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1.10.0 release

InLong Source Code1.10.0December. 13, 2023[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.10.0December. 13, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.10.0December. 13, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.10.0December. 13, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-9089[Improve][Agent] Add enums for task and instance
INLONG-9091[Improve][Agent] Add offset profile
INLONG-9094[Umbrella][Agent] Reconfiguration of task management
INLONG-9102[Improve][Agent] Add file utils
INLONG-9112[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance profile
INLONG-9117[Improve][Agent] Rewrite class RocksDbImp to enable it to be constructed with a child path
INLONG-9120[Improve][Agent] Add offset db to store the offset data
INLONG-9122[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance action
INLONG-9124[Improve][Agent] Add task and instance db
INLONG-9125[Improve][Agent] Add offset manager
INLONG-9132[Improve][Agent] Add file used message cache
INLONG-9134[Improve][Agent] Add file related utils
INLONG-9136[Improve][Agent] Add instance manager
INLONG-9138[Improve][Agent] Add task manager
INLONG-9143[Improve][Agent] Add log file collect task
INLONG-9149[Improve][Agent] Add sender manager for file collect
INLONG-9151[Improve][Agent] Add log file source and source related modification
INLONG-9155[Improve][Agent] Add file used proxy
INLONG-9159[Improve][Agent] Add file instance
INLONG-9161[Improve][Agent] Modify left sink
INLONG-9163[Improve][Agent] Delete trigger related file
INLONG-9165[Improve][Agent] Delete job related file
INLONG-9182[Improve][Agent] Delete useless code
INLONG-9187[Improve][Agent] Delete useless memory manager
INLONG-9190[Bug][Agent] Log file source clear buffer queue does not take effect
INLONG-9194[Bug][Agent] Calc time offset failed if the param is 0
INLONG-9200[Bug][Agent] Duplicate file collect instance
INLONG-9207[Bug][Agent] Task manager stuck
INLONG-9214[Improve][Agent] Limit max file count to collect once
INLONG-9215[Improve][Agent] Add predefine fields
INLONG-9233[Bug][Agent] Fix bug: source, proxy, sender get stuck
INLONG-9237[Improve][Agent] Move addictive fields to package attributes
INLONG-9241[Improve][Agent] Print task and instance detail every ten seconds
INLONG-9244[Bug][Agent] Fix bug: miss file from next data time
INLONG-9253[Bug][Agent] Get byte position of file by line count offset failed
INLONG-9263[Improve][Agent] Print the statistics of task and instance not detail
INLONG-9265[Improve][Agent] Add audit of agent send success
INLONG-9267[Bug][Agent] Data loss when there are many files to read once
INLONG-9284[Improve][Agent] Report audit by data time not real time
INLONG-9286[Improve][Agent] Adjust the time offset calculation function
INLONG-9289[Improve][Agent] Improve the completion judgment logic of collecting instances
INLONG-9300[Improve][Agent] Divide data time into source time and sink time
INLONG-9308[Improve][Agent] The sink end of the file instance supports sending data with different streamIds
INLONG-9310[Improve][Agent] Add extended handler in file source
INLONG-9312[Improve][Agent] Add data content style
INLONG-9315[Improve][Agent] Convert data time from source time zone to sink time zone.
INLONG-9317[Improve][Agent] Print basic info of hearbeat
INLONG-9335[Improve][Agent] Bring cycle parameters when creating an instance
INLONG-9338[Improve][Agent] Real time file collection uses the current time as the data time
INLONG-9347[Improve][Agent] Check task profile before save into db
INLONG-9364[Improve][Agent] Remove expired instance from db
INLONG-9366[Improve][Agent] Remove useless offset record
INLONG-9369[Improve][Agent] Increase sending failure audit and real-time audit
INLONG-9375[Improve][Agent] Modify the agent's real-time audit id to prevent duplication
INLONG-9390[Improve][Agent] Collect supplementary data in chronological order
INLONG-9397[Improve][Agent] Do not directly delete the instance records of the local db when stopping the instances


INLONG-9225[Improve][Audit] Automatically create audit topic after service startup


