
INLONG-9159[Improve][Agent] Add file instance
INLONG-9161[Improve][Agent] Modify left sink
INLONG-9163[Improve][Agent] Delete trigger related file
INLONG-9165[Improve][Agent] Delete job related file
INLONG-9182[Improve][Agent] Delete useless code
INLONG-9187[Improve][Agent] Delete useless memory manager
INLONG-9190[Bug][Agent] Log file source clear buffer queue does not take effect
INLONG-9194[Bug][Agent] Calc time offset failed if the param is 0
INLONG-9200[Bug][Agent] Duplicate file collect instance
INLONG-9207[Bug][Agent] Task manager stuck
INLONG-9214[Improve][Agent] Limit max file count to collect once
INLONG-9215[Improve][Agent] Add predefine fields
INLONG-9233[Bug][Agent] Fix bug: source, proxy, sender get stuck
INLONG-9237[Improve][Agent] Move addictive fields to package attributes
INLONG-9241[Improve][Agent] Print task and instance detail every ten seconds
INLONG-9244[Bug][Agent] Fix bug: miss file from next data time
INLONG-9253[Bug][Agent] Get byte position of file by line count offset failed
INLONG-9263[Improve][Agent] Print the statistics of task and instance not detail
INLONG-9265[Improve][Agent] Add audit of agent send success
INLONG-9267[Bug][Agent] Data loss when there are many files to read once
INLONG-9284[Improve][Agent] Report audit by data time not real time
INLONG-9286[Improve][Agent] Adjust the time offset calculation function
INLONG-9289[Improve][Agent] Improve the completion judgment logic of collecting instances
INLONG-9300[Improve][Agent] Divide data time into source time and sink time
INLONG-9308[Improve][Agent] The sink end of the file instance supports sending data with different streamIds
INLONG-9310[Improve][Agent] Add extended handler in file source
INLONG-9312[Improve][Agent] Add data content style
INLONG-9315[Improve][Agent] Convert data time from source time zone to sink time zone.
INLONG-9317[Improve][Agent] Print basic info of hearbeat
INLONG-9335[Improve][Agent] Bring cycle parameters when creating an instance
INLONG-9338[Improve][Agent] Real time file collection uses the current time as the data time
INLONG-9347[Improve][Agent] Check task profile before save into db
INLONG-9364[Improve][Agent] Remove expired instance from db
INLONG-9366[Improve][Agent] Remove useless offset record
INLONG-9369[Improve][Agent] Increase sending failure audit and real-time audit
INLONG-9375[Improve][Agent] Modify the agent's real-time audit id to prevent duplication
INLONG-9390[Improve][Agent] Collect supplementary data in chronological order
INLONG-9397[Improve][Agent] Do not directly delete the instance records of the local db when stopping the instances


INLONG-9225[Improve][Audit] Automatically create audit topic after service startup


INLONG-8983[Improve][Dashboard] Log component query optimization
INLONG-9016[Improve][Dashboard] Change the wrapWithInlongMsg to wrapType in data stream
INLONG-9053[Improve][Dashboard] Query list shows creators and modifiers
INLONG-9055[Improve][Dashboard] The approval management list displays the name of the consumer group
INLONG-9107[Improve][Dashboard] Navigation widget optimization
INLONG-9114[Improve][Dashboard] Stream log query parameter optimization
INLONG-9185[Feature][Dashboard] Cluster management supports sort_cls, sort_es, sort_pulsar types
INLONG-9196[Improve][Dashboard] Navigation widget user manual optimization
INLONG-9219[Improve][Dashboard] Stream advanced options parameter optimization
INLONG-9229[Improve][Dashboard] Data access transmission delay optimization
INLONG-9256[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization iceberg sink supports append Mode
INLONG-9260[Improve][Dashboard] Support batch import in Synchronize dashboard and detail page
INLONG-9302[Improve][Dashboard] Elasticsearch sink optimization
INLONG-9322[Improve][Dashboard] Sink field mapping title format is unified
INLONG-9354[Improve][Dashboard] Data access File sources optimization
INLONG-9368[Improve][Dashboard] Creation time or other time display in an easily readable format
INLONG-9383[Improve][Dashboard] Resource details display cluster label information
INLONG-9385[Improve][Dashboard] Create a new cluster and remove the agent and dataproxy types
INLONG-9427[Improve][Dashboard] Data access supports viewing operation logs


