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1.6.0 release

InLong Source Code1.6.02023-03-23[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.6.02023-03-23[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.6.02023-03-23[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-7548[Improve][Agent][Manager] Use try-with-resource to close resources
INLONG-7533[Improve][Agent] Log cannot be collected for position reset
INLONG-7516[Improve][Manager][Sort][Agent] Decoupling Flink version dependencies for multiple versions of Apache Flink
INLONG-7419[Bug][Agent] The connector of MQTT is unable to connect
INLONG-7404[Bug][Agent] Missing Redis job for Redis connector
INLONG-7387[Bug][Agent] The connector of SQLServer is closed
INLONG-7365[Bug][Agent] The username for the MongoDB connector is missing
INLONG-7353[Bug][Agent] The connector of PostgreSQL is closed
INLONG-7322[Bug][Agent] The archived logs cannot be collected
INLONG-7174[Feature][Agent] Support converting DataConfig to TriggerProfile for PostgreSQL
INLONG-7156[Improve][Agent] Support directly sending raw file data


INLONG-7513[Improve][DataProxy] Delete duplicate definitions
INLONG-7231[Feature][DataProxy] Add selector policy of cache cluster list
INLONG-7191[Improve][DataProxy] Remove unused code
INLONG-7166[Bug][DataProxy] Fix audit data report


INLONG-7466[Improve][TubeMQ] Adjust code style issues
INLONG-7430[Bug][TubeMQ] Zookeeper caught an NPE when deploying TubeMQ by K8s
INLONG-7184[Improve][TubeMQ] Replace CertifiedResult with ProcessResult
INLONG-7182[Improve][TubeMQ] Replace ParamCheckResult with ProcessResult


