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1.7.0 release

InLong Source Code1.7.02023-05-19[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.7.02023-05-19[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.7.02023-05-19[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-7847[Bug][Agent] Failed to create MySQL reader
INLONG-7783[Feature][Agent] Support sink data tor Kafka
INLONG-7752[Bug][Agent] PulsarSink threadPool throw reject exception
INLONG-7976[Bug][Agent] The data collected by the agent is incomplete
INLONG-8026[Improve][Agent] Improve the Agent performance


INLONG-7931[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize related control mechanism
INLONG-7898[Improve][DataProxy] Clean up useless configuration files in the ConfigManager class
INLONG-7769[Bug][DataProxy] NPE when request Inlong Manager failed
INLONG-7512[Improve][DataProxy] Update the metrics log level to avoid the log file increasing quickly
INLONG-7766[Bug][DataProxySDK] Adjusted frame length exceeds occurred when reporting data through the HTTP protocol
INLONG-7194[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index log statistics for the new mq layer


INLONG-7926[Feature][TubeMQ] Add ""Register2Master"" method for GO SDK "


INLONG-8021[Improve][Manager] Periodically delete sources with inconsistent states
INLONG-8006[Improve][Manager] Set displayname for the auto-registered cluster
INLONG-7999[Improve][Manager] Support PostgreSQL data node
INLONG-7996[Improve][Manager] Support issued kafka consumer group to sort
INLONG-7987[Improve][Manager] Add a heartbeat timeout status to the source
INLONG-7981[Bug][Manager] Failed to stop source correctly when suspend a group
INLONG-7948[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when operate inlong consume
INLONG-7946[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when bind clusterTag
INLONG-7941[Improve][Manager][Dashborad] Query group to distinguish lightweight
INLONG-7940[Bug][Manager][Sort] Use Pulsar subscriptions in Pulsar connector
INLONG-7938[Bug][Manager] The consume list interface does not filter by request
INLONG-7936[Improve][Manager] Support issued pulsar subscriptions to sort
INLONG-7934[Improve][Manager] Optimize the serializationType to support debezium json
INLONG-7912[Improve][Manager] Only response DataProxy nodes in normal status
INLONG-7895[Feature][Manager] Support field description when parsing field by SQL
INLONG-7893[Feature][Manager] Support field description when parsing field by JSON
INLONG-7890[Improve][Manager] Add checks for unmodifiable data_node_name and cluster_name
INLONG-7888[Bug][Manager] Failed to create lightweight task
INLONG-7883[Improve][Manager] Invalidate user session when deleting user
INLONG-7867[Feature][Manager] Support data validation when importing Excel file
INLONG-7844[Improve][Manager] Support to set cluster when create table for clickhouse
INLONG-7843[Feature][Manager] Creating the schema of StreamSource by importing an Excel file
INLONG-7841[Feature][Manager] Support title style and font when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7839[Improve][Manager] Bump version of apache-poi:poi to 5.2.3
INLONG-7837[Bug][Manager] The Admin user cannot modify streamSource when it is not the responsible person
INLONG-7835[Improve][Manager] The permission is removed when a user is deleted
INLONG-7823[Improve][Manager] Supports creating clickhouse tables using the ReplicatedMergeTree engine
INLONG-7820[Feature][Manager] Support style and font when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7816[Feature][Manager] Support validation rules when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7810[Bug][Manager] No token field in the return result of getAllConfig
INLONG-7804[Improve][Manager] Limit the length of user password
INLONG-7800[Bug][Manager] Update redis data node failed
INLONG-7798[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when operate workflow
INLONG-7792[Feature][Manager] Support export Excel template file of StreamSource
INLONG-7778[Feature][Manager] Optimize the create command for ease of use
INLONG-7774[Improve][Manager] Add permission verification for streamSource
INLONG-7760[Bug][Manager] Parse fields failed for streamSink and InlongStream
INLONG-7730[Feature][Manager] Support node management for Redis
INLONG-7722[Bug][Manager] The task status is inconsistent with the returned result
INLONG-7720[Umbrella][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Excel
INLONG-7719[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for Redis in NodeManagement
INLONG-7713[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7711[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support specifying parameters for the kudu client
INLONG-7706[Bug][Manager] sink is always in the configuration after being saved
INLONG-7701[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for hudi in NodeManagement
INLONG-7690[Feature][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by CSV
INLONG-7688[Feature][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by SQL
INLONG-7686[Feature][Manager] Support node management for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7678[Improve][Manager] Rename FROZEN to STOP for source status
INLONG-7675[Improve][Manager] Check OrderType when calling listAll to prevent sql injection
INLONG-7673[Improve][Manager] Remove whitespace when saving or updating URLs
INLONG-7670[Improve][Manager] Filter out sinks with empty cluster
INLONG-7666[Improve][Manager] Support to freezing and restarting streamSource
INLONG-7658[Improve][Manager] Optimized table index
INLONG-7655[Improve][Manager] Remove the dependency of hudi-flink1.13-bundle
INLONG-7651[Bug][Manager] StreamSource in normal state cannot be modified
INLONG-7648[Improve][Manager] Support list streams by a specific group principal
INLONG-7632[Improve][Manager] Mask the audit information that Sort sent successfully
INLONG-7625[Improve][Manager] Make data encoding type as a common property of StreamSink
INLONG-7619[Improve][Manager] Support update and retry MySQL sources after updating MySQLDataNode
INLONG-7004[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Statement
INLONG-6672[Feature][Manager] Add inlongctl status management for the group


