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1.5.0 release

InLong Source Code1.5.02023-01-13[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.5.02023-01-13[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.5.02023-01-13[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-6970[Improve][Agent] Improve Agent UnitTest
INLONG-6960[Bug][Agent] Generate repeat UUID for different messages in some cases
INLONG-6759[Improve][Agent] Improve code style
INLONG-6730[Improve][Agent] Change MOCK task type
INLONG-6704[Feature][Agent] Add pulsar sink
INLONG-6681[Feature][Agent] Support settings for agent's data report-to


INLONG-7086[Improve][DataProxy] Add default ext tag report value
INLONG-7054[Improve][DataProxy] Add the processing of the rtms field
INLONG-6985[Improve][DataProxy] Make maxMonitorCnt setting configurable
INLONG-6964[Bug][DataProxy] Caught when deploy in docker-compose
INLONG-7070[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix pulling MQ configuration problem
INLONG-6955[Improve][Script] Support starts the DataProxy with Kafka in the deployment script
INLONG-6848[Improve][DataProxy] Support original InlongMsg protocol and headers
INLONG-6802[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Adapt Apache Kafka as cache cluster
INLONG-6738[Feature][DataProxy] New MQ sink integration with TCP source
INLONG-6717[Feature][DataProxy] Support BufferQueueChannel
INLONG-6715[Bug][DataProxy] Fix json problem in data proxy
INLONG-6702[Improve][DataProxy] Modify the default network card name to obtain the local IP
INLONG-6604[Bug][DataProxy] Fix can not get the local IP in the docker container
INLONG-6602[Bug][DataProxy] The IP config was invalid
INLONG-6593[Bug][DataProxy] Compile and build failed
INLONG-6592[Feature][DataProxy] Fix the problem of missing OrderEvent
INLONG-6438[Improve][SDK] DataProxy-SDK parses and handles ack response from DataProxy
INLONG-6153[Feature][DataProxy] Optimize the sink architecture


INLONG-6997[Improve][TubeMQ] Add sendMessage and getMessage latency statistics
INLONG-6638[Bug][TubeMQ] The C++ client does not support filtering consume with the - character
INLONG-6611[Feature][TubeMQ] Base implementation of TubeMQ C++ Producer
INLONG-6579[Bug][TubeMQ] The updated version causes the consumer group permissions to be abnormal
INLONG-6535[Improve][TubeMQ] The storage space used by the offset of TubeMQ broker is too large
INLONG-4969[Feature][TubeMQ] Python SDK for Producing Message
INLONG-7106[Improve][TubeMQ] Add reset offset API by time


INLONG-7070[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix pulling MQ configuration problem
INLONG-7067[Feature][Manager] Provide MQ cluster info in consumption details
INLONG-7049[Feature][Manager] Support complex datatypes in Hudi Sink
INLONG-7040[Improve][Manager] Make the display name more easy to read
INLONG-7039[Bug][Manager] Unknown method isNoneBlank
INLONG-7028[Bug][Manager] Failed to query the task status
INLONG-7026[Bug][Manager] A kafka topic is created without checking whether the topic exists
INLONG-7011[Bug][Manager] Check Pulsar non-partitioned table if exist
INLONG-6992[Bug][Manager] The agent is always in the status of TO_BE_ISSUED_DELETE.
INLONG-6988[Feature][Manager] Use the data node info for StarRocks
INLONG-6961[Feature][Dashboad][Manager] Support for handling non-InlongMsg formats
INLONG-6938[Feature][Manager] Support create StarRocks database or table
INLONG-6933[Improve][Manager] Add OpenAPIs for InLong stream-source and stream-transform operations
INLONG-6918[Improve][Manager] Command tools support Transform
INLONG-6909[Improve][Manager] Rename Flink Job to avoid conflicts
INLONG-6905[Improve][Manager] Add OpenAPIs for InLong cluster and data node operations
INLONG-6876[Improve][Manager] Always enable "scan.incremental.snapshot" for MySQL extract node
INLONG-6860[Improve][Manager] Add open APIs related to inlong basic operations
INLONG-6835[Bug][Manager] Error about backup mq resource of DataProxy getAllConfig interface.
