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Version: 1.10.0



InLong Manager is a unified management platform for the Apache InLong project. The platform provides maintenance portals for various basic configurations (such as data flow configuration, consumption configuration, cluster management, etc.). Users can create data collection tasks and view indicator data.


manager-commonModule common code, such as exception definition, tool class, enumeration, etc.
manager-daodatabase operations
manager-servicebusiness logic layer
manager-workflowWorkflow Services
manager-pluginsSort plugin service
manager-webFront-end interactive interface layer
manager-clientClient Services
manager-client-examplesClient usage examples
manager-client-toolsClient command line tools

Interaction Flow

Data Model

Currently, the InLong Manager mainly consists of the following data models:

  • InlongGroup: Data Streams Group, it contains multiple data streams, and one InlongGroup represents one data business unit.
  • InlongStream: Data Stream, a stream has a specific data source, data format and data sink.
  • StreamSource: Data sources, including File collection, MySQL collection, etc.
  • StreamSink: Data targets, including Hive, ClickHouse, and other locations where data ultimately flows into.
  • DataNode: Data nodes, including information such as data collection address, username, password, etc.
  • InlongCluster: Clusters, including cluster information such as Pulsar, TubeMQ, Kafka, etc.