INLONG-8983[Improve][Dashboard] Log component query optimization
INLONG-9016[Improve][Dashboard] Change the wrapWithInlongMsg to wrapType in data stream
INLONG-9053[Improve][Dashboard] Query list shows creators and modifiers
INLONG-9055[Improve][Dashboard] The approval management list displays the name of the consumer group
INLONG-9107[Improve][Dashboard] Navigation widget optimization
INLONG-9114[Improve][Dashboard] Stream log query parameter optimization
INLONG-9185[Feature][Dashboard] Cluster management supports sort_cls, sort_es, sort_pulsar types
INLONG-9196[Improve][Dashboard] Navigation widget user manual optimization
INLONG-9219[Improve][Dashboard] Stream advanced options parameter optimization
INLONG-9229[Improve][Dashboard] Data access transmission delay optimization
INLONG-9256[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization iceberg sink supports append Mode
INLONG-9260[Improve][Dashboard] Support batch import in Synchronize dashboard and detail page
INLONG-9302[Improve][Dashboard] Elasticsearch sink optimization
INLONG-9322[Improve][Dashboard] Sink field mapping title format is unified
INLONG-9354[Improve][Dashboard] Data access File sources optimization
INLONG-9368[Improve][Dashboard] Creation time or other time display in an easily readable format
INLONG-9383[Improve][Dashboard] Resource details display cluster label information
INLONG-9385[Improve][Dashboard] Create a new cluster and remove the agent and dataproxy types
INLONG-9427[Improve][Dashboard] Data access supports viewing operation logs


INLONG-8958[Bug][Manager]Create cls topic fail
INLONG-8960[Feature][Manager] Automatically assign sort cluster after creating stream sinks
INLONG-8964[Feature][Manager] Support Sortstandalone cluster management
INLONG-8975[Improve][Manager] The manager issues an audit IDs based on the group mode
INLONG-8986[Bug][Manager] Sort standalone get params from manager error
INLONG-8988[Improve][Manager] Supports multiple wrap types for message body
INLONG-8990[Improve][Manager][DataProxy][SDK] Rename DataProxyMsgEncType to Message WrapType
INLONG-8992[Bug][Manager] NPE caused by not using transform
INLONG-8995[Improve][Manager] Add an interface for querying used task information for agent
INLONG-9003[Feature][DataProxy][Manager] Support extend fields
INLONG-9017[Improve][Manager] Add stop interface in stream source API
INLONG-9023[Bug][Manager] Failed to stop job task
INLONG-9027[Bug][Manager] Fix SQL error in ClusterSetMapper.selectInlongStreamId
INLONG-9036[Improve][Manager] Support create tables for dataSync
INLONG-9041[Improve][Manager] Support saving schema information when saving iceberg source
INLONG-9051[Improve][Manager] Add consumer group in the approval form
INLONG-9060[Bug][Manager] Manager return wrong sink configuration to sort standalone
INLONG-9062[Improve][Manager] Add default values for stream related interface parameters
INLONG-9066[Improve][Manager] Renaming group related states
INLONG-9069[Improve][Manager] Filter out invalid configs when organize SortStandalone configuration
INLONG-9070[Improve][Manager] Add MessageWrapType.forType method for MessageWrapType
INLONG-9073[Improve][Manager] Add getStreamBriefInfo method for InlongStreamClient
INLONG-9092[Improve][Manager] Tube supports inlong-msg format
INLONG-9098[Improve][Manager] Support to save additional info for the Iceberg field
INLONG-9106[Improve][Manager] Support configuring multiple job tasks under a group
INLONG-9109[Bug][Manager] Incorrect URL address for getbrief mapping in streamApi
INLONG-9147[Improve][Manager] The group details are displayed with the tag of the cluster to which the group belongs
INLONG-9192[Feature][Manager] Flat Sort Cluster types
INLONG-9203[Bug][Manager][Sort] Failed to use Iceberg sink
INLONG-9205[Bug][Manager] Failed to use Hudi sink
INLONG-9209[Improve][Manager] Support configuring predefined fields and issuing agents
INLONG-9211[Bug][Manager] Redis cannot get the clusterMode from sink
INLONG-9240[Improve][Sort][Manager] Add options for Iceberg connector
INLONG-9248[Improve][Manager] Supports configuring builtIn fields for tube source and pulsar source
INLONG-9250[Improve][Manager] Add auditId for tube, pulsar, and mysql
INLONG-9259[Feature][Manager] Optimize Elasticsearch sink and datanode
INLONG-9269[Bug][Manager] Get SortClusterConfig is empty,when sink params include non-string type
INLONG-9280[Feature][Manager] Support different size of extended fields of InlongStream
INLONG-9285[Bug][Manager] When creating KafkaSource, the autoOffsetReset param cannot be empty
INLONG-9297[Feature][Manager] Support configuring multiple sink types of tasks under a single stream
INLONG-9303[Feature][Manager]Support Tube MQ sink
INLONG-9314[Feature][Manager] Support cluster switch for InlongGroup
INLONG-9318[Improve][Manager] ManagerClient supports pulling clusters based on tenant roles
INLONG-9328[Improve][Manager] Add parameters validation for the updateAuditSource method
INLONG-9330[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the StarRocks JDBC URL
INLONG-9337[Improve][Manager] Support querying operation records
INLONG-9343[Improve][Manager] Support configuring timeZone related parameters for fileSource
INLONG-9351[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit data size
INLONG-9358[Bug][Manager] The creation time of the information in the database differs from the creation time in the returned information by eight hours
INLONG-9362[Improve][Manager] Support the configuration of parameters related to the migration of the entire Iceberg database
INLONG-9373[Bug][Manager] Failed to create namespace
INLONG-9400[Bug][Manager] Error obtaining sort task type
INLONG-9433[Bug][Manager] NPE exception encountered while querying audit information
INLONG-9444[Bug][Manager] ES sink unsuccessful flow status configuration successful
INLONG-9447[Bug][Manager] Suspend group failed


