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1.2.0 release

InLong Source Code1.2.0Jun 20, 2022[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.2.0Jun 20, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.2.0Jun 20, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-4483[Bug][Agent] Many ConnectException logs in unit test of Kafka source
INLONG-4193[Improve][Agent] Add Java docs
INLONG-4112[Feature][Agent] Support collect data from a specified position for MySQL binlog
INLONG-2563[Feature][Agent] Move public domain from agent to agent-common
INLONG-4397[Feature][Agent] Supports collect of full data for file type
INLONG-4359[Improve][Agent] Simplify agent process commands
INLONG-4292[Improve][Agent][TubeMQ][Sort] Upgrade the property file for all modules from log4j to log4j2
INLONG-4283[Bug][Agent] The kafka-clients with 3.0.0 does not package to the jar
INLONG-4235[Bug][Agent] Config the log info for unit tests of the agent plugin


INLONG-4594[Improve][Audit] Make Elasticsearch authentication configurable
INLONG-4520[Improve][Audit] Audit-proxy supports Pulsar authenticate
INLONG-4477[Improve][Audit] Audit-store supports Pulsar authenticate
INLONG-3895[Bug][Audit] Proxy store startup script log path error
INLONG-3853[Bug][Audit] audit can not start for script bug


INLONG-4612[Improve][Dashboard][Manager] Iceberg sink configuration protocol key update
INLONG-4610[Improve][Dashboard] Save sink fields failed
INLONG-4588[Improve][Dashboard] Approval management splits different routes
INLONG-4580[Bug][Dashboard] File source IP and Hive conf dir are mandatory
INLONG-4577[Feature][Dashboard] Support TubeMQ cluster management
INLONG-4550[Feature][Dashboard] Support DataProxy Cluster and Node management
INLONG-4544[Improve][Dashboard] Pulsar Cluster support tenant param
INLONG-4523[Feature][Dashboard] Support Clusters Module
INLONG-4500[Improve][Manager][Dashboard] Remove non-null restriction on hiveConfDir parameter
INLONG-4436[Bug][Dashboard] Hive Sink confDir parameter tooltip error
INLONG-4488[Improve][Dashboard] Remove useless modules
INLONG-4423[Improve][Dashboard] Hive Sink adds hiveConfDir parameter
INLONG-4319[Improve][Dashboard] Approve page support cluster info
INLONG-4284[Improve][Dashboard] Modify ClickHouse sink parameters
INLONG-4274[Improve][Dashboard] Update the parameters to adapt the manager module
INLONG-4218[Feature][Dashboard] Unified group page
INLONG-4119[Improve][Dashboard] Change the keyWord to keyword in query request params
INLONG-4102[Improve][Dashboard] Add tooltip for dataPath of the Hive sink
INLONG-4089[Feature][Dashboard] Create ClickHouse sink need to fill more params
INLONG-4031[Bug][Dashboard] Kafka sink storage topic partitionNum key error
INLONG-4028[Bug][Dashboard] ClickHouse types do not match what ClickHouse using
INLONG-3938[Bug][Dashboard] CI workflow build failed incidentally
INLONG-3851[Improve][Dashboard] Unify the naming of data streams


INLONG-4521[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Change the naming of third-party cluster related classes
INLONG-4056[Feature][DataProxy] Return the response to the SDK/Agent after saving the event to the cache cluster