INLONG-7593[Bug][Manager] Unable to delete InlongGroup
INLONG-7591[Improve][Manager] Support updating related streamSources after updating DataNode
INLONG-7586[Bug][Manager] The audit information in the database cannot be obtained after being updated
INLONG-7577[Bug][Manager] The number of StreamSource is too large, resulting in high CPU usage
INLONG-7575[Improve][Manager] Add audit_base table change script of 1.6.0 for Manager
INLONG-7565[Improve][Manager] Add audit id for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7555[Bug][Manager] The ttl time is invalid in ClickHouse
INLONG-7548[Improve][Agent][Manager] Use try-with-resource to close resources
INLONG-7535[Bug][Manager] Optimize the serializationType setting to prevent NullPointerException
INLONG-7529[Improve][Manager] Change the pattern limitation of InlongGroupId and InlongStreamId
INLONG-7525[Improve][Manager] Support to save additional info for the ClickHouse field
INLONG-7516[Improve][Manager][Sort][Agent] Decoupling Flink version dependencies for multiple versions of Apache Flink
INLONG-7501[Bug][Manager] InlongStream status is not updated after InlongGroup configuration is successful
INLONG-7496[Improve][Manager] Add parseFields method for manager-client
INLONG-7490[Improve][Manager] Support paging query InLong objects info based on conditions in manager-client
INLONG-7479[Bug][Manager] The stream can still be configured under the failed group
INLONG-7473[Bug][Manager] StreamSource in the TO_BE_ISSUED_DELETE state cannot be issued properly
INLONG-7468[Bug][Manager] Re-executing the workflow fails to load the new configuration information
INLONG-7460[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when operate Datanode
INLONG-7444[Improve][Manager] Support query InLong objects by status list
INLONG-7429[Bug][Manager] The information returned when deleting a non-existent StreamSource is incorrect
INLONG-7426[Improve][Manager] Improve the accuracy of variable naming for MySQLSinkDTO
INLONG-7421[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the MySQL JDBC URL in MySQLDataNode
INLONG-7415[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by JSON
INLONG-7406[Improve][Manager] Add the query criteria for streamSource
INLONG-7401[Bug][Manager] Cannot create Pulsar partitions based on numPartitions
INLONG-7395[Improve][Manager] Reduce log in SortSouceService and SortClusterService
INLONG-7389[Improve][Manager][Sort] Add audit id info for source
INLONG-7375[Improve][Manager] Change the pattern limitation of InlongCluster name
INLONG-7373[Improve][Manager] Change the length limitation of InlongStreamId
INLONG-7358[Improve][Manager] Ungraceful Import of Util Tool Classes
INLONG-7355[Bug][Manager] HiveDataNode cannot save the dataPath
INLONG-7337[Bug][Manager] Test Pulsar connection error
INLONG-7334[Feature][Manager] Support stream join dimension table
INLONG-7332[Improve][Manager] Improve the field length in SQL files
INLONG-7331[Improve][Sort][Manager] Support complex type field
INLONG-7328[Bug][Manager] Error in querying audit info
INLONG-7325[Bug][Manager] The topic name format error of Kafka
INLONG-7317[Bug][Manager] Unit tests of Manager threw database not found
INLONG-7310[Bug][Manager] Unit tests of Manager threw too many AuthenticationException
INLONG-7300[Improve][Manager] Replace getRoles() with getAccountType()
INLONG-7299[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support InLongMsg in KafkaConnector
INLONG-7294[Bug][Manager] Failed to suspend, restart and delete Sort task
INLONG-7284[Improve][Manager] Use Preconditions.expectNotBlank to check whether a string is null
INLONG-7280[Improve][Manager] rename checkXXX to expectXXX in Preconditions
INLONG-7278[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenInLongClusterController implementation
INLONG-7275[Bug][Manager] The specified plugin path does not take effect
INLONG-7271[Feature][Manager] Support comma separation for primary key and partition key of Hudi table
INLONG-7265[Feature][Manager] Support register and manage the resource of Kudu sink
INLONG-7261[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenStreamTransformController implementation
INLONG-7256[Bug][Manager] The test connection address is wrong, but it shows success
INLONG-7254[Bug][Manager] Fix config error when InlongGroupId is in the process of switching
INLONG-7242[Feature][Manager] Support register and manage the resource of Redis
INLONG-7232[Improve][Manager] Supports automatic management of audit ids
INLONG-7229[Improve][Manager] Add checks for unmodifiable field values
INLONG-7226[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenStreamSourceController implementation
INLONG-7222[Improve][Manager] Decode the MySQL JDBC URL thoroughly
INLONG-7220[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenStreamSinkController implementation
INLONG-7213[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-7206[Bug][Manager] The selectBriefList method in the InlongGroupEntity.xml file is incorrect
INLONG-7204[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenInLongStreamController implementation
INLONG-7199[Improve][Manager] Support save extension params for inlong cluster node
INLONG-7178[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenInLongGroupController implementation
INLONG-7169[Improve][Manager] Optimize OpenDataNodeController implementation
INLONG-7151[Bug][Manager] Init sort faild when create node
INLONG-7149[Bug][Manager] The tableName parameter in ClickHouseLoadNode is incorrect
INLONG-7089[Improve][Manager] Separate the concept of node tag from the node table and extract the concept of task group
INLONG-7030[Feature][Manager] Build tool for local debugging environment
INLONG-7616[Bug][Manager]Failed to obtain audit information
INLONG-7273[Feature][Manager] Support creating table in Kudu cluster


