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Dec 22, 20210.12.0Source[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-1310[Feature][Feature] Support Pulsar
INLONG-1711[feature] website support process pulsar dataflow
INLONG-1712[Feature][agent] Add agent metric statistics
INLONG-1722[Feature] Add IssueNavigationLink for IDEA
INLONG-1725[Feature][InLong-Manager] Modify bid and tid (or dsid) to inlongGroupId and inlongStreamId
INLONG-1726[Feature][InLong-Website] Adapt the Manager module and modify the field names of bid and dsid
INLONG-1732[Feature][InLong-Agent] Modify bid and tid to inlongGroupId and inlongStreamId
INLONG-1738[Feature] InLong audit
INLONG-1764[Feature]Use black for code block background style
INLONG-1768[Feature] Adding consume type that allows partition assign from the client
INLONG-1785[Feature] add 0.11.0 release article for blog
INLONG-1786[Feature]Inlong-common provide monitoring indicator reporting mechanism with JMX, user can implement the code that read the metrics and report to user-defined monitor system.
INLONG-1791[Feature][InLong-Manager] Some bid fields have not been modified
INLONG-1796[Feature]DataProxy support monitor indicator with JMX.
INLONG-1809[Feature] Adjust the font style of the official home page
INLONG-1814[Feature] Show document file subdirectories
INLONG-1817[Feature][InLong-Manager] Workflow supports data stream for Pulsar
INLONG-1821[INLONG-810] Sort Module Support store data to ApacheDoris
INLONG-1826[Feature] Use jmx metric defined in inlong-common
INLONG-1830[Feature] Add a star reminder
INLONG-1833[Feature] Add Team button to the navigation bar
INLONG-1840[Feature] add a Welcome committer articles to official website blog
INLONG-1847[Feature][InLong-Manager] Add consumption APIs for Pulsar MQ
INLONG-1849[Feature][InLong-Manager] Push Sort config for Pulsar
INLONG-1851[Feature]TubeMQ supports monitoring indicators with JMX.
INLONG-1853[Feature] Agent should provide docs for jmx metrics
INLONG-1854[Feature] Agent Rmi args should be added in
INLONG-1856[Feature] Add a news tab on the official website
INLONG-1867[Feature] Add a user column display to the official website
INLONG-1873[Feature] refactor the structure of the document for the official website
INLONG-1874[Feature] Add contact information and common links at the bottom of the homepage of the official website
INLONG-1878[Feature] Optimize user display page layout style
INLONG-1901[Feature] Optimize the layout of the user display page
INLONG-1910[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone-sort-sdk support to consume events from inlong cache clusters(pulsar)
INLONG-1926[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support JMX metrics listener for pulling.
INLONG-1938[Feature] DataProxy send message to multi-pulsar cluster conf demo
INLONG-2002[Feature]creating data access with pulsar, users should be able to change the ensemble param


INLONG-1708[Improve] Add restrict of @author and Chinese in java file
INLONG-1729[Improve] Avoid using constant value as version when referencing other modules
INLONG-1739[Improve] Optimization of TubeMQ SDK usage demo
INLONG-1740[Improve] change bid/tid to be more identifiable
INLONG-1746[improve] the log4j properties for dataproxy contains some useless code and some class name are incorrect
INLONG-1756[Improve] Use metadata to manage data sources and flow fields
INLONG-1772[Improve]Adjust the ProcessResult class implementation
INLONG-1798[Improve]RestTemplate does not read configuration from the configuration file
INLONG-1802[Improve] Optimize document version management
INLONG-1808[Improve] Optimize document of DataProxy about monitor metric.
