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· 11 min read

1. Background

With the increasing number of users and developers of Apache InLong(incubating), the demand for richer usage scenarios and low-cost operation is getting stronger and stronger. Among them, the demand for adding Transform (T) to the whole link of InLong has received the most feedback. After the research and design of @yunqingmoswu, @EMsnap, @gong, @thexiay community developers, the InLong Sort ETL solution based on Flink SQL has been completed. This article will introduce the implementation details of the solution in detail.

· 5 min read

Apache InLong is a one-stop integration framework for massive data that provides automatic, secure and reliable data transmission capabilities. InLong supports both batch and stream data processing at the same time, which offers great power to build data analysis, modeling and other real-time applications based on streaming data.

· 5 min read

Apache InLong (incubating) has been renamed from the original Apache TubeMQ (incubating) from 0.9.0. With the name change, InLong has also been upgraded from a single message queue to a one-stop integration framework for massive data. InLong supports data collection, aggregation, caching, and sorting, users can import data from the data source to the real-time computing engine or land to offline storage with a simple configuration.