INLONG-7609[Feature][Sort] Add audit for kafka source connector
INLONG-7595[Improve][Sort] Mongo read phase metrics need to update when no incremental data
INLONG-7589[Feature][Sort] Support multi node relation with same output but different input nodes
INLONG-7584[Feature][Sort] Doris connector supports writing CSV and archiving dirty data
INLONG-7567[Improve][Sort] Extract metrics as common parameters
INLONG-7559[Bug][Sort] Fix Oracle CDC reads timestamp error
INLONG-7557[Bug][Sort] Fix class incompatible error between elasticsearch6 with elasticsearch7
INLONG-7550[Improve][Sort] Optimize the log printing level of dirty data to avoid generating a large number of logs
INLONG-7546[Bug][Sort] Fix dirty data not archived for iceberg connector
INLONG-7543[Bug][Sort] PostgreSQL connector output two data with the same UPDATE operation
INLONG-7539[Bug][Sort] StarRocks connector uses wrong operation type
INLONG-7537[Improve][Sort] MongoDB CDC 2.3 supports enabling incremental snapshot
INLONG-7508[Improve][Sort] Carry right RowKind when cdc-base sends RowData to sink
INLONG-7504[Bug][Sort] StarRocks will throw NullPointerException when dirty.ignore is false
INLONG-7503[Feature][Sort] Support multipule audit ids and fix audit time won't fit
INLONG-7488[Bug][Sort] Oracle CDC 2.3 can only read one record during snapshot reading
INLONG-7487[Improve][Sort] Change changelog mode to capture update_before for ES
INLONG-7485[Improve][Sort] Kafka extract node decide connector option by format
INLONG-7483[Bug][Sort] Connector dependency shade range is not right
INLONG-7477[Bug][Sort] Fix the metadata of table write error for canal-json
INLONG-7470[Bug][Sort] Iceberg's data were duplicated when delete records in upsert mode
INLONG-7464[Bug][Sort] Elasticsearch connector lost dependency
INLONG-7459[Bug][Sort] Fix dirty data can't be archived to s3 for hbase
INLONG-7457[Improve][Sort] Change changelog mode to capture update_before for Doris
INLONG-7455[Bug][Sort] Fix dirty data archival format issues in Iceberg connector
INLONG-7453[Bug][Sort] The blacklist of Iceberg connector will lose the metric and archiving of dirty data
INLONG-7451[Bug][Sort] FileSystem connector dependency lost
INLONG-7449[Bug][Sort] Kafka connector dependency lost
INLONG-7446[Improve][Sort] Upgrade MongoDB CDC to version 2.3
INLONG-7441[Bug][Sort] HBase connector dependency lost and dirty data process error
INLONG-7437[Improve][Sort] Support metrics for Oracle CDC connector with incremental snapshot enabled
INLONG-7417[Improve][Sort] Use SinkTableMetricData instead of SinkMetricData in IcebergSingleStreamWriter
INLONG-7412[Bug][Sort] Fix dependency error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
INLONG-7411[Bug][Sort] Fix the invalid of kafka source meitric due to inlongMetric being null
INLONG-7410[Improve][Sort] Support open incremental snapshot in oracle cdc connector
INLONG-7400[Improve][Sort] Upgrade Oracle CDC to version 2.3.0
INLONG-7397[Bug][Sort] MySql connector output two data with the same UPDATE operation
INLONG-7392[Improve][Sort] Refactor Doris single table to solve performance issues
INLONG-7391[Improve][Sort] Support CSV format and dirty data collecting for StarRocks connector
INLONG-7389[Improve][Manager][Sort] Add audit id info for source
INLONG-7377[Bug][Sort] Protobuf conflicts in sort-dist and sort-connectors
INLONG-7363[Bug][Sort] Icebreg connector has null pointer exception
INLONG-7351[Bug][Sort] Table level metric name is error for starrocks and doris
INLONG-7346[Improve][Sort] Add metadata support for join of Redis dimension table
INLONG-7339[Improve][Sort] Adjust the Sort structure for multiple versions of Apache Flink
INLONG-7335[Bug][Sort] Hbase connector lost spi file when shade
INLONG-7331[Improve][Sort][Manager] Support complex type field
INLONG-7311[Bug][Sort] Doris StreamLoad unable to archive dirty data
INLONG-7306[Improve][Sort] Use properties to save extended parameters in Redis LoadNode
INLONG-7299[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support InLongMsg in KafkaConnector
INLONG-7293[Bug][Sort] S3DirtySink flushes too quickly
INLONG-7292[Bug][Sort] The invokeMultiple method cannot accurately detect and archive dirty data
INLONG-7291[Bug][Sort] Fix bug of dirtysink not opening for jdbc multiple sink
INLONG-7286[Bug][Sort] Fix issue of tableidentifier being null when addRow
INLONG-7268[Feature][Sort] Support Apache Kudu LoadNode
INLONG-7257[Bug][Sort] Doris connector throw NPE when DATE type data is null
INLONG-7250[Improve][Sort] Output the read phase metrics for MySQL reader
INLONG-7245[Feature][Sort] Support metric and audio in sort-connect-redis
INLONG-7240[Feature][Sort] Support load node of Redis
INLONG-7197[Improve][Sort] Iceberg connector supports keyby with the primary key
INLONG-7186[Bug][Sort] Incorrect time zone for data writing to Iceberg
INLONG-7140[Improve][Sort] MySql cdc connector split exit without catch exception
INLONG-7060[Feature][Sort] Support write redis in sort-connector-redis
INLONG-7058[Feature][Sort] Support Apache Kudu connector
INLONG-7249[Feature][Sort] JDBC accurate dirty data archive and metric calculation
INLONG-7614[Bug][Sort] Fix pulsar connector data loss