INLONG-6830[Improve][Manager] Optimize the config managerment of SortSDK
INLONG-6816[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove the DLC Iceberg-related files
INLONG-6815[Bug][Manager] Elasticsearch port parameter is missing
INLONG-6806[Bug][Manager] Failed to start the sort task because the es hosts parameter is incorrect
INLONG-6805[Bug][Manager] Workflow initialization threw NPE exception when esVersion attribute is null.
INLONG-6804[Bug][Manager] Workflow initialization threw IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported FieldType text or keyword
INLONG-6802[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Adapt Apache Kafka as cache cluster
INLONG-6785[Feature][Manager] Support register and manage the resource of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6773[Bug][Manager] Sink cannot jump from the configuration to successful configuration
INLONG-6771[Improve][Manager] Add login failure limit
INLONG-6768[Bug][Manager] Unable to find the data node according to the keyword
INLONG-6763[Bug][Manager] Remove unnecessary validation when saving HiveSinkRequest
INLONG-6745[Feature][Manager]Support StarRocks load node management
INLONG-6737[Bug][Manager] Fix update failure by UpdateByKey methods
INLONG-6735[Feature][Sort][Manager] PostgreSQL connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6734[Bug][Manager] The DDL statement format of the Pulsar source does not match the front-end config
INLONG-6732[Bug][Manager] Fix wrong SortSDK topic properties
INLONG-6676[Feature][Manager] Support list all InlongTopicInfo under a given cluster tag
INLONG-6665[Bug][Manager] Unable to save additional information for Elasticsearch field
INLONG-6663[Improve][Manager] Move MQType from inlong-manager to inlong-common
INLONG-6659[Improve][Manager] Using the Elasticsearch data node when creating its resource
INLONG-6640[Feature][Manager][Sort] Function field type supports transform nodes
INLONG-6631[Improve][Manager] Annotate the InlongGroupProcessServiceTest function
INLONG-6621[Bug][Manager] Source tasks are issued repeatedly
INLONG-6610[Improve][Manager] Support the saving and query of data report-to settings
INLONG-6608[Feature][Manager] Support adding extension params for sink field
INLONG-6570[Bug][Manager] Cannot parse the field type with length when building the Sort config
INLONG-6568[Bug][Manager] The status of the deleted source is updated incorrectly
INLONG-6563[Bug][Manager] No error message is displayed when the group fails to be deleted
INLONG-6561[Bug][Manager] Failed to delete InlongGroup
INLONG-6544[Bug][Manager] The source status cannot be updated after stream configuration is completed
INLONG-6533[Bug][Manager] The manager did not distribute the task according to the clusterName
INLONG-6531[Improve][Manager] Add load value in the response of getIpList method
INLONG-6526[Bug][Manager] The manager-client force delete the stream source failed
INLONG-6525[Bug][Manager] Stream and source status cannot be updated
INLONG-6517[Bug][Manager] Failed to delete stream sink when the inlong group was config_failed
INLONG-6516[Bug][Manager] NPE is thrown when startup the Sort task in the InlongStream workflow
INLONG-6515[Bug][Manager] NPE is thrown in the cache configuration of DataProxy
INLONG-6505[Feature][Manager] Support Kafka MQ in Inlong Consume
INLONG-6502[Improve][Manager] Optimize some log and code formats
INLONG-6497[Feature][Manager] Support Elasticsearch cluster
INLONG-6496[Feature][Manager] Support Elasticsearch datanode
INLONG-6491[Feature][Manager] Support getting backup info in getAllConfig
INLONG-6487[Improve][Manager] Add API to force delete the stream source
INLONG-6477[Feature][Manager] Supplement the consume API in the manager client
INLONG-6463[Improve][Manager] Support create subscription and topic of multiple pulsar cluster
INLONG-6451[Improve][Manager] Rewrite getSourcesMap for Kafka source operator
INLONG-6426[Feature][Manager] SortSourceService support multi stream under one group
INLONG-6044[Improve][Manager] Distinguish between group and stream configuration processes
INLONG-5024[Bug][Manager] The error message is not right when deleting a successful inlong group
INLONG-7104[Improve][Manager] Add database change script of InlongManager
INLONG-5776[Improve][Manager] Add tenant param for Pulsar info


INLONG-7083[Feature][Sort] StarRocks connector supports dirty data archives and metric
INLONG-7076[Feature][Sort] Add multi table sink for MySQL
