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1.9.0 release

InLong Source Code1.9.02023-09-19[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.9.02023-09-19[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.9.02023-09-19[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.9.02023-09-19[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]


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版本 Notes


INLONG-8850[Improve][Agent] Remove unregister of MetricRegister when taskmanager is initialized
INLONG-8655[Bug][Agent] JobWrapper thread leaks when the job is stopped
INLONG-8652[Improve][Agent] Delete the capacity of setting blacklist
INLONG-8649[Bug][Agent] Thread leaks for ProxySink when the DataProxy SDK init failed
INLONG-8647[Improve][Agent] Stop sending task snapshot to Manager module
INLONG-8645[Improve][Agent] Delete the capacity of the loading trigger for local files
INLONG-8629[Bug][Agent] Sending invalid data to DataProxy failed blocks normal data sending
INLONG-8524[Improve][Agent] Update the JVM Options for Agent
INLONG-8520[Bug][Agent] File agent sent data to dataproxy was all json formatted 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8146[Improve][Agent] Optimize, and '-XX:NativeMemoryTracking'
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project


INLONG-8836[Improve][Audit] Add audit_tag information to distinguish data sources and data targets
INLONG-8753[Improve][Audit] Separate commons-text from org.apache.flume
INLONG-8699[Improve][Audit] Optimize the service log of audit-proxy
INLONG-8642[Improve][Audit] Remove the audit commons-text dependency


INLONG-8882[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Pulsar data node
INLONG-8881[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Pulsar sink
INLONG-8843[Improve][Dashboard] StarRocks sink field optimization
INLONG-8841[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Iceberg sources
INLONG-8810[Improve][Dashboard] Approval management process ID link optimization
INLONG-8800[Improve][Dashboard] Owners search component optimization
INLONG-8788[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization page optimization
INLONG-8779[Improve][Dashboard] Modify password verification optimization
INLONG-8760[Bug][Dashboard] The transform button was not at the center
INLONG-8757[Improve][Dashboard] Implement buttons using a link good first issue
INLONG-8755[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization field mapping optimization
INLONG-8727[Improve][Dashboard] Approval management Application details optimization
INLONG-8705[Improve][Dashboard] Source and sink title optimization
INLONG-8693[Feature][Dashboard] Data synchronization supports Audit
INLONG-8661[Bug][DashBoard] DatabaseWhiteList is required which is inconsistent with tips
INLONG-8624[Bug][Dashboard] Tenant Management Search Tenant Exceptions
INLONG-8621[Feature][Dashboard] Approval management supports approval data synchronization
INLONG-8575[Improve][Dashboard] Tenant management query optimization
INLONG-8560[Bug][Dashboard] No username and password when configuring hive.
INLONG-8548[Feature][Dashboard] Data access supports displaying transmission delay
INLONG-8546[Bug][Dashboard] Inlong group resource details display error good first issue
INLONG-8512[Bug][Dashboard] Create tube consumer failed when selecting topic 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8502[Bug][Dashboard] Query data preview interface exception
INLONG-8500[Bug][Dashboard] Fix stream data preview url error
INLONG-8008[Improve][Dashboard] Add default icon for different data nodes good first issue


INLONG-8914[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize DataProxy event statistics
INLONG-8899[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize metadata update logic
INLONG-8819[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize ConfigHolder related subclass loading processing
INLONG-8758[Improve][DataProxy] Metadata synchronization management optimization
INLONG-8741[Bug][DataProxy] Wrong constant reference in CommonConfigHolder class
INLONG-8729[Bug][DataProxy] Wrong result in the addSendResultMetric function also reports success
INLONG-8725[Improve][DataProxy] Cache file metric output switch value at usage location
INLONG-8679[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index-related variables to abstract classes
INLONG-8670[Improve][DataProxy] Define in detail the exceptions actively thrown in Source
INLONG-8657[Improve][DataProxy] Cache Source, Sink name and Channel object content
INLONG-8597[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust the format of the metric output to the file
INLONG-8589[Improve][DataProxy] Add callback parameter support for Http access
INLONG-8576[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust handling when messages are incomplete
INLONG-8507[Improve][Dataproxy] Modify nodeIp in dataproxy message to clientIp
INLONG-6364[Improve][DataProxy] Add DataProxy node load information stage/stale
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project
INLONG-8936[Bug][DataProxy] The log's path for DataProxy is wrong


