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1.1.0 release

Apr 24, 20221.1.0Source[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
Apr 24, 20221.1.0Binary[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-3699[Improve][Agent] Exclude mysql-connector-java
INLONG-3692[Bug][Agent] There are many agent processes after recovering the directory
INLONG-3652[Improve][Agent] Improve TestBinlogOffsetManager unit test
INLONG-3650[Bug] Agent fix timeoffset npe
INLONG-3638[Bug] Agent and DataProxy can not listen to the 8080 port for Prometheus
INLONG-3629[Improve][Agent] Improve TestFileAgent unit test
INLONG-3620[Improve] Update the file agent guide document
INLONG-3587[Bug][Agent]Resource leak
INLONG-3476[Bug][Agent] debezium 1.8.1 has npe
INLONG-3466[Feature][Agent] Remove protobuf dependency
INLONG-3463[Bug][Agent] Fix unit test of TestTaskWrapper
INLONG-3448[Improve][Manager] Limit the number of Agent pull tasks
INLONG-3437[Agent] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-agent
INLONG-3381[Feature] Agent wait one minute for dataproxy to prepare topic config
INLONG-3349[Feature] Agent add limitation for job number
INLONG-3335[Bug] fix agent snapshot mode won't work and optimize jvm parameters
INLONG-3326[Improve][Agent] The unit test for TestTaskWrapper was running too long
INLONG-3317[Improve][Agent] Change agent heartbeat/report interval to 10s
INLONG-3308[Bug][Agent] NPE occurred in parsing deliveryTime
INLONG-3306[Feature][Agent] Use rocksdb as default db in agent
INLONG-3304[Bug][Agent] Reader cost too much CPU
INLONG-3299[Bug][Agent] Report job result rather than task result
INLONG-3298[Feature][Agent] Remove dbd implementation
INLONG-3297[Feature] Add version control in Agent CommandEntity
INLONG-3274[Bug][Agent] When Kafka topic is deleted
INLONG-3271[Bug][Agent] Cannot get localip in
INLONG-3168[Bug][Agent] Change the deserialization type from String to byte array
INLONG-3148[Bug][Agent] fix avro serialization
INLONG-3104[Bug][Agent] Add default value for kafka consumer group
INLONG-3100[Bug][Agent] Upgrade Kafka to newest version 3.1.0
INLONG-3099[Bug][Agent] Duplicate send message when agent receive data
INLONG-3083[Bug][Agent] Upgrade Scala version in Kafka client
INLONG-3077[Bug][Agent] FileNotFoundException occurred in unit tests
INLONG-3076[Bug][Agent] MalformedObjectNameException occurred in unit tests
INLONG-3050[Bug][Agent] Update guava version
INLONG-3045[Feature][Agent] Add rocksDb implementation
INLONG-3027[Feature][Agent] Upgrade snappy version
INLONG-3022[Bug] agent pod start failed
INLONG-2985[Bug][Manager] Fix task type and UTF question for agent
INLONG-2974[Improve][Manager] Support agent to pull tasks without ip and uuid
INLONG-2933[Bug][Agent][Manager] Change the type of the deliveryTime field from Date to String
INLONG-2908[Bug][Agent] Delete uuid around space
INLONG-2894[Improve][Agent] Adapt the interface and field modification of the Inlong-Manager
INLONG-2883[Bug][Agent] ManagerFetcher throws exception when invoke the Gson.fromJson method
INLONG-2877[Bug][Agent] Task position manager throws NPE when send dataproxy ack success
INLONG-2870[Bug][Agent] Use base64 to encode snapshot instead of using iso-8859-1
INLONG-2860[Feature][Agent] Create file folder when history file set by user does not exist
INLONG-2859[Improve][Agent] Optimize stopping Kafka tasks
INLONG-2857[Feature][Agent] Support to destroy task
INLONG-2851[Feature] Agent change task id string to integer
INLONG-2826[Bug] Agent mysql connection should set allowPublicKeyRetrieval to true to support mysql 8.0
INLONG-2818[Bug] Agent kafka job and binlog job has jar conflict
INLONG-2790[Bug][Agent] Log4j cannot be output due to jar conflict
INLONG-2788[Feature] Agent support sync send data to dataproxy when needed (binlog etc.)
