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1.12.0 release

InLong Source Code1.12.0April. 21, 2024[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.12.0April. 21, 2024[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.12.0April. 21, 2024[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.12.0April. 21, 2024[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-9801[Umbrella][Agent] Add an agent installer module for agent installation
INLONG-9698[Improve][Agent] Optimize file collection initialization logic toIO
INLONG-9700[Improve][Agent] Optimize the message ack logic to reduce semaphore competition.
INLONG-9702[Improve][Agent] Change the data transmission interval to depend on local file configuration
INLONG-9704[Improve][Agent] Modify the default value of memory control semaphores to adapt to businesses with large amounts of data
INLONG-9710[Improve][Agent] Improve the accuracy of instance heartbeat auditing
INLONG-9712[Improve][Agent] Adjusting task configuration verification logic
INLONG-9714[Improve][Agent] SQL injection in pgjdbc
INLONG-9716[Improve][Agent] Delete useless code when storing tasks
INLONG-9721[Improve][Agent] Add a common cycle parameter to the task configuration
INLONG-9736[Improve][Agent] Make time zone a common parameter
INLONG-9772[Improve][Agent] Increase auditing for sending exceptions and resending
INLONG-9798[Improve][Agent] Add type for agent installer
INLONG-9802[Improve][Agent] Add an agent installer module for agent installation
INLONG-9806[Improve][Agent] Add installer configuration file
INLONG-9816[Improve][Agent] Add config class for installer
INLONG-9829[Improve][Agent] Add guardian scripts
INLONG-9831[Improve][Agent] Increase configuration acquisition capability
INLONG-9833[Improve][Agent] Add module state to distinguish whether the module has been downloaded or installed
INLONG-9844[Improve][Agent] Add agent installer config request class
INLONG-9848[Improve][Agent] Add the getAuthHeader function in the HttpManager class
INLONG-9850[Improve][Agent] Add a function to retrieve HttpManager in the ModuleManager class
INLONG-9852[Improve][Agent] Place the configuration item for the installation package storage path in the installation package configuration
INLONG-9858[Improve][Agent] Increase local read and write capabilities for module config
INLONG-9859[Improve][Agent] Increase installation package download capability and local MD5 computing power
INLONG-9863[Improve][Agent] To avoid data loss caused by too many supplementary files
INLONG-9889[Improve][Agent] Delete test code
INLONG-9906[Improve][Agent] Add configuration comparison logic and processing of comparison results
INLONG-9909[Improve][Agent] Add unit test for installer
INLONG-9910[Improve][Agent] Increase daily verification for process monitoring, reinstallation, or re downloading
INLONG-9922[Improve][Agent] Add a configuration copy script to copy the configuration from the installer to the agent
INLONG-9946[Improve][Agent] Verify the return code, only proceed with the subsequent process if the return code is successful
INLONG-9948[Improve][Agent] The instance class has many code similarities, abstract a common class
INLONG-9955[Improve][Agent] Rename Job to Task
INLONG-9969[Improve][Agent] Release the memory semaphore of the source only when the data is placed in the queue
INLONG-9982[Improve][Agent] Adjusting the abstraction of source code to facilitate rapid addition of sources
INLONG-9983[Improve][Agent] Renew the doc of adding sources
INLONG-9987[Improve][Agent] Fix the issue of deleting the first digit whent0
INLONG-9990[Improve][Agent] Avoid MD5 calculation functions directly return""
INLONG-9997[Improve][Agent] Handling situations where the installation package md5 remains unchanged and other parameters md5 change
INLONG-9999[Improve][Agent] Handle scenarios where the module list is empty to prevent accidental deletion
INLONG-10010[Improve][Agent] Adjust source encapsulation, keep public initialization in the base class init, and place specific source
related initialization in the subclass's initSource
INLONG-10012[Improve][Agent] Adjust task encapsulation to place common logic in the base class
INLONG-9804[Feature][Agent] Add Pulsar Source for Agent
INLONG-10006[Feature][Agent] Add MongoDB data source for Agent
INLONG-8962[Bug][Agent] Before state and after state are the same in
INLONG-9683[Bug][Agent] time to remove Akka and use Apache Pekko?