INLONG-7607[Bug][Docker] Audit store service can not start in docker-compose
INLONG-7519[Feature][Audit] Proxy support Kafka
INLONG-7518[Feature][Audit] Store support Kafka
INLONG-7234[Improve][Audit] Add log4j for audit-store
INLONG-7159[Bug][Audit] Fix the problem of audit sdk create thread when the audit service is not deployed
INLONG-6919[Bug][Audit] No exceptions are printed in the log


INLONG-7613[Improve][Dashboard] Data reporting moved to Approval Information
INLONG-7611[Improve][Dashboard] File source select cluster add limit
INLONG-7582[Improve][Dashboard] Support responseParse config
INLONG-7563[Feature][Dashboard] Support specific partitions in the kudu sink
INLONG-7560[Improve][Dashboard] When submitting group approval, determine whether to create source and sink
INLONG-7542[Improve][Dashboard] File source supports selecting clusters
INLONG-7531[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse source supports filling life cycle
INLONG-7521[Improve][Dashboard] Arrange according to the size of Auditid
INLONG-7506[Improve][Dashboard] Change query method of source and sink from get to post
INLONG-7499[Feature][Dashboard] Support redis node management
INLONG-7495[Feature][Dashboard] Support hudi node management
INLONG-7493[Improve][Dashboard] Not use upper case for source, sink, and audit labels
INLONG-7438[Improve][Dashboard] Support more Sort index display instead of directly displaying ID
INLONG-7415[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by JSON
INLONG-7384[Bug][Dashboard] Login page error
INLONG-7382[Improve][Dashboard] Add a database name for MySQL sink
INLONG-7368[Improve][Dashboard] InLongGroup adds status display and adjustment operations
INLONG-7367[Improve][Dashboard] Enabled more global config
INLONG-7360[Bug][Dashboard] env.local variable can not work
INLONG-7327[Improve][Dashboard] Support using different env variable
INLONG-7319[Improve][Dashboard] Support global configuration of Provider and Layout
INLONG-7313[Improve][Dashboard] Automatically generate a unique ID and depth key for the menu
INLONG-7305[Improve][Dashboard] Use properties to save extended parameters in Redis LoadNode
INLONG-7297[Improve][Dashboard] Hive node parameter optimization
INLONG-7264[Feature][Dashboard] Support sink Apache Kudu
INLONG-7246[Improve][Dashboard] Remove helper info of DataType in Stream configuration
INLONG-7238[Feature][Dashboard] Support cascading of redis cluster / data-type and format configuration
INLONG-7215[Improve][Dashboard] PostgreSQL source parameter optimization
INLONG-7211[Feature][Dashboard] Support Redis sink
INLONG-7190[Improve][Dashboard] New data subscription optimization
INLONG-7176[Feature][Dashboard] Add restart and stop operations for InlongGroup
INLONG-7162[Improve][Dashboard] Kafka MQ type details optimization
INLONG-7153[Improve][Dashboard] The data subscription status code shows the specific meaning


INLONG-7572[Feature][Docker] Add the Kafka support for audit docker deployment
INLONG-7528[Feature][Script] Add the Kafka support for audit standalone deployment
INLONG-7480[Improve][CVE] Dependency org.apache.tomcat.embed:tomcat-embed-core leading to CVE problem
INLONG-7475[Improve][Docker] Add Kafka connector to the manager image for test
INLONG-7423[Feature] Pulsar connector with adminUrl cannot output audit metrics
INLONG-7349[Bug][SDK] Init failure when a single SortTask create multiple SortClients
INLONG-7323[Improve][Docker] Add push manifest for tubemq-all and tubemq-manager
INLONG-7266[Improve][Document] Add document for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7244[Feature][Document] Add user docs for Redis LoadNote
INLONG-7161[Bug] Mysql connector only output the latest record in snapshot stage for table without primary key
INLONG-7154[Bug][SDK] Fix metric report failure when topic does not exist
INLONG-6560[Feature][Docker] Add arm64 image for inlong/tubemq-all
INLONG-5643[Bug][CVE] There is a vulnerability in Apache Flume 1.10.0