INLONG-2786[Feature] Agent jetty server support different job type
INLONG-2779[Feature] Agent support delete job using jetty server
INLONG-2756[Improve][Agent] Add more logs when sending data to proxy
INLONG-2754[Feature][Agent] Add strea metric data to Prometheus and JMX
INLONG-2736[Bug][Manager] Agent get task from manager error
INLONG-2735[INLONG][Agent] Fix dataprofile properties
INLONG-2688[Feature][Agent] Support task freeze and restart when needed
INLONG-2687[Feature][Agent] Provide binlog reader ability using debezium engine
INLONG-2686[Feature][Agent] Support snapshot for each task
INLONG-2680[Improve][Common][Agent] Move common class from inlong-agent module to inlong-common
INLONG-2675[Feature][Agent] Fix the problem of common dependcy
INLONG-2666[Feature][Agent] Support kafka collection
INLONG-2654[Feature][Agent] Report heartbeat to manager
INLONG-2530[Bug] Agent data time never changes
INLONG-2285[Feature][Agent] Make berkeleydb-je an optional dependency of InLong-Agent


INLONG-3638[Bug] Agent and DataProxy can not listen to the 8080 port for Prometheus
INLONG-3573[Feature][Dataproxy][Audit]Tidy up dependencies between dataproxy
INLONG-3520[Improve][DataProxy] Unify the data directory
INLONG-3459[Bug] DataProxy start error Due to IllegalArgumentException
INLONG-3436[DataProxy] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-dataproxy
INLONG-3352[Bug][Dataproxy] Dataproxy keeps trying to send messages that have send failed
INLONG-3291[Bug][Dataproxy] Default channel config for order message didn't work
INLONG-3282[Feature][DataProxy] Add default order message configuration
INLONG-3250[Bug][DataProxy] Fix duration error of DataProxy metric
INLONG-3231[Feature][DataProxy] Change the default topic to an optional configuration
INLONG-3183[Bug][Dataproxy] When creating a producer fails
INLONG-3181[Improve][DataProxy] Optimizing unit tests and code style
INLONG-3161[Bug][Dataproxy] When sending order messages, no response message is returned to client
INLONG-3136[Feature] DataProxy get NOUPDATE"" configuration from Manager when request md5 is same
INLONG-3080[Bug][DataProxy] Fix dataproxy UT bug add mock of MetricRegister
INLONG-3067[Feature][DataProxy] Upgrading the documentation of using the default Pulsar configuration
INLONG-3060[Feature][DataProxy] Use Pulsar configuration by default
INLONG-3058[Feature][DataProxy] Add some configs while creating Pulsar producer
INLONG-3047[Bug][DataProxy] All configs are overwritten
INLONG-3031[Bug][Dataproxy] Repeated registration jmx metric bean
INLONG-2962[Bug][UT] Unit tests throw so many error msg for DataProxy
INLONG-2961[Improve][DataProxy] Check style error in DataProxy
INLONG-2906[Improve] Fix conflict defined of mq in Dataproxy and Sort
INLONG-2812[Improve][DataProxy] Modify flume conf and rename MetaSink
INLONG-2805[Feature][DataProxy] Add stream config log report
INLONG-2802[Bug][DataProxy] Update local file too often
INLONG-2783[Bug][DataProxy] Port conflict with pulsar port
INLONG-2781[Feature][DataProxy] Update netty version to 4.x
INLONG-2719[Bug][DataProxy] Setting multiple topics for the same groupId doesn't work for Pulsar
INLONG-2711[Bug][SDK] Dataproxy-SDK get manager ip list error
INLONG-2607[Feature][DataProxy] Supports prometheus metric report for PulsarSink
INLONG-2568[Feature][Dataproxy] Support dynamically getting TubeMq config from Manager
INLONG-2491[Feature][Dataproxy] update netty version to 4.1.72.Final and log4j to log4j2
INLONG-2381[Feature] DataProxy support Tube sink of PB compression cache message protocol.
INLONG-2379[Feature] DataProxy support Pulsar sink of PB compression cache message protocol.
INLONG-2377[Feature] DataProxy support PB compression protocol format source.


INLONG-3716[Improve][Manager] Decrease the size of manager plugins
INLONG-3712[Bug][Manager] validation-api dependency conflict
INLONG-3710[Bug][Manager] Update the import package for ObjectMapper
INLONG-3704[Improve][Manager] change the log level for status report
INLONG-3701[Improve][Manager] Decrease the size of manager client tools
INLONG-3697[Improve][Manager] Replenish manager client examples
INLONG-3686[Improve][Manager] Remove the check for the serialization type of file source
INLONG-3683[Improve] Add AUTO_PUSH source stream in Manager
INLONG-3662[Improve][Manager] Disable ZooKeeper by default and deserialize file source from stream info
INLONG-3652[Improve][Agent] Improve TestBinlogOffsetManager unit test
INLONG-3647[Bug] Manager caught Sniffer : error while sniffing nodes
INLONG-3642[Improve][Manager] Update start script and log configuration
INLONG-3627[Improve][Manager] Remove deprecated source_file related classes
INLONG-3603[Improve][Manager] The serialization type cannot be empty for File source
INLONG-3601[Bug][Manager] Should not create Hive resource when sink type is Kafka
INLONG-3599[Bug][Manager] Null pointer exception occurred when list file sources
INLONG-3596[Bug] manager can not start successfully
INLONG-3589[Feature][Manager] Add Iceberg sink info for Sort
INLONG-3580[Improve][Manager] Remove agentIp param in StreamSource
INLONG-3565[Improve][Manager] Unified the interface for Flink plugin
INLONG-3550[Improve][Manager] Add file source in Manager Client
