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1.11.0 release

InLong Source Code1.11.02024-02-26[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.11.02024-02-26[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.11.02024-02-26[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.11.02024-02-26[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-9457[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance heartbeat audit
INLONG-9481[Improve][Agent] Add unit test of reading with offset
INLONG-9580[Improve][Agent] Add unit testing to taskmanager to test their ability to recover tasks from DB
INLONG-9614[Improve][Agent] Change folder name
INLONG-9467[Improve][Agent] Improve code exception detection to ensure task and instance state transitions
INLONG-9454[Improve][Agent] Increase exit conditions to prevent dead loops
INLONG-9556[Improve][Agent] Prevent thread freeze caused by deleting data sources when the backend cannot send out
INLONG-9572[Improve][Agent] Set data time of message cache by sink data time
INLONG-9548[Improve][Agent] Supports HTTPS and can determine whether to enable it through configuration
INLONG-9600[Improve][Agent]Adjust the sinks directory for code consistency


                           ISSUE                            Summary                                                                                  
INLONG-9627[Improve][Dashboard] Audit and transmission delay filtering query optimization
INLONG-9543[Improve][Dashboard] Cls, Pulsar and es sink support saving sortTaskName and sortConsumerGroup
INLONG-9610[Improve][Dashboard] Cluster creation type optimization
INLONG-9495[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization basic information page optimization
INLONG-9663[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization doris sink supports append Mode
INLONG-9530[Improve][Dashboard] Dataproxy cluster nodes support adding the enabledOnline parameter
INLONG-9505[Improve][Dashboard] Pulsar source parameter optimization
INLONG-9516[Improve][Dashboard] Remove useless dependencies
INLONG-8393[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the HeartbeatManager class
INLONG-9657[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Doris data node
INLONG-9439[Feature][Dashboard] Support module reconciliation function
INLONG-9550[Feature][Dashboard] System operation and maintenance supports query and audit through Gorupid and Stream id
INLONG-9489[Bug][Dashboard] Transform remove missing stream id


                           ISSUE                            Summary                                                                                                                                      
INLONG-9508[Feature][Manager] Add Iceberg field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-9634[Feature][Manager] Auto assgin sort task and consumer group of standalone export
INLONG-9056[Feature][Manager] Configuration change detection  
INLONG-9524[Feature][Manager] Manager client support migrate group tenant
INLONG-9452[Improve][Manager] Add audit items for file agent
INLONG-9484[Improve][Manager] Improve logic of sortstandalone sink auto-assigned cluster  
INLONG-9441[Improve][Manager] MySQL data source supports both full and incremental modes
INLONG-8392[Improve][Manager] Optimize the HeartbeatMsg class
INLONG-9586[Improve][Manager] Provide installation agent framework
INLONG-9528[Improve][Manager] Support configuring the switch to enable dataproxy nodes
INLONG-9591[Improve][Manager] Support printing thread status before submitting tasks
INLONG-9523[Improve][Manager] Support querying all audit information based on IP address
INLONG-9440[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit information based on ip
INLONG-9518[Improve][Manager] Support resetting the consumption location of the consumption group used by sort
INLONG-9475[Improve][Manager] Support setting dataNode when configuring streamSource for MYSQL
INLONG-9533[Improve][Manager] Support setting dataNode when configuring streamSource for Pulsar/Iceberg/PostgreSQL
INLONG-9510[Improve][Manager] Supports doris database synchronization
INLONG-9503[Improve][Manager] Unified Hashmap Dependency Package
INLONG-9577[Bug][Manager] Datatime field type conversion error
INLONG-9204[Bug][Manager] Failed to use PostgreSQL sink
INLONG-9470[Bug][Manager] Failed to verify if the namespace exists
INLONG-9461[Bug][Manager] Failure of GroupTaskListenerFactoryTest
INLONG-9618[Bug][Manager] HttpUtils did not process 307 status code
INLONG-9606[Bug][Manager] Incorrect flow status when cls sink configuration fails
INLONG-9488[Bug][Manager] Not redirecting post requests
INLONG-9552[Bug][Manager] Sink remains in configuration after standalone cluster allocation failure
INLONG-9632[Bug][Manager] StartupSortListener may miss to build flink job for every stream
INLONG-9222[Bug][Manager] When cluster have multiple cluster tag,manager return wrong metadata info


INLONG-9554[Bug][SDK] When close DataProxy SDK sender thread, The shutdownInternalThreads methods throw the NullPointerException
INLONG-9624[Improve][SDK] Adjust code directory structure
INLONG-9658[Improve][SDK] Bump up Golang SDK modules
INLONG-9546[Feature][SDK] DataProxy SDK support request manager by https


                           ISSUE                            Summary                                                                                      
INLONG-8358[Feature][Sort] Add Kafka connector on Flink 1.15
INLONG-9521[Feature][Sort] Sort format supports InLongMsg-kv format
INLONG-9571[Feature][sort] Support row way of sort InLong message binlog format
INLONG-9597[Feature][Sort] Support row way of sort InLong message tlog-csv format
INLONG-9569[Feature][Sort] Support rowdata way of sort InLong message csv format
INLONG-9563[Feature][Sort] Support rowdata way of sort message kv format
INLONG-9473[Feature][Sort] Support transform of embedding
INLONG-9626[Improve][Sort] Change the variable name from tid to streamId
INLONG-9491[Improve][Sort] Csv format support ignore trailing unmappable fields
INLONG-9479[Improve][Sort] There are too many flink version definitions
INLONG-9616[Bug][Sort] Failed to create pulsar producer with the same topic
INLONG-9501[Bug][Sort] Modify EncryptFunction
INLONG-9499[Bug][Sort] Typos in FlinkPulsarSource and  FlinkPulsarSourceWithoutAdmin


INLONG-9603[Bug][TubeMQ] Cpp client build failed
INLONG-9033[Improve][TubeMQ] Docker container is missing tubectl script


                           ISSUE                            Summary                                                                                                          
INLONG-9541[Feature][ASF] Remove branch protection strategy for the master branch  
INLONG-8391[Improve] Optimize the HeartbeatMsg class
INLONG-9640[Improve][CVE] Apache Shiro vulnerable to path traversal
INLONG-9048[Improve][CVE] Authorization Bypass Through User-Controlled Key vulnerability in Apache ZooKeeper
INLONG-9465[Improve][CVE] Authorization Bypass Through User-Controlled Key vulnerability in Apache ZooKeeper
INLONG-9666[Improve][CVE] Domain restrictions bypass via DNS Rebinding in WireMock and WireMock Studio webhooks, proxy and recorder modes
INLONG-9644[Improve][CVE] Guava vulnerable to insecure use of temporary directory
INLONG-9477[Improve][CVE] Observable Discrepancy in Apache Kafka
INLONG-9642[Improve][CVE] TemporaryFolder on unix-like systems does not limit access to created files
INLONG-9463[Improve][POM] Bump curator to 4.2.0
INLONG-9525[Improve][Tools] There is a typo for script
INLONG-9493[Bug] Logging error for the NativeFlinkSqlParser