INLONG-8990[Improve][Manager][DataProxy][SDK] Rename DataProxyMsgEncType to Message WrapType
INLONG-9007[Improve][SDK] ClientList out of bounds
INLONG-9044[Improve][SDK] Add server response log to facilitate troubleshooting
INLONG-9058[Improve][SDK] Limit the number of inlong-groupid and inlong-streamid of a single SDK instance
INLONG-9079[Improve][SDK] Shaded some dependency to reduce conflicts with other sdk
INLONG-9083[Improve][SDK] Bump up Golang SDK x/net modules
INLONG-9167[Improve][SDK] Use UUID as the batch ID instead of snowflake ID for DataProxy Golang SDK
INLONG-9170[Improve][SDK] Use pointer instead of object for chans in Golang SDK
INLONG-9172[Improve][SDK] comment/delete some debug log in some frequently called methods for Golang SDK
INLONG-9174[Improve][SDK] Improve response attr parsing in Golang SDK
INLONG-9176[Improve][SDK] Fail fast when worker is unavailable in Golang SDK
INLONG-9178[Improve][SDK] Update the default values of the config options of Golang SDK
INLONG-9180[Improve][SDK] Cache up batchReq.dataReqs
INLONG-9184[Improve][SDK] Update in Golang SDK
INLONG-9213[Improve][SDK] Support isolation by inlong groupid
INLONG-9228[Improve][SDK] CPP SDK supports dynamic load balancing
INLONG-9277[Feature][SDK] Optimize multi-region nearby access
INLONG-9293[Improve][SDK] Optimize the problem that the more inlong grouids there are, the more memory is consumed.
INLONG-9307[Improve][SDK] Improve DataProxy SDK code readability
INLONG-9320[Improve][SDK] Support local disaster recovery manager configuration
INLONG-9324[Improve][SDK] Supports automatic creation of custom log directories
INLONG-9341[Improve][SDK] Optimize obtaining local IP information
INLONG-9345[Bug][SDK] DataProxy SDK throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundErrorException
INLONG-9355[Improve][SDK] Optimize resource isolation for CPP SDK
INLONG-9378[Improve][SDK] Optimize proxy configuration update