INLONG-3544[Feature][Manager] Refactor file source request and response
INLONG-3542[Feature][Manager] Add Iceberg params and change SQL files
INLONG-3538[Improve][Manager] Adjust mode of getting sort URL
INLONG-3537[Improve][Manager] Remove unused APIs and change Kafka sink params
INLONG-3535[Improve][Manager] Update JDBC configs and maven pom files
INLONG-3510[Bug][Manager] When deployed
INLONG-3507[Bug][Manager] Upgrade Elasticsearch jar due to cve
INLONG-3480[Bug][Manager] Fix null pointer exception when calling sink method in manager client
INLONG-3462[Feature][Manager] Add test module for manager client
INLONG-3454[Improve][Manager] Remove the dependency of nimbusds which was unused
INLONG-3451[Bug][Manager] Got wrong results when querying tube cluster info
INLONG-3448[Improve][Manager] Limit the number of Agent pull tasks
INLONG-3438[Manager] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-manager
INLONG-3428[Improve][Manager] Set the default value and code refactor
INLONG-3405[Improve][Manager] Support generic partition configuration for Hive sink
INLONG-3398[Bug][Manager] Fix database error when saving sink field
INLONG-3397[Bug][Manager] SQL error when saving sink fields
INLONG-3383[Bug][Manager] Fix the null pointer caused by sink field not configured with source field
INLONG-3376[Improve][Manager] Support custom field format in client
INLONG-3370[Improve][Manager] Optimize stream source delete logic
INLONG-3369[Improve][Manager] Add StreamSource in list API
INLONG-3367[Improve][Manager] Support custom field format
INLONG-3362[Improve][Manager] Make Group.updateStatus new Transaction
INLONG-3339[Bug][Manager] Should update status when agent result was failed
INLONG-3337[Bug][Manager] Fix API error in manger client
INLONG-3334[Improve][Manager] Get source field list from stream field table for Sort
INLONG-3323[Improve][Manager] Add APIs in manager client
INLONG-3312[Improve][Manager] Optimize the delete operation for stream source
INLONG-3310[Improve][Manager] Optimize Pessimistic Lock for select stream sources
INLONG-3301[Improve][Manager] Remove deprecated classes and tables
INLONG-3300[Improve][Manager] Optimize the interface of the inlong-stream page
INLONG-3294[Bug][Manager] Protocol of client and manager is inconsistent
INLONG-3293[Improve][Manager] Add version controller for stream source
INLONG-3287[Bug][Manager] Fix heartbeat manager init in Manager Service
INLONG-3280[Bug][Manager][Dashboard] Update and delete datasource failed
INLONG-3269[Improve][Manager] Change the request method of list query from GET to POST
INLONG-3264[Improve][Manager] MySQL deadlocked when operating stream source
INLONG-3257[Bug][Manager][Dashboard] Create CommonServerDB return 404
INLONG-3252[Bug][Manager] Remove transaction in select method
INLONG-3246[Improve][Manager] Add config_failed status after suspend/restart/delete failed for inlong group
INLONG-3242[Bug][Manager] ConsumptionMqExtBase cannot be cast to ConsumptionPulsarInfo
INLONG-3239[Bug][Manager] Listing inlong group failed in manager client
INLONG-3228[Bug][Manager] Deadlock found when trying to get lock
INLONG-3225[Improve][Manager] Resolves multiple IPs when querying a DataProxy cluster
INLONG-3222[Improve][Manager] Check source state while operate stop / restart / delete
INLONG-3210[Feature][Manager] Support group batch query in manager client
INLONG-3209[Improve][Manager] Optimize timeout handling in manager client
INLONG-3208[Improve][Manager] Support batch query by inlong group name and inlong group id
INLONG-3192[Improve][Manager] Optimize group state collect in Manager Client
INLONG-3190[Bug][Manager] Sql error in select source list
INLONG-3188[Bug][Manager] Inlong group status was not right after approve
INLONG-3179[Improve][Manager] Check the source name can not be the same when saving stream source
INLONG-3178[Improve][Manager] Add check param for manager-client
INLONG-3176[Bug][Manager] Fix duplicate key exception in manager client
INLONG-3175[Feature][Manager] SortService check md5
INLONG-3166[Improve][Manager] Replace hdfsDefaultFs and warehouseDir of Hive sink with dataPath field
INLONG-3160[Bug][Manager] Deleting stream source failed as the status was not allowed to delete
INLONG-3156[Feature][Manager] Add Shiro interfaces for manager authorization
INLONG-3152[Improve][Manager] Stop and update operation in initializing state
INLONG-3149[Improve][Manager] Add async method for inlong group stop/restart/delete
INLONG-3146[Improve][Manager] Optimize FieldType enums
INLONG-3140[Bug][Manager] Fix NPE in Manager Client
INLONG-3134[Bug][Manager] Save stream sink field error
INLONG-3112[Feature][Manager] Support metadata in manager and manager client
INLONG-3101[Improve][Manager] Support user defined properties in StreamSource
INLONG-3095[Improve][Manager] Update inlong group info in the complete listeners
INLONG-3090[Improve][Manager] Add TDMQ_PULSAR type in manager
INLONG-3089[Bug][Manager] Create group resource faild after approving one inlong group
INLONG-3073[Improve][Manager] Get MQ cluster by the type and mq_set_name
INLONG-3068[Improve][Manager] Add autoOffsetReset param for Kafka source