INLONG-8958[Bug][Manager]Create cls topic fail
INLONG-8960[Feature][Manager] Automatically assign sort cluster after creating stream sinks
INLONG-8964[Feature][Manager] Support Sortstandalone cluster management
INLONG-8975[Improve][Manager] The manager issues an audit IDs based on the group mode
INLONG-8986[Bug][Manager] Sort standalone get params from manager error
INLONG-8988[Improve][Manager] Supports multiple wrap types for message body
INLONG-8990[Improve][Manager][DataProxy][SDK] Rename DataProxyMsgEncType to Message WrapType
INLONG-8992[Bug][Manager] NPE caused by not using transform
INLONG-8995[Improve][Manager] Add an interface for querying used task information for agent
INLONG-9003[Feature][DataProxy][Manager] Support extend fields
INLONG-9017[Improve][Manager] Add stop interface in stream source API
INLONG-9023[Bug][Manager] Failed to stop job task
INLONG-9027[Bug][Manager] Fix SQL error in ClusterSetMapper.selectInlongStreamId
INLONG-9036[Improve][Manager] Support create tables for dataSync
INLONG-9041[Improve][Manager] Support saving schema information when saving iceberg source
INLONG-9051[Improve][Manager] Add consumer group in the approval form
INLONG-9060[Bug][Manager] Manager return wrong sink configuration to sort standalone
INLONG-9062[Improve][Manager] Add default values for stream related interface parameters
INLONG-9066[Improve][Manager] Renaming group related states
INLONG-9069[Improve][Manager] Filter out invalid configs when organize SortStandalone configuration
INLONG-9070[Improve][Manager] Add MessageWrapType.forType method for MessageWrapType
INLONG-9073[Improve][Manager] Add getStreamBriefInfo method for InlongStreamClient
INLONG-9092[Improve][Manager] Tube supports inlong-msg format
INLONG-9098[Improve][Manager] Support to save additional info for the Iceberg field
INLONG-9106[Improve][Manager] Support configuring multiple job tasks under a group
INLONG-9109[Bug][Manager] Incorrect URL address for getbrief mapping in streamApi
INLONG-9147[Improve][Manager] The group details are displayed with the tag of the cluster to which the group belongs
INLONG-9192[Feature][Manager] Flat Sort Cluster types
INLONG-9203[Bug][Manager][Sort] Failed to use Iceberg sink
INLONG-9205[Bug][Manager] Failed to use Hudi sink
INLONG-9209[Improve][Manager] Support configuring predefined fields and issuing agents
INLONG-9211[Bug][Manager] Redis cannot get the clusterMode from sink
INLONG-9240[Improve][Sort][Manager] Add options for Iceberg connector
INLONG-9248[Improve][Manager] Supports configuring builtIn fields for tube source and pulsar source
INLONG-9250[Improve][Manager] Add auditId for tube, pulsar, and mysql
INLONG-9259[Feature][Manager] Optimize Elasticsearch sink and datanode
INLONG-9269[Bug][Manager] Get SortClusterConfig is empty,when sink params include non-string type
INLONG-9280[Feature][Manager] Support different size of extended fields of InlongStream
INLONG-9285[Bug][Manager] When creating KafkaSource, the autoOffsetReset param cannot be empty
INLONG-9297[Feature][Manager] Support configuring multiple sink types of tasks under a single stream
INLONG-9303[Feature][Manager]Support Tube MQ sink
INLONG-9314[Feature][Manager] Support cluster switch for InlongGroup
INLONG-9318[Improve][Manager] ManagerClient supports pulling clusters based on tenant roles
INLONG-9328[Improve][Manager] Add parameters validation for the updateAuditSource method
INLONG-9330[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the StarRocks JDBC URL
INLONG-9337[Improve][Manager] Support querying operation records
INLONG-9343[Improve][Manager] Support configuring timeZone related parameters for fileSource
INLONG-9351[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit data size
INLONG-9358[Bug][Manager] The creation time of the information in the database differs from the creation time in the returned information by eight hours
INLONG-9362[Improve][Manager] Support the configuration of parameters related to the migration of the entire Iceberg database
INLONG-9373[Bug][Manager] Failed to create namespace
INLONG-9400[Bug][Manager] Error obtaining sort task type
INLONG-9433[Bug][Manager] NPE exception encountered while querying audit information
INLONG-9444[Bug][Manager] ES sink unsuccessful flow status configuration successful
INLONG-9447[Bug][Manager] Suspend group failed


INLONG-8990[Improve][Manager][DataProxy][SDK] Rename DataProxyMsgEncType to Message WrapType
INLONG-9007[Improve][SDK] ClientList out of bounds
INLONG-9044[Improve][SDK] Add server response log to facilitate troubleshooting
INLONG-9058[Improve][SDK] Limit the number of inlong-groupid and inlong-streamid of a single SDK instance
INLONG-9079[Improve][SDK] Shaded some dependency to reduce conflicts with other sdk
INLONG-9083[Improve][SDK] Bump up Golang SDK x/net modules
INLONG-9167[Improve][SDK] Use UUID as the batch ID instead of snowflake ID for DataProxy Golang SDK
INLONG-9170[Improve][SDK] Use pointer instead of object for chans in Golang SDK
INLONG-9172[Improve][SDK] comment/delete some debug log in some frequently called methods for Golang SDK
INLONG-9174[Improve][SDK] Improve response attr parsing in Golang SDK
INLONG-9176[Improve][SDK] Fail fast when worker is unavailable in Golang SDK
INLONG-9178[Improve][SDK] Update the default values of the config options of Golang SDK
INLONG-9180[Improve][SDK] Cache up batchReq.dataReqs
INLONG-9184[Improve][SDK] Update in Golang SDK
INLONG-9213[Improve][SDK] Support isolation by inlong groupid
INLONG-9228[Improve][SDK] CPP SDK supports dynamic load balancing
INLONG-9277[Feature][SDK] Optimize multi-region nearby access
INLONG-9293[Improve][SDK] Optimize the problem that the more inlong grouids there are, the more memory is consumed.
INLONG-9307[Improve][SDK] Improve DataProxy SDK code readability
INLONG-9320[Improve][SDK] Support local disaster recovery manager configuration
INLONG-9324[Improve][SDK] Supports automatic creation of custom log directories
INLONG-9341[Improve][SDK] Optimize obtaining local IP information
INLONG-9345[Bug][SDK] DataProxy SDK throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundErrorException
INLONG-9355[Improve][SDK] Optimize resource isolation for CPP SDK
INLONG-9378[Improve][SDK] Optimize proxy configuration update