INLONG-4648[Improve][Manager] Read the path of Sort connectors from configuration file
INLONG-4626[Improve][Manager] Remove redundant connector sub directory
INLONG-4622[Bug][Manager] Append db name in JDBC URL for load node
INLONG-4615[Improve][Manager] PluginClassLoader adapts to the Windows system
INLONG-4612[Improve][Dashboard][Manager] Iceberg sink configuration protocol key update
INLONG-4607[Bug][Manager] Add ClickHouse field types for FormatInfo
INLONG-4601[Bug][Manager] The fieldList in SinkRequest should be changed to sinkFieldList
INLONG-4598[Bug][Manager] Pulsar topic incorrect
INLONG-4586[Improve][Manager] Fix redefined streamFields in stream source
INLONG-4583[Bug][Manager] Query InlongGroup info error from the browser
INLONG-4563[Feature][Manager] Support create TubeMQ resources by its origin APIs
INLONG-4556[Improve][Manager] Optimize ProcessorExecutor Logic
INLONG-4552[Improve][Manager] Add composite index for table in DDL
INLONG-4543[Improve][Manager] Query MQ clusters from inlong cluster table
INLONG-4541[Feature][Manager] Support save extension params for inlong cluster
INLONG-4534[Improve][Manager] Add complete unit test to create data flow
INLONG-4532[Improve][Manager] Init sort config error during initing group info in the client
INLONG-4529[Improve][Manager] Fix PluginClassLoader unit test error
INLONG-4528[Feature][Manager] Support Greenplum sink
INLONG-4521[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Change the naming of third-party cluster related classes
INLONG-4519[Feature][Manager] Support Elasticsearch sink
INLONG-4516[Improve][Manager] Get the MQ cluster for data proxy from the inlong cluster table
INLONG-4513[Improve][Manager] Add Iceberg and HBase examples for the manager client
INLONG-4512[Improve][Manager] Remove third_party_cluster and data_proxy_cluster tables
INLONG-4510[Improve][Manager] Remove GsonUtils, InlongParser, and Gson dependency
INLONG-4508[Improve][Manager] Remove the management of the DB and file servers' config
INLONG-4505[Improve][Manager] Improve the return information of validation rules
INLONG-4503[Bug][Manager] Client executes request error
INLONG-4500[Improve][Manager][Dashboard] Remove non-null restriction on hiveConfDir parameter
INLONG-4497[Improve][Manager] Fix deleteGroup Async method in Client
INLONG-4487[Improve][Manager] Fix json parse exception for streamSource/streamSink
INLONG-4481[Improve][Manager] Restore iceberg fields that may still have dependents
INLONG-4473[Bug][Manager] DuplicateKeyException when save StreamSinkField
INLONG-4471[Improve][Manager] Fix json parse exception in Client
INLONG-4468[Improve][Manager] Use config url to create pulsar admin
INLONG-4466[Bug][Manager] The Oracle data source could not be parsed
INLONG-4464[Improve][Manager] Fix problems emerged from full link path test
INLONG-4462[Improve][Manager] Fix NPE when parsing pageInfo in manager client
INLONG-4476[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove zk and related classes
INLONG-4458[Improve][Sort][Manager] Unify the meta field naming
INLONG-4445[Improve][Manager] Change the relationship to relation to adapt the Sort protocol
INLONG-4443[Improve][Manager] Remove some deprecated classes
INLONG-4439[Improve][Manager] Refactor gson adapter for managerctl
INLONG-4438[Bug][Manager] Caught BusinessException when deploy InLong cluster firstly
INLONG-4428[Improve][Sort][Manager] Optimize the name for Data Node related modules and classes
INLONG-4427[Improve][Manager] The manager-client module reuses the source classes in manager-common
INLONG-4421[Improve][Manager] Remove unused classes and table structures
INLONG-4419[Improve][Manager] The manager-client module reuses the sink classes in manager-common
INLONG-4417[Improve][Manager] Manager print error logs when deploy by docker-compose
INLONG-4414[Feature][Manager] Support MySQL data sink
INLONG-4408[Feature][Manager][Sort] Add iceberg sink load node
INLONG-4406[Improve][Manager] Fix InlongGroupInfo parse exception
INLONG-4398[Bug][Manager] Status display incomplete for managerctl
INLONG-4388[Bug][Manager] Elasticsearch create command scaling_factor use wrong mapping info
INLONG-4384[Improve][Manager] Store the specific field params of the Iceberg to extParams
INLONG-4381[Improve][Manager] Optimize client http request
INLONG-4377[Feature][Manager] Add hbase and elasticsearch sink type support in manager client sdk
INLONG-4376[Feature][Manager] Support SqlServer sink
INLONG-4369[Improve][Manager] Support for modification of information after approval