INLONG-8852[Improve][Manager] Supports fuzzy matching of username based on keyword
INLONG-8845[Feature][Manager] Support Tencent Cloud Log Service data flow
INLONG-8834[Bug][Manager] No relationship generated after setting the transformnode
INLONG-8832[Bug][Manager] The request type for transform/list in the client does not match the actual one
INLONG-8829[Improve][Manager] Support configuring whether to use zookeeper by request
INLONG-8827[Feature][Manager] Inlong manager sql directory is incorrect in docker README
INLONG-8823[Feature][Manager] Supporting data flow to Pulsar
INLONG-8816[INLONG-8815][Manager] Supports configuring iceberg streamSources
INLONG-8815[Improve][Manager] Supports configuring iceberg streamSources
INLONG-8813[Improve][Manager] Replacing whitespace characters in MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8805[Feature][Manager] Check tenant status before deleting tenant
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8797[Feature][Manager][Sort] Audit has no data for data sync
INLONG-8794[Improve][Manager] Support add streamField and sinkField
INLONG-8781[Bug][Manager] When batch task is finished, exception is throw
INLONG-8773[Improve][Manager] Optimize Agent heartbeat logic
INLONG-8771[Bug][Manager] Audit data error for MySQL data source
INLONG-8751[Bug][Manager] Response of data preview was empty
INLONG-8749[Improve][Manager] Support configuring whether to initialize node state during startup
INLONG-8739[Bug][Manager] The file collection task was mistakenly deleted
INLONG-8675[Bug][Manager]Manager client InlongTenant get method request type error
INLONG-8671[Bug][Manager] Find no method parameter of form data in POST request
INLONG-8663[Improve][Manager] Add tenant related OpenAPI
INLONG-8627[Improve][Manager] Add parameters validation for the testConnection method
INLONG-8622[Improve][Manager] Optimize the permission control of user API
INLONG-8620[INLONG-8619][Manager] Remove the inlong role check of internal interfaces
INLONG-8619[Improve][Manager] Remove the inlong role check of internal interfaces
INLONG-8618[INLONG-8617][Manager] Optimize compatibility of SortSdk config interface 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8617[Improve][Manager] Optimize compatibility of SortSdk config interface
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project
INLONG-8606[INLONG-8590][Manager] Make Cluster and ClusterTags as public resources
INLONG-8603[Bug][Manager] Fix the vulnerability to security attacks for the MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8590[Improve][Manager] Make Cluster and ClusterTags as public resources
INLONG-8586[Improve][Manager] Stop Stream Source which is still running after group is stopped
INLONG-8582[Improve][Manager] Remove unnecessary log information in InlongClusterServiceImpl
INLONG-8570[Bug][Manager] Modules in the wrong order cause UT execution to fail
INLONG-8568[INLONG-8567][Manager] Add new role INLONG_SERVICE for internal service query 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8567[Feature][Manager] Add new role INLONG_SERVICE for internal service query
INLONG-8564[Bug][Manager] Unable to issue tasks after modifying data node info
INLONG-8563[Improve][Manager] Opitmize the permission check of tenant-related operation
INLONG-8556[Improve][Manager] Optimize the location of the manager-plugins-flink jar package
INLONG-8550[INLONG-8547][Manager] Add workflow approver automatically when create a new tenant
INLONG-8547[Feature][Manager] Add workflow approver automatically when create a new tenant
INLONG-8541[Bug][Manager] Save InlongGroup with error tenant 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8539[Improve][Manager] Remove stream source when heartbeat of agent contains no group message
INLONG-8537[Bug][Manager] Insert group failed 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8535[Bug][Manager] There is a null pointer when calling updateRuntimeConfig method
INLONG-8529[Improve][Manager] update stream source to heartbeat timeout when evit cluster node
INLONG-8522[Improve][Manager] Optimize log print for AgentService
INLONG-8516[Improve][Manager] Missing scala dependency for Flink 1.15 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8514[Improve][Manager] Support ClickHouse field type special modifier Nullable
INLONG-8509[Improve][Manager] Optimize preProcessTemplateFileTask in AgentServiceImpl
INLONG-8492[INLONG-8490][Manager] Duplicate queried audit data according to all fields
INLONG-8491[Feature][Manager] manager client support list inlong streams with sources and sinks by paginating
INLONG-8490[Improve][Manager] Duplicate queried audit data according to all fields
INLONG-8488[INLONG-8374][Manager] Manager client tools support multiple tenant
INLONG-8448[INLONG-8447][Manager] Optimize paging logic
INLONG-8447[Improve][Manager] Optimize paging logic stage/stale
INLONG-8446[Feature][Manager] Remove the permission check logic in Services and DAOs good first issue
INLONG-8403[Feature][Manager] Support resource migrate to different tenant
INLONG-8374[Feature][Manager] Manager client tools support multiple tenant good first issue
INLONG-8360[Improve][Manager] Support previewing data of Kafka
INLONG-8939[Improve][Manager] Add a switch to initiate the delete data source task
INLONG-8946[Improve][Manager] Optimize the audit ID method issued by the manager
INLONG-8951[Improve][Manager] Support for configuring built-in fields for iceberg