INLONG-3065[Improve][Manager] Support download plugins from remote address
INLONG-3064[Improve][Manager] Unify field types of sink and source in manager client
INLONG-3062[Improve][Manager] Merge the data_proxy_cluster table and the third_party_cluster table
INLONG-3053[Bug][Manager] Push sort config failed as the mqExtInfo is null in workflow form
INLONG-3046[Bug][Manager] The status was incorrect after approving an inlong group
INLONG-3042[Improve][Manager] Supplements of binlog allMigration stream
INLONG-3039[Improve][Manager] Add properties in sinkRequest
INLONG-3037[Improve][Manager] Add field mapping support for source and sink in manage client
INLONG-3024[Bug][Manager] Save cluster failed as the token field is too long
INLONG-3017[Bug][Manager] The interface of OpenAPI does not need authentication
INLONG-3012[Improve][Manager] Support built-in field for source and sink info
INLONG-3000[Improve][Manager] Add token field for cluster info
INLONG-2993[Bug][Manager] Check whether the mq info is NULL to avoid NPE
INLONG-2992[Feature][Manager] Support the field mapping feature for Sort
INLONG-2985[Bug][Manager] Fix task type and UTF question for agent
INLONG-2974[Improve][Manager] Support agent to pull tasks without ip and uuid
INLONG-2973[Bug][Manager] Fix get pulsar info from third party cluster table
INLONG-2971[Improve][Manager] Support stream log collecting in manager client
INLONG-2969[Bug][Manager] Fix interface of open API cluster
INLONG-2957[Improve][Manager] Optimize the cluster management interface
INLONG-2944[Improve][Manager] Should not change the modify_time when updating the source snapshot
INLONG-2939[Improve][Manager] Support sync message transfer in manager client
INLONG-2934[Bug][Manager] Manager client occured NPE since not check NULL
INLONG-2933[Bug][Agent][Manager] Change the type of the deliveryTime field from Date to String
INLONG-2930[Feature][Manager] Add ClickHouse sink support in manager-client
INLONG-2913[Bug][Manager] Fix get data proxy cluster failed and update inlong group failed
INLONG-2912[Improve][Manager] Add fields for the binlog task
INLONG-2900[Bug][Manager] Pulsar topics for DataProxy are inconsistent with topics for Sort
INLONG-2898[Bug][Manager] Fix parse Json exception in manager client
INLONG-2892[Improve][Manager] Update status of StreamSource after approving the InlongGroup or InlongStream
INLONG-2890[Feature][Manager] Support query source list in stream/listAll API
INLONG-2888[Bug][Manager] Stream source was not deleted when calling delete operate
INLONG-2886[Improve][Manager] Check if the URL is valid to avoid network security attacks
INLONG-2873[Bug][Manager] Fix serialization problem
INLONG-2869[Feature][Manager] Support config sync send data for agent and sort
INLONG-2867[Feature][Manager] Support report the task result and get tasks for the agent
INLONG-2862[Feature][Manager] Startup sort task through the ordinary flink cluster
INLONG-2856[Improve][Manager] Support multi-source and multi-sink in one stream
INLONG-2855[Feature][Manager] Support use other plugin of Authorization
INLONG-2849[Bug][Manager] Manager client occurred NPE
INLONG-2845[Bug][Manager] Manager client occurred NPE when parsing the ext info
INLONG-2841[Bug][Manager] New Inlong group cannot invoke the related listeners
INLONG-2839[Improve][Manager] Add intermediate state for Inlong group
INLONG-2837[Bug][Manager] Loss update Kafka operation when using manager client to update config
INLONG-2830[Improve][Manager] Support more than one source for a pair of group and streams
INLONG-2829[Feature][Manager] Support for migrating all databases in a database server for the inlong-sort module
INLONG-2827[Feature][Manager] Support configurable plugin when creating Hive table
INLONG-2821[Improve][Manager] Change the status of the source after receiving the task snapshot
INLONG-2815[Improve][Manager] Optimize Inlong domains for manager-client
INLONG-2808[Feature][Manager] Support kafka sink in manager client
INLONG-2807[Improve][Manager] Optimize state defined in manager client
INLONG-2794[Bug] Manager website should not display port when adding agent job
INLONG-2791[Improve][Manager] Optimize manager client APIs
INLONG-2768[Bug][Manager] The middleware_type not same after creating group
INLONG-2764[Bug][Manager] Key was duplicate when InlongGroup extList already has the same key
INLONG-2760[Bug][Manager] Delete data grouping exception
INLONG-2759[Bug][Manager] InlongGroupController update interface status problem
INLONG-2751[Bug][Manager] Fix the response code while query failing
INLONG-2743[Improve][Manager] Support getting inlong workflow error for manager-client module
INLONG-2741[Feature][Manager] Inlong client adds an interface for querying inlong group
INLONG-2736[Bug][Manager] Agent get task from manager error
INLONG-2734[Improve][Manager] Support multi serialization type for Sort in Manager
INLONG-2732[Feature][Manager] Support more parameters for Kafka source
INLONG-2723[Bug][Manager] Manager module occurred exception when startup
INLONG-2720[Bug][Manager] data_source_cmd_config table not exit
INLONG-2717[Improve][Manager] Support middleware of NONE
INLONG-2715[Feature][Manager] Support more parameters for the StreamSource entity