INLONG-7958[Bug][Sort] MongoDB's schema becomes unordered after extracting the row data
INLONG-7957[Bug][Sort] The canaljson's type of Oracle CDC and MongoDB CDC is inconsistent with MySQL CDC
INLONG-7952[Improve][Sort] Mask sensitive message of Flink SQL in the logs
INLONG-7945[Bug][Sort] MongoDB CDC unable to output the 'replace' records
INLONG-7940[Bug][Manager][Sort] Use Pulsar subscriptions in Pulsar connector
INLONG-7906[Improve][Sort] Improve logic of calculation object byte size
INLONG-7858[Bug][Sort] Oracle CDC uploaded two different db name metrics for the same table
INLONG-7857[Bug][Sort] Duplicated chunk happens when open scan-newly-added-table in mysql-cdc
INLONG-7855[Bug][Sort] Hang up reader in snapshot phase when reducing paralleism
INLONG-7850[Feature][Sort] Add support for extracting ddl statement and operation from origin data
INLONG-7831[Improve][Sort] Using spilling disk map to reduce memory loss for buffer per parititon data
INLONG-7829[Improve][Sort] Add mini-batch pre aggregate by partition when ingesting data into iceberg
INLONG-7825[Bug][Sort] MySQL CDC cannot capture truncate ddl statement
INLONG-7813[Bug][Sort] ES6 multiple sink initialize error
INLONG-7809[Improve][Sort] ES multiple sink support dirty data runtime strategies
INLONG-7790[Bug][Sort] Setting ""scanNewlyAddedTableEnabled=true"" and ""scan.startup.mode=latest-offset"" in MySQL CDC failed to capture newly added tables"
INLONG-7787[Bug][Sort] Fix cannot output drop statement
INLONG-7767[Bug][Sort]Doris connector does not real delete record because of columns header losing
INLONG-7762[Bug][Sort] Fix capturing unrelated tables when open DDL change detection
INLONG-7731[Bug][Sort] Fix the problem of calling getAndSetPkFromErrMsg method parameter order
INLONG-7724[Improve][Sort] Add rate limit for ingesting into iceberg
INLONG-7715[Bug][Sort] Fix single table metric invalid
INLONG-7711[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support specifying parameters for the kudu client
INLONG-7708[Bug][Sort] Fix the error that occurs when adding a table during whole database synchronization in Oracle.
INLONG-7700[Improve][Sort] Update some copy class file when update mongo-cdc version to 2.3
INLONG-7695[Bug][Sort] NPE occurs when running Oracle all database migration jobs
INLONG-7693[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC Connector supports specifying field synchronization
INLONG-7683[Bug][Sort] Unit test error for Oracle connector
INLONG-7680[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC supports unsigned zerofill data type
INLONG-7660[Feature][Sort] Support DDL model for MySQL connector when running in all migrate mode
INLONG-7653[Feature][Sort] Support archiving dirty data and metrics for Iceberg connector
INLONG-7635[Feature][Sort] MongoDB CDC supports metrics with enable incremental snapshots
INLONG-7581[Feature][Sort] Support multiple-sink migration for Elasticsearch
INLONG-7554[Feature][Sort] MySQL CDC supports parsing gh-ost records
INLONG-7553[Feature][Sort] Mysql CDC support output DDL model in all migrate
INLONG-7249[Feature][Sort] JDBC accurate dirty data archive and metric calculation
INLONG-6668[Improve][Sort] Unify the constants in inlong-common and sort-connectors
INLONG-7970[Bug][Sort] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to
INLONG-7747[Umbrella][Sort] Improve memory stability of data ingesting into iceberg
INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information