INLONG-9708[Improve][Dashboard] Module audit query date optimization
INLONG-9723[Improve][Dashboard] Module audit id query item optimization
INLONG-9729[Improve][Dashboard] Data access sink field mapping supports underscores
INLONG-9747[Improve][Dashboard] Module audit ID query data display optimization
INLONG-9777[Improve][Dashboard] Module audit ip query display optimization
INLONG-9820[Improve][Dashboard] Update Pulsar source field
INLONG-9842[Improve][Dashboard] Data access resource details support paging
INLONG-9895[Improve][Dashboard] It also needs to support restarting when the task fails
INLONG-9963[Improve][Dashboard] Kafka and Pulsar source is missing agent ip field
INLONG-10008[Improve][Dashboard][Manager] Supplement fields of MongoDB data source for Dashboard
INLONG-9837[Bug][Dasgboard] Pulsar cluster management displays errors
INLONG-9950[Bug][Dashboard] Audit query uses incorrect end time
INLONG-10001[Bug][Dashboard] End date time initialization error on the audit page


INLONG-9689[Improve][Manager] Optimize MySQL JDBC URL check
INLONG-9706[Improve][Manager] Supports jdbc verification under multiple hosts
INLONG-9718[Improve][Manager] Transform supports function type fields
INLONG-9727[Improve][Manager] Support configuring the timezone for agent collection addresses to streamSource
INLONG-9733[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit data at the minute level
INLONG-9735[Improve][Manager] Spring Web vulnerable to Open Redirect or Server Side Request Forgery
INLONG-9752[Improve][Manager] Operation logs support querying based on successful or unsuccessful calls
INLONG-9756[Improve][Manager] flink job name should be more readable
INLONG-9768[Improve][Manager] Optimize flink job building and manage procedure
INLONG-9770[Improve][Manager] Unified compression type configuration
INLONG-9808[Improve][Manager] Set the ignoreParseError field to null
INLONG-9818[Improve][Manger] Decode Msg based on the manager's configuration
INLONG-9825[Improve][Manager] reduce the creation of RestClusterClient
INLONG-9839[Improve][Manager] Optimize the auto assign logic of SortStandalocluster
INLONG-9846[Improve][Manager] Optimize slow query SQL
INLONG-9860[Improve][Manager] Manager client supports querying workflow logs
INLONG-9873[Improve][Manager] Support adding data add tasks for file collection
INLONG-9881[Improve][Manager] Add unit test of AuditController
INLONG-9883[Improve][Manager] Add unit test of HeartbeatController
INLONG-9902[Improve][Manager] Data preview supports pulsar multi cluster
INLONG-9932[Improve][Manager] Add an agent installer module management for agent installation
INLONG-9962[Improve][Manager] Data preview supports returning header and specific field information
INLONG-9968[Improve][Manager] Support pulsar multi cluster when creating pulsar consumption groups
INLONG-9974[Improve][Manager] Data preview simplifies interface field information
INLONG-9976[Improve][Manager] Support multiple types of audit indicator queries
INLONG-9980[Improve][Manager] Remove the derby.jar file from the manager project
INLONG-9985[Improve][Manager] Support authentication params for pulsar source
INLONG-9995[Improve][Manager] Support batch saving of group information and other operations
INLONG-9884[Improve][Manager] Optimized code
INLONG-9886[Improve][Manager] Optimized code DataProxyConfigRepositoryV2
INLONG-9696[Feature][Manager] Manager client support delete inlong tenant
INLONG-9773[Feature][Manager] SortSdk configuration support acquire tenant from InlongGroup
INLONG-9781[Feature][Manager] Support offline synchronization task definition
INLONG-9813[Feature][Manager] Support offline data sync management
INLONG-9822[Feature][Manager] Support flink job runtime execution mode configuration
INLONG-9862[Feature][Manager] Support submit flink job for offline data sync
INLONG-9870[Feature][Manager] Pulsar DataNode support to set compression type
INLONG-9960[Feature][Manager] Manager support to config Kafka data node
INLONG-9742[Bug][Manager] Mysql miss field data_time_zone
INLONG-9760[Bug][Manager] resource may leak due to BufferedReader not closed
INLONG-9793[Bug][Manager] Manager client workflowApi.listprocess failed to pass parameters correctly
INLONG-9827[Bug][Manager] Failed to check if the consumption group exists
INLONG-9856[Bug][Manager] Missing tenant information when listTag
INLONG-9876[Bug][Manager] manager client error message has wrong format
INLONG-9917[Bug][Manager] Manager restart data sync job failed
INLONG-9921[Bug][Mananger] manager can't stop data sync job
INLONG-9953[Bug][Manager] stop stream source failed