INLONG-2714[Bug][Manager] Create stream_source table failed
INLONG-2711[Bug][SDK] Dataproxy-SDK get manager ip list error
INLONG-2707[Bug][Manager] Table name and field type was inconsistent in SQL and XML file
INLONG-2701[Bug][Manager] Occurred NPE as the data proxy cluster name is null
INLONG-2700[Bug][Manager] Inlong group status was incorrect
INLONG-2699[Bug][Manager] Field ext_params in table data_proxy_cluster not exits
INLONG-2697[Bug][Manager] Inlong manager occurred NullpointException
INLONG-2694[Feature][Manager] Implement services of getSortSource interface
INLONG-2693[Feature][Manager] Define tables and beans for getSortSource interface
INLONG-2690[Improve][Manager] Optimize group state in workflow
INLONG-2689[Feature][Manager] Support report heartbeat for source agent
INLONG-2682[Feature][Manager] Add metric and config log report interface
INLONG-2678[Improve][Manager] Update field type in manager sql script
INLONG-2677[Feature][Manager] Get MQ cluster Info from database
INLONG-2676[Improve][Manager] Support stop / restart / finish stream source task
INLONG-2669[Improve][Manager] Optimizing source module code structure
INLONG-2662[Bug][Manager] Fix duplicate listener in manager service
INLONG-2660[Improve][Manager] Optimize manager state machine
INLONG-2655[Bug][Manager] Fix non-null limit in sql file
INLONG-2653[Feature][Manager] Support Kafka source in Inong Stream
INLONG-2638[Bug][Manager] apache_inlong_manager.sql file execution exception
INLONG-2636[Improve][Manager] Enable sort config generate when zookeeper is disabled;
INLONG-2617[Bug][Manager] After approving the new group
INLONG-2616[Improve][Manager] Optimize manager client and some APIs
INLONG-2614[Feature][Sort] Support array and map data structures in Hive sink and ClickHouse sink
INLONG-2612[Improve][Manager] Unify the domain model of the Manager module
INLONG-2610[Feature][Manager] Plug-in support for StreamSource
INLONG-2605[Improve][Manager] Refactor the manager-workflow module
INLONG-2600[Improve][Manager] Rename the third party cluster class name and table name
INLONG-2588[Feature][Manager] Support cluster management
INLONG-2586[Feature][Manager] Support agent to get task from manager
INLONG-2579[Feature][Manager] Support stream sink to ClickHouse
INLONG-2574[Feature][Manager] Add getSortSource interface for Sort
INLONG-2573[Feature][Manager] Inlong manager support getSortSource interface
INLONG-2571[Bug][Manager] Fix unit tests bugs
INLONG-2558[Improve][Manager] Optimizing manager test pattern
INLONG-2529[Bug][manager] get NumberFormatException when creating a new stream
INLONG-2512[Improve][Manager] Add manager client
INLONG-2507[Bug][Manager] Init sort config failed
INLONG-2492[Feature][Manager] Plug-in support for DataStorage
INLONG-2491[Feature][Dataproxy] update netty version to 4.1.72.Final and log4j to log4j2
INLONG-2490[Feature][Manager] Support to startup a single tenant sort job
INLONG-2483[Feature] Manager provide metadata interface to Dataproxy
INLONG-2414[Manager] Exclude test jar file during the apache-rat-plugin check
INLONG-2410[Improve] Inlong Manager support business workflow suspend
INLONG-2353[Feature] Tube manager cluster adds support for multi-master configuration
INLONG-2286[Feature][Manager] Put inlong group id in dataflow info for Sort
INLONG-2162[Feature][Manager] Manager support getSortSourceConfig interface
INLONG-1517[Feature][Manager] Support sink data to ClickHouse


INLONG-3606[Bug] lack of the guide for Sort to configure Audit and Flink Plugin
INLONG-3573[Feature][Dataproxy][Audit]Tidy up dependencies between dataproxy
INLONG-3543[Feature][Audit]Upgrade audit netty version to 4.1.72.Final and log4j to log4j2
INLONG-3528[Improve] unify the log directory for manager and audit
INLONG-3440[Audit] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-audit
INLONG-3417[Improve] add audit configuration for other component docker image
INLONG-3288[Improve][Audit] Support TubMQ for website
INLONG-3159[Feature][Audit] Store support TubeMQ
INLONG-3158[Feature][Audit] Proxy support TubeMQ
INLONG-3013[Bug][Audit] Error occurred in started container on tencent eks
INLONG-2960[Bug][Audit] Unit tests error when executing mvn test command
INLONG-2640[Bug][K8s] The Audit Configmap can not be handled as a ConfigMap
INLONG-2623[Improve][Audit] Add audit image for docker publish script
INLONG-2591[Bug][Audit] Audit proxy and store process with wrong options
INLONG-2549[Improve][audit] update audit protobuf field type
INLONG-2548[Bug] update version of lombok from 1.18.20 to 1.18.22
INLONG-2540[agent] create db sql collect task by config from manager
INLONG-2538[TubeMQ] Optimize message write cache logic
INLONG-2535[Improve][dashboard] Audit module display time in reverse order
INLONG-2523[Improve][Audit] Modify package name according to specification
INLONG-2468[Bug][Audit] CommunicationsException occurred in unit tests
INLONG-2441[Improve][InLong audit] Modify the version of audit protobuf
INLONG-2408[Audit] protobuf-java dependency has security vulnerability


INLONG-3682[Improve] Optimize classification for the sort and usage manual guide
INLONG-3672[Feature][Sort-standalone] Tidy up dependencies.
