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How to Commit

Apache InLong uses GitHub's Pull Request (PR) to receive contributed code. This document will introduce the process of code commit in detail.

Confirm the issue to fix

Can be an existing issue or your newly created issue, and record the Issue ID.

Fork the repository

Open apache/inlong 's GitHub page, clicking on the fork button at the top right to fork.

Configure git and commit changes

Clone your fork to your local machine

git clone<your_github_name>/inlong.git

Add apache/inlong to local repository's remote branch upstream

cd  inlong
git remote add upstream

Check remote repository settings

git remote -v
origin<your_github_name>/inlong.git (fetch)
upstream (fetch)
upstream (push)

origin is its own fork repository, upstream is the official repository

Fetch code from upstream and update the local master branch code to the latest

git fetch upstream
git pull upstream master

Create a new branch

Generally, issue id is used as the branch name, such as: INLONG-XYZ.

git checkout -b  INLONG-XYZ

Make sure that the branch INLONG-XYZ is checkout from the latest code of the official master branch.

Modify the code and format

After modifying the code, you can format it with the following command.

mvn spotless:check
mvn spotless:apply

Commit code to remote branch

The format of the commit message must be consistent with the issue title and start with [INLONG-XYZ][Component].

git commit -a -m "[INLONG-XYZ][Component] commit msg"
git push origin INLONG-XYZ

Component should be replaced by the InLong component name, like Manager, Sort, DataProxy...

Open a Pull Request

Open your GitHub repository page<your_github_name>/inlong

Switch branch

Switch to committed branch INLONG-XYZ

New pull request(PR)

Click New pull request or Compare & pull request

Click Create pull request button to open a PR

Considerations when opening a pull request:

  • he title of PR must start with issue id, which is better consistent with the commit message
  • To speed up the review, it is recommended to supplement the necessary information according to the submission template, such as modification motivation, implementation details, etc.

Enter the apache/inlong home page, and a pop-up window for Pull Request will appear, or you can directly click to create it.

Review Code


Generally, the PR can be formally merged into the code base only after more than 2 PMC/Committer reply + 1.

Finally, congratulations on becoming an official contributor to InLong!