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1.8.0 release

InLong Source Code1.8.02023-07-20[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.8.02023-07-20[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.8.02023-07-20[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.8.02023-07-20[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-8176[Improve][Agent] Upgrade rocksdb version
INLONG-8180[Improve][Agent] Improve the efficiency and safety of log file reading
INLONG-8183[Improve][Agent] Optimize agent UT
INLONG-8244[Bug][Agent] Thread leaks after the job is finished
INLONG-8251[Improve][Agent] Add global memory limit for file collect
INLONG-8334[Improve][Agent] Optimize the file collection UT
INLONG-8339[Improve][DataProxy][Agent] Enable audit by default in DataProxy and Agent
INLONG-8347[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of testTimeOffset
INLONG-8352[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of testRestartTriggerJobRestore
INLONG-8376[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of TestTriggerManager


INLONG-4961[Feature][DataProxy] Golang SDK
INLONG-7194[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index log statistics for the new mq layer
INLONG-7766[Bug][SDK] Adjusted frame length exceeds occurred when reporting data through the HTTP protocol
INLONG-7950[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the implementation logic of the Source
INLONG-8049[Improve][DataProxy] Add CIDR configuration in the BlackList and WhiteList
INLONG-8073[Improved][DataProxy]Add HTTP message processing logic in source2
INLONG-8106[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize ConfigManager implementation ( part one )
INLONG-8132[Improve][DataProxy] Fix Golang SDK typo errors in and options.go
INLONG-8161[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize BatchPackProfile related classes implementation
INLONG-8163[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Make DataProxy config interface compatible with old versions
INLONG-8167[Improve][DataProxy]Update Golang SDK dependent packages to fix dependabot alerts
INLONG-8192[Bug][DataProxy] The topic name generated by dataproxy is incorrect
INLONG-8212[Improve][DataProxy] Improve HTTP related message handling
INLONG-8228[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the implementation of the index output to files
INLONG-8252[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust default Topic settings from Source to Sink
INLONG-8267[Improve][DataProxy] Add the control of whether to retry and the count of retries for the failure message
INLONG-8284[Improve][DataProxy] Unify the message encoding definition of DataProxy
INLONG-8294[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the log output in the Sink module
INLONG-8305[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize HttpPost object creation
INLONG-8311[Improve][DataProxy] Add event handling support for FlumeEvent type
INLONG-8318[Improve][DataProxy] Change notification synchronization through condition variables and locks
INLONG-8323[Improve][DataProxy] Add Topic detailed information output when Producer is null
INLONG-8332[Improve][DataProxy] Return original content for MSG_ORIGINAL_RETURN type messages
INLONG-8339[Improve][DataProxy][Agent] Enable audit by default in DataProxy and Agent
INLONG-8356[Improve][DataProxy] Replace source2 to source
INLONG-8368[Bug][DataProxy] Sink does not have audit data
INLONG-8385[Improve][DataProxy] Add take method in BufferQueue class
INLONG-8459[Improve][DataProxy] Fix code scanning alert - Implicit narrowing conversion in compound assignment


INLONG-4968[Feature][TubeMQ] Golang SDK for Producing Message
INLONG-8122[Feature][TubeMQ] Add "Heartbeat" method for GO SDK
INLONG-8165[Feature][TubeMQ] Add "SendMessage" method for GO SDK
INLONG-8286[Improve][TubeMQ] Supports the return package type when querying messages
INLONG-8321[Improve][TubeMQ] Improve the precision of tube consumer id