INLONG-9762[Bug][SDK] DataProxy SDK Connect Manager error.


INLONG-9687[Improve][Sort] Remove useless configuration items in pom.xml
INLONG-9739[Improve][Sort] onParsingBodyFailure function in FailureHandler class need add 'head' paramete to generate failure
INLONG-9795[Improve][Sort] Regarding the format optimization of the data type enumeration definition of the Redis connector
project module
INLONG-9913[Improve][Sort] Solve end-to-end-tests-v1.13 naming problem andtfailed.
INLONG-8948[Feature][Sort] Add Redis connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9758[Feature][Sort] StarRocks connector support state key when initializing
INLONG-9774[Feature][Sort] Support rowdata way of sort InLong message tlog-kv format
INLONG-9788[Feature][Sort] Supports data parse that contains delimiters in kv and csv data content
INLONG-9835[Feature][Sort] Add Redis connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-9871[Feature][Sort] Use ZLIB as the default compression type of pulsar sink
INLONG-9972[Feature][Sort] Pulsar connetor should support authentication when connecting to Pulsar cluster
INLONG-9899[Feature][Sort] Pulsar Extract Node supports authentication
INLONG-10017[Feature][Sort] Definition of Sort Config
INLONG-9753[Bug][Sort] module inlong-sort-standalone's conf/sid_es_v3.conlicense
INLONG-9854[Bug][Sort] rowdata-tlogkv module artifactId is error, need change
INLONG-9875[Bug][Sort] DorisLoadNode repeat
INLONG-9879[Bug][Sort] Sort inlongmsg-rowdata-kv format parse head has error
INLONG-9925[Bug][Sort] Infinite log growth causes insufficient disk space onClickhouse)
INLONG-9965[Bug][Sort] Wrong node duration of SortStandalone Pulsar Sink
INLONG-9695[Bug][Sort] Fix kafka extract node option config building error when use upsert-kafka connector


INLONG-9807[Improve][Audit] Add debug log for audit-proxy
INLONG-10014[Improve][Audit] Add new audit SDK API for Flink Sort
INLONG-9766[Feature][Audit] Support user-defined SocketAddress loader getting AuditProxy
INLONG-9797[Feature][Audit] Audit-sdk reporting supports version number dimension
INLONG-9811[Feature][Audit] SDK supports both singleton and non-singleton usage
INLONG-9904[Feature][Audit] SDK supports checkpoint feature
INLONG-9907[Feature][Audit] Audit-service add codes of entities
INLONG-9914[Feature][Audit] Add SQL related to audit-service
INLONG-9920[Feature][Audit] Audit-service add codes of source
INLONG-9926[Feature][Audit] Audit-service support HA active and backup
INLONG-9928[Feature][Audit] Audit-service HA election through mysql
INLONG-9957[Feature][Audit] Audit-service add local cache for openapi
INLONG-9977[Feature][Audit] Audit-service increases the capabilities of openapi
INLONG-9989[Feature][Audit] Audit-store support the feature of audit-version
INLONG-10003[Feature][Audit] Audit-service supports multiple data source clusters


INLONG-9934[Improve][doc] update copyright date to 2024
INLONG-9893[Improve][Common] Optimized code
INLONG-9897[Improve][Common] Code cognitive complexity modification
INLONG-9690[Bug][CI] No space left on device for build