INLONG-7075[Improve][Sort] Add table level metric and dirty data backup for PostgreSQL
INLONG-7066[Improve][Sort] Kafka connector lost topic level dirty data metric and state restore for multi sink
INLONG-7037[Bug][Sort] Remove exception when topic does not exist
INLONG-7019[Improve][Sort] Rethrow the system error when flush data to doris
INLONG-7014[Improve][Sort] Mysql state restore is compatible with old task state
INLONG-7006[Improve][Sort] Optimize reading metric at the table level
INLONG-6978[Bug][Sort] Get primary keys for PostgreSQL
INLONG-6968[Bug][Sort] Encountered SqlParseException
INLONG-6962[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MySQL-CDC
INLONG-6949[Feature] support all rowkinds for metric computing and restore metrics state for dirty metric for jdbc connector
INLONG-6925[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MongoDB-CDC
INLONG-6914[Bug][Sort] Doris connector have a parallelism setting error
INLONG-6912[Improve][Sort] Add table level metric for Doris
INLONG-6908[Feature][Sort] Support all rowkinds for metric computing for es connector
INLONG-6907[Feature][Sort] Support to close StatsRecorder of pulsar client
INLONG-6899[Feature][Sort] StarRocks-CDC supports table level metrics
INLONG-6898[Feature][Sort] Unify metrics report model of SortStandalone
INLONG-6896[Feature][Sort] PostgreSQL-CDC supports metrics by database and table
INLONG-6886[Improve][Sort] Add dirty message for doris sink
INLONG-6884[Improve][Sort] Add dirty message for kafka connector
INLONG-6869[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for elasticsearch sink
INLONG-6864[Improve][Sort] Modify Hive metric computing to ensure metric data accuracy
INLONG-6858[Feature][Sort] Support extract node of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6839[Bug][Sort] Clean up remain event when the related stream offline
INLONG-6823[Bug][Sort] Parse the epoch date to normal date for Doris sink
INLONG-6822[Feature][Sort]Add multi table source for MongoDb
INLONG-6819[Feature][Sort]Add multi table sink for PostgresSQL
INLONG-6816[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove the DLC Iceberg-related files
INLONG-6813[Bug][Sort] MetricStateUtils threw NPE when write to es and no dirtyRecordsOut counter
INLONG-6797[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for filesystem sink
INLONG-6795[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for hive sink
INLONG-6792[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for hbase sink
INLONG-6784[Feature][Sort] Support load node of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6782[Feature][Sort] Support Apache Hudi connector
INLONG-6780[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for JDBC connector and related sinks
INLONG-6770[Improve][Sort] Optimize EsSink params
INLONG-6765[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for Iceberg sink
INLONG-6754[Feature][Sort] Bump verison of pulsar-connector to
INLONG-6751[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for Oracle
INLONG-6749[Improve][Sort] Add dirty metric for Kafka
INLONG-6747[Feature][Sort]StarRocks connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6735[Feature][Sort][Manager] PostgreSQL connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6724[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for doris sink
INLONG-6707[Improve][Sort] Delay the release of audit metrics
INLONG-6706[Bug][Sort] The client id of Kafka sink was wrong
INLONG-6675[Bug][Sort] Not report metrics because Flink SQL missing the metrics.audit.proxy.hosts info
INLONG-6657[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for Hive
INLONG-6640[Feature][Manager][Sort] Function field type supports transform nodes
INLONG-6639[Bug][Sort] DynamicPulsarDeserializationSchema threw NPE when sourceMetricData is not initialized
INLONG-6636[Improve][Sort] Keep metric computing consistent for source MySQL and sink HBase
INLONG-6626[Improve][Sort] Use SortClientV2 by default
INLONG-6620[Feature][Sort] Support metadata for Kafka source
INLONG-6619[Feature][Sort] Support dirty sink for connectors
INLONG-6617[Feature][Sort] Add common process for dirty data sink and supports log sink
INLONG-6615[Bug][Sort] Upsert Kafka will throw NPE when getting deleted record
INLONG-6600[Bug][SortStandalone] Dead lock when one stream is removed from or migrated to one sink
INLONG-6598[Improve][Sort] Import small file compact for Apache Iceberg