INLONG-8959[Feature][Sort]Add mongodb connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8973[Bug][Sort] Fix PRIMARY KEY desc error in redis readme.
INLONG-8979[Bug][Sort] Wrong desc about redis-conenctor in flink 1.13 module about command option
INLONG-8982[Feature][Sort] Iceberg sink on flink 1.15
INLONG-8997[Improve][Sort] Keep the logic the same with flink v1.15 mysql in flink v1.13 end to end test
INLONG-8998[Improve][Sort] Add sqlserver connector of flink 1.15
INLONG-8999[Feature][Sort] Add sqlserver connector of flink 1.15
INLONG-9009[Feature][Sort] Add HBase connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9038[Bug][Sort] Fail to parse InlongMessage when exporting Pulsar
INLONG-9075[Improve][Sort] TubeMQSource support InlongMsg format
INLONG-9077[Bug][Sort] TubeMQ connector fail to subscribe streamId
INLONG-9084[Bug][Sort] Fail to parse InlongGroupId when report Inlong Audit
INLONG-9087[Improve][Sort] TubeMQ Connector use latest offset mode
INLONG-9128[Bug][Sort] Failed to init TubeMQ source with InlongMsg type message
INLONG-9203[Bug][Manager][Sort] Failed to use Iceberg sink
INLONG-9223[Feature][Sort] TubeMQ souce support InlongAudit
INLONG-9231[Bug][Sort] Find no audit time field when the filed is in upper case
INLONG-9240[Improve][Sort][Manager] Add options for Iceberg connector
INLONG-9246[Improve][Sort] Pulsar source support audit when the deserialized type is not InlongMsg
INLONG-9247[Improve][Sort] TubeMQ source support audit when the deserialized type is not InlongMsg
INLONG-9273[Bug][Sort] IcebergSingleFileCommiter will throw exception for error code
INLONG-9333[Bug][Sort] Related problem with attribute exceptions when creating 'hudiSink'
INLONG-9371[Bug][Sort] elasticsearch sort shade relocation error
INLONG-9377[Bug][Sort] Failed to init iceberg sink with upsert mode
INLONG-9380[Bug][Sort] Audit lost when stop job immediately after checkpoint
INLONG-9388[Improve][Sort] Updated version of embedded-redis in sort-connector-redis
INLONG-9392[Bug][Sort] MySqlContainer class getJdbcUrl() method splicing querystring error
INLONG-9394[Improve][Sort] Incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-9417[Bug][Sort] Missing MySQL CDC connector for Flink 1.15


INLONG-8961[Improve] Server-side request forgery attack prevention in some classes
INLONG-8967[Feature] Add Mysql connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8971[Improve][manager] Missing audit id for MQ
INLONG-8977[Feature] Add tube source connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8994[Feature] Add hudi connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9013[Improve][DataProxy] Inconsistent annotations
INLONG-9025[Improve][Build] Avoid deploying the distribution packages to repositories
INLONG-9034[Improve] Fix sort redis test with incorrect use of sleep
INLONG-9046[Improve][CVE] snappy-java's missing upper bound check on chunk length can lead to Denial of Service (DoS) impact
INLONG-9064[Feature] Add Audit report for Pulsar connector in flink 1.15
INLONG-9081[Bug] Pulsar connector in flink 1.15 should running in exclusive mode
INLONG-9095[Feature] Support inlong-msg in pulsar flink 1.15 connector
INLONG-9104[Improve][ASF] Add a protected branches strategy for the master branch
INLONG-9202[Bug] Fix audit report error when running pulsar -> iceberg in flink1.15
INLONG-9221[Bug]When sink is MySQL, there is no 'DataNode' when first selected
INLONG-9225[Improve][Audit] Automatically create audit topic after service startup
INLONG-9271[Bug] When creating 'StreamField', 'isMetaField' must be initialized
INLONG-9281[Bug] Fix pulsar flink connector cannot support batch messages
INLONG-9296[Bug] Cluster type 'DATAPROXY' not supported
INLONG-9299[Feature] Iceberg support all migrate and auto create table
INLONG-9359[Bug] Fix iceberg all migrate connector stack overflow error
INLONG-9384[Bug] Fix audi report loss in pulsar connector