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Version: 1.5.0

Bare Metal

Environment Requirements

Prepare Message Queue

InLong Support the following Message Queue services now, you can choose one of them.

Download the Binary Package

You can get binary package from Download Page ,or you can build the InLong refer to How to Build.。

Standard Architecture

You need deploy all InLong components for Standard Architecture.


ordercomponentdependenciesdeploy guidedescription
1inlong-auditMySQL or ElasticsearchInLong Audit
2inlong-managerMySQLInLong Manager
3inlong-dataproxyNoneInLong DataProxy
4inlong-agentNoneInLong Agent
5inlong-dashboardNginx or DockerInLong Dashboard
6inlong-sort-connectorsApache FlinkExtract apache-inlong-[version]-sort-connectors.tar.gz and move connectors jar to inlong-sort/connectors directory.

Create Data Stream

After the InLong cluster deployed successfully, you can create a data stream refer to the Dashboard Usage Guide to start using.

Lightweight Architecture


Lightweight Architecture only needs InLong Sort component, it is simple and flexible, suitable for small-scale data. You can deploy and use it refer the deployment guide.