INLONG-8959[Feature][Sort]Add mongodb connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8973[Bug][Sort] Fix PRIMARY KEY desc error in redis readme.
INLONG-8979[Bug][Sort] Wrong desc about redis-conenctor in flink 1.13 module about command option
INLONG-8982[Feature][Sort] Iceberg sink on flink 1.15
INLONG-8997[Improve][Sort] Keep the logic the same with flink v1.15 mysql in flink v1.13 end to end test
INLONG-8998[Improve][Sort] Add sqlserver connector of flink 1.15
INLONG-8999[Feature][Sort] Add sqlserver connector of flink 1.15
INLONG-9009[Feature][Sort] Add HBase connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9038[Bug][Sort] Fail to parse InlongMessage when exporting Pulsar
INLONG-9075[Improve][Sort] TubeMQSource support InlongMsg format
INLONG-9077[Bug][Sort] TubeMQ connector fail to subscribe streamId
INLONG-9084[Bug][Sort] Fail to parse InlongGroupId when report Inlong Audit
INLONG-9087[Improve][Sort] TubeMQ Connector use latest offset mode
INLONG-9128[Bug][Sort] Failed to init TubeMQ source with InlongMsg type message
INLONG-9203[Bug][Manager][Sort] Failed to use Iceberg sink
INLONG-9223[Feature][Sort] TubeMQ souce support InlongAudit
INLONG-9231[Bug][Sort] Find no audit time field when the filed is in upper case
INLONG-9240[Improve][Sort][Manager] Add options for Iceberg connector
INLONG-9246[Improve][Sort] Pulsar source support audit when the deserialized type is not InlongMsg
INLONG-9247[Improve][Sort] TubeMQ source support audit when the deserialized type is not InlongMsg
INLONG-9273[Bug][Sort] IcebergSingleFileCommiter will throw exception for error code
INLONG-9333[Bug][Sort] Related problem with attribute exceptions when creating 'hudiSink'
INLONG-9371[Bug][Sort] elasticsearch sort shade relocation error
INLONG-9377[Bug][Sort] Failed to init iceberg sink with upsert mode
INLONG-9380[Bug][Sort] Audit lost when stop job immediately after checkpoint
INLONG-9388[Improve][Sort] Updated version of embedded-redis in sort-connector-redis
INLONG-9392[Bug][Sort] MySqlContainer class getJdbcUrl() method splicing querystring error
INLONG-9394[Improve][Sort] Incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-9417[Bug][Sort] Missing MySQL CDC connector for Flink 1.15


INLONG-8961[Improve] Server-side request forgery attack prevention in some classes
INLONG-8967[Feature] Add Mysql connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8971[Improve][manager] Missing audit id for MQ
INLONG-8977[Feature] Add tube source connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8994[Feature] Add hudi connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9013[Improve][DataProxy] Inconsistent annotations
INLONG-9025[Improve][Build] Avoid deploying the distribution packages to repositories
INLONG-9034[Improve] Fix sort redis test with incorrect use of sleep
INLONG-9046[Improve][CVE] snappy-java's missing upper bound check on chunk length can lead to Denial of Service (DoS) impact
INLONG-9064[Feature] Add Audit report for Pulsar connector in flink 1.15
INLONG-9081[Bug] Pulsar connector in flink 1.15 should running in exclusive mode
INLONG-9095[Feature] Support inlong-msg in pulsar flink 1.15 connector
INLONG-9104[Improve][ASF] Add a protected branches strategy for the master branch
INLONG-9202[Bug] Fix audit report error when running pulsar -> iceberg in flink1.15
INLONG-9221[Bug]When sink is MySQL, there is no 'DataNode' when first selected
INLONG-9225[Improve][Audit] Automatically create audit topic after service startup
INLONG-9271[Bug] When creating 'StreamField', 'isMetaField' must be initialized
INLONG-9281[Bug] Fix pulsar flink connector cannot support batch messages
INLONG-9296[Bug] Cluster type 'DATAPROXY' not supported
INLONG-9299[Feature] Iceberg support all migrate and auto create table
INLONG-9359[Bug] Fix iceberg all migrate connector stack overflow error
INLONG-9384[Bug] Fix audi report loss in pulsar connector