INLONG-6594[Bug][Sort] Clickhouse connector throw exception when source is change log stream
INLONG-6586[Bug][SortStandalone] Wrong node duration time of the Kafka sink
INLONG-6584[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MySQL
INLONG-6578[Bug][Sort] Failed to write Bitmap data to the Apache Doris
INLONG-6575[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for Filesystem
INLONG-6574[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for HBase
INLONG-6552[Bug][Sort] MicroTimestamp data error in Oracle connector
INLONG-6548[Improve][Sort] Optimize metadata field naming for format of canal-json
INLONG-6538[Bug][Sort] Wrong bool type convert in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6537[Bug][Sort] The decimal type loss of precision during DDL synchronization
INLONG-6529[Bug][Sort] Fix microtime time zone error in MySql connector
INLONG-6507[Bug][Sort] Should convert date type to timestamp type in Oracle connector
INLONG-6495[Improve][Sort] Support metrics and restore metrics for single-table of Doris
INLONG-6484[Bug][Sort] Fix schema update circular dependency error in multiple sink iceberg scenes
INLONG-6471[Bug][Sort] MySQL connector metric restore lost init data for sourceFunction
INLONG-6428[Feature][Sort] Support elasticsearch-5.x
INLONG-5628[Feature][SortStandalone] Add buffer limit for dispatch queue of the sink
INLONG-7090[Improve][Sort] Upgrade the version of Iceberg to 1.1.0
INLONG-7061[Feature][Sort] Support table level metrics for Apache Doris connector and add dirty metrics
INLONG-6788[Feature][Sort] Support the metric of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information


INLONG-6852[Improve][Audit] agent and dataproxy report audit data when the program exits


INLONG-7092[Feature][Dashboard] Source and Sink as sub-concepts of Stream
INLONG-7064[Improve][Dashboard] Update the FilePathHelp value
INLONG-7063[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the topic name of the new consumption page
INLONG-7047[Improve][Dashboard] Specific meanings of data subscription list fields
INLONG-7045[Improve][Dashboard] Change the verification of InlongGroupId
INLONG-7043[Improve][Dashboard] Add field prompt for ES sink
INLONG-7032[Improve][Dashboard] Group creation page split basic information and MQ information
INLONG-7024[Improve][Dashboard] Type readable lowercase and title optimization in data integration
INLONG-7016[Improve][Dashboard] Approve page supports multiple columns
INLONG-7005[Feature][Dashboard] Support StarRocks node management
INLONG-7000[Improve][Dashboard] Add AVRO format for InlongStream
INLONG-6998[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Support ignore deserialization error data
INLONG-7009[Improve][Dashboard] The data node type supports lowercase
INLONG-6996[Improve][Dashboard] Add JSON format for InlongStream
INLONG-6994[Improve][Dashboard] Add MQ type filter box for inlong group and consume list
INLONG-6987[Improve][Dashboard] Writing standard when splicing Chinese and English words
INLONG-6983[Improve][Dashboard] Group page supports multiple columns
INLONG-6982[Improve][Dashboard] Data source and data storage bullet box title optimization
INLONG-6980[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the detail page of InlongGroup and InlongStream
INLONG-6975[Bug][Dashboard] The cluster name of the File source does not support modification
INLONG-6972[Improve][Dashboard] Change all "consumption" to "subscription" for data consumption
INLONG-6961[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Support for handling non-InlongMsg formats
INLONG-6940[Improve][Dashboard]Type name correction
INLONG-6948[Improve][Dashboard] Reset and modify the password input box
INLONG-6935[Improve][Dashboard] Add Key-Value format for InlongStream
INLONG-6930[Improve][Dashboard] Create a new cluster token placeholder configuration i18n
INLONG-6926[Improve][Dashboard] Change the cluster type and tag to lower case
INLONG-6923[Improve][Dashboard] Application and Approval Interchange for Approval Management
INLONG-6916[Improve][Dashboard] MQ type adds partition limit
INLONG-6904[Improve][Dashboard] File source type supports selecting agent cluster
INLONG-6900[Improve][Dashboard] Support pulling up the field list of Source in Sink
INLONG-6874[Improve][Dashboard] Stream removes the Raw-CSV data format
INLONG-6865[Improve][Dashboard] Support npm ci command for stable package-lock
INLONG-6843[Improve][Dashboard] ES datanode parameter improvement