INLONG-3670[Improve][Dashboard] Add dashboard plugin docs to official website
INLONG-3668[Sort-standalone] exclude spotbugs-annotations package
INLONG-3606[Bug] lack of the guide for Sort to configure Audit and Flink Plugin
INLONG-3591[Feature] Support multiple SortTask with the one-on-one relationship of Source and SortTask.
INLONG-3589[Feature][Manager] Add Iceberg sink info for Sort
INLONG-3546[Feature] Support reporting metrics by audit-sdk in sort-single-tenant
INLONG-3538[Improve][Manager] Adjust mode of getting sort URL
INLONG-3523[Sort-Flink] Remove lzo-core dependency
INLONG-3501[Sort-standalone] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-standalone
INLONG-3486[Bug][Sort] Data with Timestamp/Date type are written wrongly when using parquet format
INLONG-3483[Bug][Sort] Wrong date data in ORC formatted output
INLONG-3457[Improve][Sort] Exclude partition fields when writing data with parquet/orc format to hive
INLONG-3450[Feature][SDK] Sort-SDK change ack log from info to debug
INLONG-3426[Improve][Sort] Unify the value of binlog event type
INLONG-3418[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Upgrade protobuf version to 3.19.4
INLONG-3414[Improve][Sort] Set the default value of field includeUpdateBefore for DebeziumDeserializationInfo
INLONG-3408[Bug][Sort-Standalone] Replace IP and authentication in configuration example
INLONG-3396[Feature][Sort] Support multiple dataflow to write the same hive table
INLONG-3378[Feature] Add configuration example of Sort-standalone(Hive+ElasticSearch)
INLONG-3372[Bug][Sort] The binlog type is always INSERT when the output format is Canal
INLONG-3340[Bug][Sort-Standalone] ClsSink cannot acquire correct IdConfig and type overflow
INLONG-3332[Bug][Sort-Standalone] NP when init ClsSink and data race problem when first get ClsIdConfig field list
INLONG-3329[Bug][Sort] Wrong class mapping of debezium serialization info
INLONG-3328[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Support to load sort-sdk configuration from file
INLONG-3321[Improve][Sort] Set the correspond field in output to null if the field value in input is null
INLONG-3316[Bug][Sort] Change target sort jar in inlong-distribution module
INLONG-3285[Bug][Sort] Elasticsearch jar has security issue
INLONG-3260[Improve][Sort] Change the default semantic to at-least-once when using kafka producer
INLONG-3256[Improve][SDK] Improve sort-sdk log info
INLONG-3243[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Support multiple scenes to request configs
INLONG-3237[Feature][Sort-Standalone] SdkSource support periodiclly update sdk config and remove expire client.
INLONG-3218[Bug][SDK] Sort-SDK may creating multiple duplicate consumers
INLONG-3206[Improve][Sort] Do not specify uid for kafka sink in case of transactionalId conflict
INLONG-3202[Feature][SDK] Unify SortSourceConfig of Sort-Sdk and Manager
INLONG-3173[Bug][Sort-Standalone] Unify SortClusterConfig in manager and sort-standalone
INLONG-3130[Feature][Sort] Support extract specified metadata from input data with canal format
INLONG-3122[Bug][Sort-Standalone] Missing TASK_NAME parameter when report to Audit
INLONG-3117[Bug][Sort-Standalone] Parameter error when invoking SortSdk ack method
INLONG-3116[Bug][Sort-Standalone] SortSdkSource does not specify the manager url
INLONG-3115[Bug][Sort-Standalone] optimize the sort-standalone
INLONG-3113[Bug][Sort] Date and Time related bugs
INLONG-3110[Improve][Sort] Shade flink-avro to avoid potential conflicts
INLONG-3108[TubeMQ] Optimize the implementation of KeepAlive Interface
INLONG-3086[Improve][Sort] Check style error in Sort
INLONG-3078[Bug][Sort] TubeClientException occurred in unit tests
INLONG-3055[Bug][Sort] Fix bugs of deserializing TransformationInfo json string
INLONG-3054[Bug][Sort] Start sort task failed as parsing the config error
INLONG-3053[Bug][Manager] Push sort config failed as the mqExtInfo is null in workflow form
INLONG-3011[Feature][Sort] Add deploy command of sort-standalone
INLONG-2910[Bug][Sort] Deserialization failure of BuiltInField
INLONG-2872[Feature][Sort] Support field mapping when transforming
INLONG-2847[Feature][Sort] Support whole-database migration from debezium format to canal format
INLONG-2820[Improve][Sort] Improve the deserialization processing of the update event in DebeziumDeserializationSchema
INLONG-2816[Bug][Sort-sdk] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
INLONG-2793[Bug][Sort] Bugs related to hive sink
INLONG-2785[Feature][Sort] Support extract metadata from data with debezium format and write them to data with canal format
INLONG-2774[Bug][Sort] Fix bugs in sort-single-tenant
INLONG-2730[Feature][Sort] Stand-alone CLS sink reduce the number of AsyncProducerClient
INLONG-2728[TubeMQ] Optimize the content of statistical metrics
INLONG-2723[Bug][Manager] Manager module occurred exception when startup
INLONG-2721[Bug][Sort] Fix bugs in HiveSinkInfo
INLONG-2684[Bug][SDK] Sort SDK occurred OOM in unit tests
INLONG-2667[Bug][Sort] Bugs occurred when starting up sort-single-tenant
INLONG-2659[Bug][Sort] Could not build the program from JAR file.