INLONG-1810[Improve] update the architecture for office-website
INLONG-1811[Improve] Modify the architecture diagram of
INLONG-1815[Improve][translation] the blog of the 0.11.0 release should be translated into English
INLONG-1819Optimize GC parameter configuration in TubeMQ's file
INLONG-1822Optimize the table formatting in some MD documents
INLONG-1824Refine the
INLONG-1857[Improve] Adjust the content of the Disclaimer and Events column
INLONG-1859[Improve][InLong-Manager] Remove duplicate SQL files
INLONG-1861[Improve] Update document for docker-compose
INLONG-1863[Improve][TubeMQ] repHelperHost for master should be exposed in configuration
INLONG-1864[Improve] Agent Website doc contains a typo
INLONG-1865[Improve] There are several errors in TubeMQ's guidance document
INLONG-1877[Improve] improve the document's format for the office website
INLONG-1886[Improve][InLong-Manager] Refactor and delete unused entities
INLONG-1916[Improve][website] modify the Business to InLong Group
INLONG-1934[Improve] update the image of the hive example after the bid changed
INLONG-1935[Improve] package the SQL file for the manager
INLONG-1939[Improve] add basic concepts for InLong
INLONG-1952[Improve] Update the office website structure image
INLONG-1987[Improve] Add function comment information in TubeMQ
INLONG-2017[Improve] Add more guide documents for Pulsar


INLONG-1706[Bug] there are some incorrect expressions for issues tracking in the how-to-contribute file
INLONG-1716[Bug][manager] can not login successfully
INLONG-1731[Bug] release template has sth wrong with KEY URL
INLONG-1745[Bug]TubeMQ HTTP API download link cannot be opened
INLONG-1752[Bug] The official website action failed to build, it may be that the node version needs to be upgraded
INLONG-1754[Bug] confused navigation in download page
INLONG-1755[Bug] Broken link in the ANNOUNCE email template
INLONG-1769[Bug][TubeMQ]Util function SpitToMap in Go SDK panic
INLONG-1771[Bug] Website readme error
INLONG-1776[Bug] Get error while parse td msg with go client
INLONG-1777[Bug][TubeMQ]Go SDK failed to parse tdmsg v4
INLONG-1781[Bug] Get uncorrect time value of attributes
INLONG-1783[Bug] Topic filters config has't any effects
INLONG-1828[Bug]parse message error: invalid default attr's msg Length
INLONG-1876[Bug] office website build failed
INLONG-1897[Bug][Website] form cannot use chain name
INLONG-1898[Bug][Website] The error of the person responsible for the second edit of the new consumption
INLONG-1902[Bug][Website] Access create params error
INLONG-1911[Bug] Some questions about the metric implementation in the common module
INLONG-1915[Bug] tubemq master can not start
INLONG-1919[Bug] TubeMQ HTTP API xls can not download
INLONG-1920[Bug]Failed to start up MultiSession factory by following the demo code
INLONG-1953[Bug]It can not be submitted when I create data access using file data source
INLONG-1954[Bug]inlong-sort does not support pulsar ???
INLONG-1955[Bug]Source data fields' type are all mapped to tinyint, and can not be modified
INLONG-1958[Bug]Avoid the security risks of log4j package
INLONG-1966[Bug][InLong-Manager] The stream name field is not required, but error occurs when create a data stream with name field not filled
INLONG-1967[Bug][InLong-Manager] Cannot create the Pulsar subscription
INLONG-1973[Bug]with the demo conf of dataproxy, the app can not start rightly
INLONG-1975[Bug]error occurs when deleting a data access
INLONG-1978[Bug]Create multiple file import tasks, and inlong-agent reports an error when registering metric
INLONG-1980[Bug]the content of generated incorrectly,and too much backup files generate automatically
INLONG-1981[Bug] When compiling the project, the InLong-audit module reported Warning errors
INLONG-1984[Bug][InLong-Manager] Create pulsar access, modify pulsar related parameters failed
INLONG-1995[Bug] Compile Audit-SDK and report TestNGException
INLONG-1996[Bug] Compile the project and InLong-Agent module throws 3 exceptions
INLONG-1997[Bug]after the compilation of inlong, no lib directory in inlong-dataproxy
INLONG-2009[Bug]Topic obtained through "/api/inlong/manager/openapi/dataproxy/getConfig" is not right
INLONG-2012[Bug] Inlong-agent could not fetch file agent task through api --"/api/inlong/manager/openapi/agent/fileAgent/getTaskConf"
INLONG-2014[Bug]inlong-dataproxy could not identify the groupId and topic format of
INLONG-2018[Bug]after approving a data access, some failures happen and the data access is always in the state of configuration
INLONG-2020[Bug] Dependency of "jul-to-slf4j" is missing for pulsar connector
INLONG-2023[Bug] Agent stream id is not passed to proxy
INLONG-2026[Bug] Found Pulsar client create failure when starting Sort
INLONG-2030[Bug]inlong-agent raises NPE error when running
INLONG-2032[Bug]"javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError" throwed in flink when starting a inlong-sort job
INLONG-2035[Bug] Agent use wrong tid __ to generate message
INLONG-2038[Bug]inlong-sort abandon data from pulsar due to an ClassCastException
INLONG-2043[Bug] Sort module renames tid to streamId