INLONG-8916[Improve][SDK] Update SDK configuration file for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8910[Improve][SDK] Adjust some default configuration parameters
INLONG-8905[Improve][SDK] Code specifications for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8896[Improve][SDK] Remove old code before refactoring for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8891[Improve][SDK] Optimize compile for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8889[Improve][SDK] Optimize CmakeList for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8887[Improve][SDK] Optimize api framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8885[Improve][SDK] Optimize tcp manager framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8883[Improve][SDK] Optimize proxy config manager framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8868[Improve][SDK] Optimize send data framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8866[Improve][SDK] Optimize data receiving framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8864[Improve][SDK] Add memory utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8861[Improve][SDK] Add mutex utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8860[Improve][SDK] Add log utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8858[Improve][SDK] Add init helper information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8856[Improve][SDK] Add msg information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8854[Improve][SDK] Add return code information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8784[INLONG-8766][SDK] SortSdk create consumer in parallel
INLONG-8766[Improve][SDK] SortSdk create consumer in parallel
INLONG-8747[Improve][SDK] Optimize the local configuration management of cpp sdk
INLONG-8728[Improve][SDK] Optimize the problem of third-party openssl library dependency failure
INLONG-8639[Improve][SDK] Improve send failed logic of DataProxy
INLONG-8637[Improve][SDK] Pool data request and batch request for DataProxy
INLONG-8635[Improve][SDK] Update dependency packages and required Go version for DataProxy
INLONG-8633[Improve][SDK] Update debug log level for DataProxy SDK
INLONG-8631[Improve][SDK] Handle context.Done() in Send() for DataProxy SDK


