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Version: 1.5.0


Deploy all InLong module by Docker Compose, it's only available for development.


Docker Compose deploys all components for Standard Architecture, and choose Apache Pulsar as the default message queue.

Environment Requirements


You can get apache-inlong-[version]-bin.tar.gz from Download Page ,or you can build the InLong refer to How to Build.


Start all components.

cd docker/docker-compose
docker-compose up -d

Create Cluster Tag

Click [Clusters]->[ClusterTags]->[Create] on the page to specify the cluster label name and person in charge:


Since each component reports the ClusterTags as default_cluster by default, do not use other names.

Register Pulsar Cluster

Click [Clusters]->[ClusterTags]->[Create] on the page to register Pulsar Cluster:


The ClusterTags selects the newly created default_cluster, the Pulsar cluster deployed by docker:

Service URL is pulsar://pulsar:6650, Admin URL is http://pulsar:8080.

Create Data Stream

You can refer Pulsar Example to create Data Stream.


docker-compose down