INLONG-7646[Bug][Audit] NPE when mq configuration is not registered
INLONG-7641[Feature][Script] Modify script for Audit standalone deployment
INLONG-7636[Feature][Docker] Modify the Kafka config for Audit docker deployment
INLONG-7413[Feature][Audit] Proxy and Store get MQ address from the Manager service


INLONG-7955[Improve][Dashboard] Change the consumption query method from get to post
INLONG-7929[Bug][Dashboard] The select box cannot be triggered when the form is not entered
INLONG-7918[Improve][Dashboard] File source cluster name is displayed as displayName
INLONG-7915[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse sink engine field optimization
INLONG-7871[Improve][Dashboard] MySQL source supports filling in the database name whitelist
INLONG-7852[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse supports setting cluster when creating a table
INLONG-7833[Improve][Dashboard] Process optimization for creating source and sink
INLONG-7826[Improve][Dashboard] Supports filling in the life cycle when the Clickhouse sink engine is ReplicatedMergeTree
INLONG-7802[Improve][Dashboard] Requirements for optimizing data sources
INLONG-7796[Improve][Dashboard] Add icon to menu
INLONG-7789[Feature][Dashboard] Support create stream fields by statement
INLONG-7785[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse sink engine defaults to MergeTree
INLONG-7772[Improve][Dashboard] Redis sentinel master name normalization in NodeManagement
INLONG-7758[Bug][Dashboard] Login page display error
INLONG-7756[Bug][Dashboard] Group logs can not display
INLONG-7749[Improve][Dashboard] Support rate limit for pulsar mq mark-delete operation
INLONG-7738[Improve][Dashboard] The name and type of cluster and node cannot be modified
INLONG-7734[Feature][Dashboard] Update Dashbaord layout & folder design
INLONG-7728[Feature][Dashboard] Extract the cluster properties of Redis NodeManagement
INLONG-7702[Improve][Dashboard] Add Chinese name for partitionKeys properties of Hudi LoadNode
INLONG-7672[Feature][Dashboard] Support kudu node management
INLONG-7668[Feature][Dashboard] InLong source supports restart and freeze operations
INLONG-7643[Feature][Dashboard] Support specifying buckets when creating kudu resource
INLONG-7630[Bug][Dashboard] The page flickers when the route is switched
INLONG-7004[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Statement
INLONG-7971[Feature][Dashboard] Support batch import fields by Excel
INLONG-8001[Feature][Dashboard] Support postgreSQL node management
INLONG-8011[Improve][Dashboard] Cluster name and node name can be modified when editing
INLONG-8011[Improve][Dashboard] Node management title text optimization


INLONG-7909[Bug]Capture changes made by connector user & document that SYS/SYSTEM changes are not captured
INLONG-7892[bug] multiple times generating approval slips
INLONG-7876[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.springframework:spring-core to 5.3.27
INLONG-7781[Bug][InLong-SDK] Solve the problem of cpp-sdk send data by HTTP protocol
INLONG-7745[Improve][CVE] Spring Framework vulnerable to denial of service via specially crafted SpEL expression
INLONG-7742[Improve][Tool] Only support inlong-dev-toolkit on MacOS and Linux
INLONG-7698[Bug][Docker] docker images build faild for tubemq-build
INLONG-7697[Feature] Reduce the memory usage of JM when split table chunks
INLONG-7986[Bug] Collect file to Postgresql failed when using docker image for test
INLONG-7986[Improve] Exclude the useless dependency for pulsar-client to decrease the distribution package size