INLONG-8897[Bug][Sort] update dbz option name 'schema. whitelist' to 'schema.include.list'
INLONG-8848[Bug][Sort] Sort base dependency error
INLONG-8839[Feature][Sort] Add audit metric in starrocks connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8838[Improve][Sort] IcebergSource support metadata
INLONG-8825[Feature][Sort] Optimize the field type conversion between source and target in the whole database scenario
INLONG-8818[INLONG-8643][Sort] Support Iceberg source
INLONG-8808[Improve][Sort] Improve convertToBinary for RowDataDebeziumDeserializeSchema
INLONG-8796[Improve][Sort] Add SchemaChangeEventHandler to deal schema change event by each connector
INLONG-8786[Bug][Sort] The Doris schema should be changed in case of multiple URI
INLONG-8783[Bug][Sort] MySql connector jdbc version is incompatible with mysql-cdc version
INLONG-8776[Improve][Sort] MySql connector should add jdbc driver jar
INLONG-8745[Improve][Sort] Add incremental and postgre type in postgre connector
INLONG-8743[Feature][Sort] Support more type of ddl in all migration
INLONG-8667[Improve][Sort] The inner class name was wrong in OracleSnapshotContext
INLONG-8653[Bug][Sort] fix the query sql for jdbc pg dialect multiple table scenerios.
INLONG-8643[Feature][Sort] Add Iceberg source on flink 1.15
INLONG-8641[Bug][Sort] SingleTableCustomFieldsPartitioner package name does not match path
INLONG-8616[INLONG-8598][Sort] Optimize sortstandalone pulsar sink
INLONG-8602[Bug][Sort] Fix StackOverflowError of Oracle CDC
INLONG-8598[Improve][Sort] Optimize sortstandalone pulsar sink
INLONG-8596[Feature][Sort] Iceberg supports dynamic switching between append and upsert
INLONG-8594[Bug][Sort] When change record is chunk range of snapshot phase, MongoDB cannot rewrite the record
INLONG-8579[INLONG-8578][Sort] Fix npe inside outputReadPhaseMetrics in mysql-cdc
INLONG-8578[Bug][Sort] NPE occurred inside outputReadPhaseMetrics of mysql-cdc
INLONG-8558[Improve][Sort] Use database name in upper case at the OracleTableSourceFactory
INLONG-8551[INLONG-8549][Sort] Fix incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-8549[Bug][Sort] Incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-8445[Feature][Sort] Support running tests on both Flink 1.13 and Flink 1.15
INLONG-8436[Bug][Sort] The backfill task not running bug in oracle cdc connector
INLONG-8279[Bug][Sort] NPE when run MySqlLoadSqlParseTest
INLONG-8236[Feature][Sort] Iceberg supports dynamic switching between append and upsert
INLONG-7908[Feature][Sort] PostgreSQL connector supports parallel read
INLONG-7900[Feature][Sort] Support partition by custom fields when upsert single table of Kafka
INLONG-7763[Feature][Sort] Support ddl change for doris
INLONG-8797[Feature][Manager][Sort] Audit has no data for data sync
INLONG-8903[Bug][TubeMQ][Sort] int64 not recognized by the compiler and Missing @Override annotations
INLONG-8953[Bug][Sort] Iceberg source default the StartSnapshot to the latest


INLONG-4972[Feature][TubeMQ] Add TubeMQ Command Tools stage/roadmap
INLONG-8903[Bug][TubeMQ][Sort] int64 not recognized by the compiler and Missing @Override annotations
INLONG-8871[Improve][TubeMQ] Use an error code in checkMessageAndStatus() to return the check result instead of throwing an exception
INLONG-8812[Improve][Tubemq] Missing parameter
INLONG-8793[INLONG-8791][TubeMQ] Tubemq-client-go lacks log level configuration API
INLONG-8768[Improve][TubeMQ] Adding for inlong-tubemq-manager
INLONG-8720[Improve][TubeMQ] Some unused return params in WebParamaterUtils
INLONG-8717[Bug][TubeMQ] Display wrong response message in TubeMQ master web panel
INLONG-8716[Bug][TubeMQ] set error code 0 when it works
INLONG-8701[Improve][TubeMQ] Master dashboard respond always true when some operation complete


INLONG-8614[Bug][CI] Post maven cache failed for UT and build workflow service/ci
INLONG-8494[Bug][CI] Caught IOException "No space left on device" for Analyze by CodeQL workflow
INLONG-8846[Improve][Doc] Add ASF DOAP File for InLong
INLONG-8543[Bug][Docker] The path of the mysql connector is wrong when docker build service/docker
INLONG-8533[Improve][Docker] Add MySQL connector to the manager image service/docker
INLONG-8918[Bug][Script] A script parameter error in bin/inlong-daemon
INLONG-8690[Improve][Security] TemporaryFolder on unix-like systems does not limit access to created files
INLONG-8688[Improve][Security] Incorrect Authorization in MySQL Connector Java
INLONG-8687[Improve][Security] Apache Pulsar Java Client vulnerable to Improper Certificate Validation
INLONG-8686[Improve][Security] TemporaryFolder on unix-like systems does not limit access to created files
INLONG-8685[Improve][Security] Denial of service due to parser crash
INLONG-8684[Improve][Security] Vite Server Options (server.fs.deny) can be bypassed using double forward-slash (//)
INLONG-8683[Improve][Security] OutOfMemoryError for large multipart without filename in Eclipse Jetty
INLONG-8682[Improve][Security] Guava vulnerable to insecure use of temporary directory
INLONG-8681[Improve][Security] netty-handler SniHandler 16MB allocation
INLONG-8934[Feature][Distribution] Add Iceberg connectors into the bundle
INLONG-8942[Improve][Distribution]Support to merge all jar file of multiple modules in order to reduce version package size
INLONG-8965[Improve][Doc] Update the description for swagger API