INLONG-2651[Feature][Sort] Add CLS sink
INLONG-2650[Feature][Sort] Define sort stand-alone CLS context and config bean
INLONG-2649[Feature][Sort] Implement default IEvent2LogItemHandler interface
INLONG-2642[Feature][Sort] Use proxy user to write hive
INLONG-2634[Feature][Sort] Support CHDFS filesystem when using Hive sink
INLONG-2625[Feature][Sort] Support extracting data time in deserialization
INLONG-2614[Feature][Sort] Support array and map data structures in Hive sink and ClickHouse sink
INLONG-2572[Bug][SDK] Sort sdk cause with name javax/management/MBeanServer in unit tests
INLONG-2561[Feature][Sort] Update deploy settings of InLong-Sort
INLONG-2554[Feature][Sort] Support array and map data structures in ORC writer
INLONG-2526[Feature][Sort] Support serialization and deserialization of debezium-json formatted data
INLONG-2524[Feature][InLong-Sort] Support deserialization of json
INLONG-2507[Bug][Manager] Init sort config failed
INLONG-2496[Feature][Sort]Support COS filesystem when using hive sink
INLONG-2435[Feature] Fix Sort-standalone UT problem.
INLONG-2413[Feature][Sort]Support non-partitioned table when using hive sink
INLONG-2382[Feature] Sort-sdk support Pulsar consumer of PB compression cache message protocol.
INLONG-2346[Feature][InLong-Sort] Support avro and canal formats for sort sink
INLONG-1928[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support to consume events from Tube cache clusters.
INLONG-1896[Feature]Inlong-Sort-Standalone support to sort the events to Kafka clusters.


INLONG-3644[Feature][TubeMQ]Upgrade netty version and tidy up dependencies.
INLONG-3621[Improve][TubeMQ] Added cluster switching method and delete cluster support to delete master
INLONG-3598[Improve][TubeMQ] Add broker modify method
INLONG-3568[Improve][TubeMQ] Nodes realize batch online
INLONG-3560[Bug][TubeMQ][InLong] The tubemq pod is invalid
INLONG-3547[Bug][TubeMQ] curl and ps commands not found in tubemq docker container
INLONG-3514[Improve][TubeMQ] Add name and IP attributes for query cluster API
INLONG-3509[TubeMQ]Optimize the LICENSE file format of inlong-tubemq third-party components
INLONG-3477[TubeMQ] Remove direct reference to log4j1.x
INLONG-3453[Feature][TubeMQ] Remove hibernete for tube manager
INLONG-3451[Bug][Manager] Got wrong results when querying tube cluster info
INLONG-3445[Feature][TubeMQ] Remove the hibernate dependency for the tube manager
INLONG-3432[TubeMQ] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-tubemq-manager
INLONG-3431[TubeMQ] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-tubemq
INLONG-3429[TubeMQ] Add missing adminQueryMasterVersion method
INLONG-3363[TubeMQ]Added how to use optional BDB components and documentation
INLONG-3354[TubeMQ]Update master.ini configuration guidelines document
INLONG-3348[TubeMQ] Update protobuf-java version to 3.19.4
INLONG-3324[TubeMQ]Optimize CliMetaDataBRU class implementation
INLONG-3290[TubeMQ]Add the query API for finding the consumption group based on the specified topic
INLONG-3268[TubeMQ] Fix some bugs when metadata is saved to ZooKeeper
INLONG-3254[TubeMQ]Replace the call of MetaDataManager with DefaultMetaDataService
INLONG-3201[Improve][TubeMQ] Improve the cluster query function
INLONG-3154[TubeMQ] Adjust the Master.ini file reading implementation
INLONG-3143[TubeMQ] Optimize Metadatamanager class implementation
INLONG-3108[TubeMQ] Optimize the implementation of KeepAlive Interface
INLONG-3105[TubeMQ] Add MetaStoreMapper related implementation
INLONG-3095[Improve][Manager] Update inlong group info in the complete listeners
INLONG-3093[TubeMQ] Optimize the AbsXXXMapperImpl implementation classes
INLONG-3079[Bug][TubeMQ] An NPE was thrown when starting the Tube-Manager
INLONG-3078[Bug][Sort] TubeClientException occurred in unit tests
INLONG-3072[TubeMQ] Output the total count of control block in admin_query_cluster_topic_view
INLONG-3035[TubeMQ] Optimize the MetaStoreService implementation class
INLONG-3029[TubeMQ] Adjust the implementation classes under the impl.bdbimpl package
INLONG-3020[Improve] Format the some code of TubeMQ Go SDK
INLONG-3015[Feature][TubeMQ] Add configuration to support the number of reloaded machines per batch
INLONG-2980[TubeMQ] Modify the code style problems of the metadata classes
INLONG-2979[Feature] Tubemq cluster delete provides token code
INLONG-2955[TubeMQ] Adjust the offsetstorage and zookeeper package paths
INLONG-2915[TubeMQ] Fix code style issues