INLONG-7914[Feature][Manager] Support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8024[Improve][Manager] Add extended properties when getting the status of the sort task info
INLONG-8035[Bug][Manager] Non-file tasks cannot be recovered from the heartbeat timeout state
INLONG-8039[Improve][Manager] Optimize the transform interface
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8066[Improve][Manager] Add sort extended properties when getting the status info of the InlongGroup
INLONG-8068[Feature][Manager] Support repeatable read for http request
INLONG-8072[Bug][Manager] NPE when sort_task_name of stream_sink table is empty or null
INLONG-8080[Bug][Manager] The total parameter found on the page is different from the actual value
INLONG-8087[Feature][Manager] Add definition of Inlong tenant table
INLONG-8088[Improve][Manager] The heartbeat timeout interval can be configured
INLONG-8091[Bug][Manager] Unsupported FieldType is reported when the source and sink are both PostgreSQL
INLONG-8093[Feature][Manager] Add inlong tenant related APIs
INLONG-8098[Feature][Manager] Support Inlong user permission control
INLONG-8108[Bug][Manager] WorkflowApprover API Permissions Optimization
INLONG-8114[Bug][Manager] Appeared NPE when building properties
INLONG-8118[Feature][Manager] Support tenant user permission control
INLONG-8121[Improve][Manager] Supports cluster node status management in the case of multiple manager nodes
INLONG-8127[Bug][Manager] UT failed in HeartbeatManagerTest.testReportHeartbeat
INLONG-8129[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8136[Improve][Manager] Support obtaining resource information used by the current group
INLONG-8148[Bug][Manager] The method of querying cluster nodes is not idempotent
INLONG-8150[Improve][Manager] Not throw an exception when getting cluster nodes
INLONG-8152[Improve][Manager] Paging queries remove the restriction that groupid is not empty
INLONG-8154[Improve][Manager] Optimize the way of creating ExtractNodes to make it easy to expand and maintain
INLONG-8159[Improve][Manager] Rename "tenant" in InlongPulsarInfo to "pulsarTenant"
INLONG-8163[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Make DataProxy config interface compatible with old versions
INLONG-8169[Feature][Manager] Add default tenant "public" if the request does not specify one
INLONG-8171[Improve][Manager] Optimize the way of creating LoadNodes to make it easy to expand and maintain
INLONG-8188[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit information by sink id
INLONG-8197[Improve][Manager] Optimize the ClickHouse query for the Audit interface
INLONG-8199[Improve][Manager] Supports get brief information of inlong stream
INLONG-8200[Feature][Manager] Fliter out requests which user has no permission to the specific tenant
INLONG-8202[Improve][Manager] Extract public parseFormat method to optimize NodeProvider
INLONG-8222[Feature][Manager] Support different data types mapping for different data sources by the strategy pattern
INLONG-8226[Improve][Manager] Change the type of partitionNum for KafkaSink
INLONG-8231[Feature][Manager] Add tenant into param and body of each request
INLONG-8247[Improve][Manager] Removes the restriction that only the admin user can create DataNodes
INLONG-8260[Bug][Manager] Source field is empty for data sync
INLONG-8266[Improve][Manager] Optimize PostgreSQL field type mapping strategy with the customized configuration file
INLONG-8275[Umbrella][Manager] All resources support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8276[Feature][Manager] InlongGroup support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8278[Feature][Manager] Add tenant into the login user info
INLONG-8281[Feature][Manager] Manager client support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8282[Improve][Manager] Increase the length of the partial ID or name field
INLONG-8288[Feature][Manager] Add MySQL field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8290[Improve][Manager] Support SQL interceptor to add tenant into each query
INLONG-8292[Improve][Manager][Dashboard] Add task types on the approval management page
INLONG-8296[Improve][Manager] Move LoginUserUtils to pojo to avoid cycle dependency
INLONG-8300[Feature][Manager] Support previewing data of Pulsar
INLONG-8313[Feature][Manager] Add Oracle field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8327[Feature][Manager] Add SQLServer field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8330[Bug][Manager] The information returned by the getAllConfig interface is incorrect
INLONG-8345[Improve][Manager][Sort] Flink multi-version adaptation directory adjustment and version unified management
INLONG-8349[Feature][Manager] DataNode support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8354[Improve][Manager] Support previewing data of TubeMQ
INLONG-8361[Bug][Manager] Group restart fail
INLONG-8365[Feature][Manager] InlongCluster support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8369[Feature][Manager] Add MongoDB field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8378[Feature][Manager] InlongClusterTag support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8380[Feature][Manager] InlongConsume support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8389[Bug][Manager] Tenant interception failure when authentication is disable
INLONG-8394[Improve][Manager] TenantRole list interface support fuzzy match
INLONG-8396[Improve][Manager] Support for querying audit data with average delay
INLONG-8398[Improve][Manager] Optimize multiple tenant related logs
INLONG-8404[Feature][Manager] Workflow support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8405[Improve][Manager] Dynamically configure ClickHouse source
INLONG-8421[Bug][Manager] NPE when disable OpenApi auth
INLONG-8423[Feature][Manager] Manager client support tenant operation
INLONG-8425[Bug][Manager] Error in obtaining audit information when sink is not configured
INLONG-8434[Bug][Manager] Error converting null to string when converting JSON string
INLONG-8440[Feature][Manager] Support list tenant info by user or given tenant list
INLONG-8442[Feature][Manager] Support delete tenant and tenant role
INLONG-8443[Feature][Manager] Add ClickHouse field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8449[Bug][Manager] Abnormal growth of self increasing primary key in heartbeat table
INLONG-8462[Bug][Manager] Attribute was overwritten by the default value error when modifying the group
INLONG-8469[Bug][Manager] The ext_params is incorrectly set to null


INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information
INLONG-7853[Feature][Sort] Add common handle for schema-change in sink
INLONG-7882[Improve][Sort] Oracle CDC reduces the number of session connections
INLONG-7959[Improve][Sort] Dynamic schema evolution support delete and update columns when sink to Iceberg
INLONG-7990[Improve][Sort] Fix license header for InLongFixedPartitionPartitionerTest
INLONG-7994[Improve][Sort] Add UT for all migration to MongoDB CDC
INLONG-8034[Improve][Sort] Bump hudi version to 0.12.3
INLONG-8038[Feature][Sort] Optimize MySQL CDC chunk splitting logic
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8054[Improve][Sort] Update document information of Sort
INLONG-8062[Feature][Sort] Add PostgreSQL source connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8065[Feature][Sort] Add StarRocks connector on Flink 1.15
INLONG-8092[Feature][Sort] Support all database and multiple tables transmission for Hive
INLONG-8099[Umbrella][Sort] Sort support Flink multi-version
INLONG-8101[Feature][Sort] Support multi-version packaging of sort-connectors
INLONG-8110[Improve][Sort] Only whole database migration need table level metric
INLONG-8116[Improve][Sort] Support table api config setting
INLONG-8125[Improve][Sort] Optimizing the speed of transitioning from snapshot to binlog
INLONG-8140[Feature][Sort] Support data inference schema change type
INLONG-8143[Feature][Sort] Kafka support DDL
INLONG-8173[Bug][Sort] Fix the NPE problem when adding new columns
INLONG-8175[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC support read data from specific timestamp
INLONG-8177[Improve][Sort] Improve jdbc connector object calculation and Fix filesystem connector report dirty data metrics error
INLONG-8217[Improve][Sort] Sort-core should support running on flink-1.15
INLONG-8218[Bug][Sort] Kafka connector reader data byte calculation error
INLONG-8220[Improve][Sort] Add PostgreSQL connector for Flink 1.15 in distribution
INLONG-8233[Improve][Sort] Support running tests on both Flink 1.13 and Flink 1.15
INLONG-8239[Improve][Sort] Support sort format to flink-1.15
INLONG-8307[Bug][Sort] Job restart failed from savepoint When set 'scan.startup.mode' = 'timestamp'
INLONG-8337[Improve][Sort] Support getting accurate precision and scale of decimal type for Iceberg
INLONG-8341[Improve][Sort] MySQL cdc connector cannot get scale for decimal field
INLONG-8345[Improve][Manager][Sort] Flink multi-version adaptation directory adjustment and version unified management
INLONG-8363[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector captures binlog in snapshot phase all the time even if tables have been removed in flink sql
INLONG-8366[Bug][Sort] Lost data in Iceberg when restoring checkpoint
INLONG-8372[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector supports uploading flink job delay metrics
INLONG-8382[Improve][Sort] Provide unsupported operation for ddl that is not parseable
INLONG-8411[Bug][Sort] The artifactId of the dependency of sort-format-json is wrong
INLONG-8429[Bug][Sort] Shield the missing part of the Flink 1.15 connector pipeline failure error


INLONG-8224[Bug][Audit] Fix audit-proxy memory leak
INLONG-8315[Improve][Audit] Filter out invalid data that is more than 7 days old (configurable)


INLONG-8043[Improve][Dashboard] The label displays the cluster name as displayName
INLONG-8046[Improve][Dashboard] Support batch import of sink fields
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8051[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the display effect of the batch parse dialog
INLONG-8078[Bug][Dashboard] Source and sink list pagination does not work
INLONG-8134[Feature][Dashboard] Inlong Group supports viewing resource details
INLONG-8190[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the param display name for PostgreSQL
INLONG-8204[Improve][Dashboard] Support querying audit information by sink id
INLONG-8254[Improve][Dashboard] Supports get brief information of inlong stream
INLONG-8257[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the data node to display normally
INLONG-8262[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the group log component
INLONG-8269[Feature][Dashboard] Navigation bar increased data synchronization
INLONG-8298[Improve][Dashboard] Stream supports data preview
INLONG-8302[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization source and sink type optimization
INLONG-8316[Improve][Dashboard] Update length limit for partial ID or name field
INLONG-8343[Improve][Dashboard] Increase the length of the field for creating MySQL varchar types to 16383
INLONG-8350[Feature][Dashboard] Dashboard plugin support light
INLONG-8384[Improve][Dashboard] Data Integration ---> Data Ingestion
INLONG-8431[Feature][Dashboard] Support tenant management and tenant role management
INLONG-8461[Improve][Dashboard] Cluster management tag optimization
INLONG-8467[Improve][Dashboard] Audit query condition optimization


INLONG-8005[Bug] Fix duplicate split request when add new table in mysql connector
INLONG-8042[Improve][CI] Update the workflow to avoid the network being unreachable
INLONG-8060[Improve] Let mysql source reader throws runtimeException when connect times out or OOM
INLONG-8082[Bug][CI] workflow ci_build.yml ci_greeting.yml syntax error
INLONG-8103[Improve][CI] Format the order of imports by the spotless plugin
INLONG-8157[Bug][CI] Failed to compile code in submodule
INLONG-8249[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.springframework:spring-boot-autoconfigure to 2.6.15
INLONG-8274[Bug][Sort] Mysql connector will throw exception when synchronizing incremental data
INLONG-8309[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.xerial.snappy:snappy-java to version 1.1.10. 1
INLONG-8326[Improve][Build] Remove duplicate dependency declarations of "jsqlparser"
INLONG-8407[Improve] Optimize mongodb cdc for verifying type DDL types
INLONG-8413[Improve][Doc] Update the description about data Ingestion and Synchronization
INLONG-8419[Improve][Doc] Update the description about InLong