INLONG-6837[Improve][Dashboard] ES sink support version), documentType and primaryKey options
INLONG-6826[Feature][Dashboard] Support loading different plugins using different loaders
INLONG-6824[Feature][Dashboard] Support StarRocks sink
INLONG-6800[Improve][Dashboard] MySQL sink supports selecting MySQL nodes
INLONG-6786[Feature][Dashboard] Supoort Apache Hudi sink management
INLONG-6775[Bug][Dashboard] There is a risk of source code exposure in the production environment
INLONG-6772[Feature][Dashboard] Support ClickHouse node management
INLONG-6761[Feature][Dashboard] Support Iceberg node management
INLONG-6758[Improve][Dashboard] Unify the log function components of Group and Stream
INLONG-6744[Improve][Dashboard] Hive sink supports selecting hive nodes
INLONG-6699[Feature][Dashboard] Support MQTT source
INLONG-6694[Improve][Dashboard] Create with filter value first, if there is a filter plugin
INLONG-6680[Bug][Dashboard] Set the plugin to default when there is no target plugin
INLONG-6678[Improve][Dashboard] Add sinkType parameter in sinkFieldList
INLONG-6661[Improve][Dashboard] Support Elasticsearch DataNode
INLONG-6651[Improve][Dashboard] Add settings for data report type
INLONG-6581[Bug][Dashboard] The file format prompt of the FILE source is wrong
INLONG-6572[Improve][Dashboard] Stream is not deleted by default when the sink is deleted
INLONG-6565[Bug][Dashboard] The operation of refreshing the sink configuration needs to be executed when the group configuration is successful
INLONG-6542[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize stream execution workflow and execution log
INLONG-6511[Bug][Dashboard] The Select/AutoComplete component in EditableTable will mistakenly change the value and cause re-rendering
INLONG-6504[Feature][Dashboard] Support stream to view execution log and execute workflow
INLONG-6498[Improve][Dashboard] Field resolution for unified inlong group approval
INLONG-6493[Bug][Dashboard] After the Stream is configured successfully), some parameters cannot be modified
INLONG-6482[Improve][Dashboard] Sink management distinguishes between save-only and save-and-submit processes
INLONG-6481[Feature][Dashboard] Supports management of SQLServer source
INLONG-6456[Feature][Dashboard] Supports management of Oracle sources
INLONG-6418[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of MongoDB source


INLONG-7098[Improve][Common] Add UUID in MonitorIndex
INLONG-7093[Improve][SDK] Add report time metric
INLONG-7035[Bug][SDK] The message id in DataProxy is not globally unique
INLONG-6955[Improve][Script] Support starts the DataProxy with Kafka in the deployment script
INLONG-6946[Feature][SDK] Support to consume subset of message queue cluster or topic
INLONG-6945[Feature][SDK] Unify metrics report model of SortSDK
INLONG-6944[Feature][SDK] Remove useless code of SortSDK
INLONG-6893[Bug][CI] Build and Push docker image skipped
INLONG-6888[Bug][CI] All Docker workflow failed
INLONG-6882[Improve][Docker] Update the docker-compose version requirement in the readme
INLONG-6879[Improve][CI] Use ubuntu-22.04 to replace ubuntu-latest for workflows
INLONG-6867[Improve][CVE] Protobuf Java vulnerable to Uncontrolled Resource Consumption
INLONG-6862[Improve][License] Use spotless to apply the asf header
INLONG-6841[Improve][Docker] Integrate InLong template to Grafana
INLONG-6838[Feature] Support multi addresses for ES load node
INLONG-6810[Improve][Pom] Versions for protobuf-maven-plugin and os-maven-plugin are not consistent
INLONG-6787[Feature][Doc] Add the usage document for Apache Hudi
INLONG-6777[Improve][CVE] Password exposure in H2 Database
INLONG-6685[Bug][Script] The bin/ compatible with MacOS
INLONG-6673[Improve][CVE] Apache Shiro Authentication Bypass vulnerability
INLONG-6624[Improve][Doc] Add Stargazers and Contributor chart for readme
INLONG-6555[Improve][CI] The set-output command is deprecated and will be disabled soon
INLONG-6550[Bug][SDK] Decode heartbeat response error
INLONG-6522[Improve][Docker] Add notes for building ARM images
INLONG-6475[Feature][Docker] Add a base flink environment for docker-compose
INLONG-6459[Improve][CI] Match the branch-version as release branch
INLONG-6429[Umbrella] Release InLong 1.4.0
INLONG-6417[Improve][SDK] Support proxy-send mode
INLONG-5669[Improve][SDK] Extract SortClientConfig parameters key to constants
INLONG-5231[Improve][CodeStyle] Add spotless to CI
INLONG-4957[Umbrella] Add Grafana Metrics Dashboard