INLONG-2844[TubeMQ] Implement the ZooKeeper-based metadata Mapper class
INLONG-2813[Improve] update the docker config for getting TubeMq config dynamically
INLONG-2803[Improve][TubeMQ] Update the Python client package
INLONG-2776[TubeMQ] Add metadata backup cli script
INLONG-2728[TubeMQ] Optimize the content of statistical metrics
INLONG-2620[TubeMQ] Add direct write to disk control
INLONG-2609[TubeMQ] Fix Javadoc related errors
INLONG-2603[TubeMQ] Remove obsolete metric codes
INLONG-2596[Improve][TubeMQ] Fix param in the client module and the main class of tubeManager pom is error
INLONG-2569[TubeMQ] Discarded msgTime value when msgType is empty
INLONG-2555[TubeMQ] Remove slf4j-log4j12
INLONG-2552[TubeMQ] Add Master metric operation APIs
INLONG-2538[TubeMQ] Optimize message write cache logic
INLONG-2518[TubeMQ] Adjust the client's metric statistics logic
INLONG-2517[TubeMQ] Adjust the statistical logic of the Master service status
INLONG-2516[TubeMQ] Optimize Broker's JMX metric interface
INLONG-2508[TubeMQ] Add Broker metric operation APIs
INLONG-2505[TubeMQ] Add MsgStoreStatsHolder class
INLONG-2488[TubeMQ] Optimize MsgFileStatisInfo implementation logic
INLONG-2484[TubeMQ]Optimize MsgMemStatisInfo implementation logic
INLONG-2480[TubeMQ] Add WebCallStatsHolder class for Web API call statistics
INLONG-2478[TubeMQ] Optimize GroupCountService logic implementation
INLONG-2474[TubeMQ] Adjust the statistics of Broker's message service part
INLONG-2451[TubeMQ] Add Histogram implementation classes
INLONG-2445[TubeMQ] Add Gauge and Counter implementation classes
INLONG-2433[TubeMQ] Abstract metrics' interface
INLONG-2353[Feature] Tube manager cluster adds support for multi-master configuration
INLONG-2282[Feature][TubeMQ] Add ZooKeeper as the metadata storage component of TubeMQ
INLONG-2204[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize the collection of metrics for TubeMQ
INLONG-1655[Improve] TubeMQ Documents should use English pictures


INLONG-3684[Improve][Dashboard] Add tooltip for stream data type
INLONG-3670[Improve][Dashboard] Add dashboard plugin docs to official website
INLONG-3660[Improve][Dashboard] Change visible for dataType and dataSeparator
INLONG-3631[Improve][Dashboard] Change the ClickHouse sink page to adapt the Manager module
INLONG-3617[Improve][Dashboard] Add params for stream source to adapt Manager module
INLONG-3556[Feature][Dashboard] Add Iceberg params to adapt the Manager module
INLONG-3518[Feature][Dashboard] Support Iceberg Sink
INLONG-3506[Feature][Dashboard] Support Kafka
INLONG-3498[Improve][Dashboard] Adapt manager streams update API
INLONG-3496[Improve][Dashboard] Update node version
INLONG-3492[Improve][Dashboard] Initialize a npmrc file
INLONG-3471[Improve][Dashboard] Hive sink adapts to new manager API
INLONG-3442[Dashboard] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components of inlong-dashboard
INLONG-3423[Improve][Dashboard] Add user and password config to binlog source
INLONG-3394[Improve][Dashboard] Remove the stream owner parameter and manage it uniformly by group
INLONG-3390[Improve][Dashboard] Text form support date and array dataType
INLONG-3341[Feature][Dashboard] Sink supports plug-in configuration
INLONG-3314[Improve][Dashboard] Support for new data stream API data formats
INLONG-3280[Bug][Manager][Dashboard] Update and delete datasource failed
INLONG-3275[Improve][Dashboard] Change the request method of list query from GET to POST
INLONG-3257[Bug][Manager][Dashboard] Create CommonServerDB return 404
INLONG-3220[Improve][Dashboard] The binlog configuration aligns the parameters of the managerAPI
INLONG-3128[Feature][Dashboard] Make binlog as a source type
INLONG-2997[Improve][Dashboard] The group execution log needs to distinguish between different states
INLONG-2996[Bug][Dashboard] An error is reported after closing the group execution log modal
INLONG-2895[Feature][Dashboard] The data source in the data stream supports binlog collection
INLONG-2861[Feature][Dashboard] Support common data source module
INLONG-2799[Bug][Dashboard] Some code specification issues
INLONG-2624[Improve][Dashboard] Modify the interface and parameters to adapt to changes in the Manager
INLONG-2535[Improve][dashboard] Audit module display time in reverse order
INLONG-2500[Feature][Dashboard] Adapt to Manager's modification of data storage
INLONG-2461[Bug] a number of CVEs exist for NPMs exist in dashboard