INLONG-4364[Improve][Manager] Optimize sort protocol
INLONG-4362[Bug][Manager] Lack of flink dependencies for inlong-manager/manager-plugins
INLONG-4361[Improve][Manager] Refactor the manager client module
INLONG-4358[Feature][Manager] Support SqlServer source
INLONG-4337[Improve][Manager] Remove inlong group pulsar related tables and classes
INLONG-4332[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support ClickHouse load node
INLONG-4325[Bug][Manager] Register sql function exception
INLONG-4315[Bug][Manager] Incorrect task service node order in create-group workflow
INLONG-4310[Feature][Manager] Manager-plugin adapt changes in sort entrance
INLONG-4309[Feature][Manager] Supplement hbase dependencies and license file
INLONG-4301[Feature][Manager] Support oracle source
INLONG-4300[Improve][Manager] Autowired the workflow resources to simply the bean management
INLONG-4299[Improve][Manager] Add InlongStreamExtensionInfo
INLONG-4295[Improve][Manager] Add Json sub type support for InlongGroupInfo
INLONG-4280[Feature][Manager] Add params for Iceberg sink
INLONG-4278[Improve][Manager] Support pulsar extract node in Manager
INLONG-4273[Feature][Manager] Add MongoDB source support
INLONG-4270[Feature][Manager] Inlong group supports extensions of different types of MQ
INLONG-4263[Feature][Manager] Support HBase sink resource creation
INLONG-4254[Bug][Manager] Lack of flink dependencies for inlong-manager/manager-plugins
INLONG-4247[Improve][Manager] Add stream create/suspend/restart/delete api
INLONG-4245[Improve][Manager][Sort] Manager transmit consumer group name of kafka to sort
INLONG-4240[Feature][Manager] Add postgres source and sink node configuration utils
INLONG-4239[Improve][Manager] Remove fastjson dependency
INLONG-4236[Feature][Manager] Support operating the indices and mappings for Elasticsearch
INLONG-4228[Feature][Sort][Manager] Adaptive HDFS Load Node
INLONG-4223[Improve][Manager] Refactor the consumption table structure
INLONG-4221[Improve][Manager] Remove duplicate serializationType in KafkaSourceListResponse
INLONG-4220[Feature][Manager] Add StreamResourceProcessForm
INLONG-4212[Bug][Manager] The processor executor maybe throws a null pointer exception
INLONG-4208[Improve][Manager] Merge UpdateGroupProcessForm into GroupResourceProcessForm
INLONG-4203[Improve][Manager] Improve the HTTP request and response parse
INLONG-4197[Feature][Manager] Add Hbase sink info and load node utils
INLONG-4194[Improve][Manager] Add update sort config API in manager client
INLONG-4188[Improve][Manager] Check whether the stream exists in the manager client
INLONG-4186[Improve][Manager] Add token field in cluster and node table
INLONG-4183[Improve][Manager] Fix splitFields in manager service
INLONG-4181[Improve][Manager]Fix transform update api
INLONG-4179[Improve][Manager] Add comments in manager modules
INLONG-4177[Feature][Manager] Refactor getSortClusterConfig interface
INLONG-4168[Feature][Manager] Update inlong_group table schema
INLONG-4164[Improve][Manager] Migrate the use of third_party_cluster table to inlong_cluster table
INLONG-4155[Improve][Manager] Change constants and remove clone method in WorkflowContext
INLONG-4146[Feature][Manager] Get DataProxy configuration data from inlong_cluster table
INLONG-4142[Improve][Manager] Improve ServiceTask clone method
INLONG-4139[Improve][Manager] Query inlong group by the status list in manager client
INLONG-4133[Improve][Manager] Not pass the type field when querying sources and sinks
INLONG-4128[Improve][Manager] Abstracting the logic for creating Hive tables
INLONG-4120[Improve][Manager] Change the keyWord to keyword in query params
INLONG-4118[Improve][Manager] It should not return an empty list when paging the auto-push source
INLONG-4110[Improve][Manager] Create cascade function wrapper
INLONG-4108[Improve][Manager] Merge two enums of manager
INLONG-4105[Improve][Manager] Refactor the sink workflow and sink resource operator
INLONG-4100[Improve][Manager] Add id in update request for source/sink/transform
INLONG-4099[Feature][Manager] Support iceberg stream sink resource operator
INLONG-4095[Bug][Manager] Managerctl unit test error and characters are not aligned
INLONG-4092[Improve][Manager] Add primary key in Kafka source
INLONG-4085[Improve][Manager] Change the inlong_group and inlong_stream table structure
INLONG-4084[Improve][Manager] Add some fields for stream_source and stream_sink
INLONG-4078[Improve][Manager] Add notes for manager client api
INLONG-4077[Improve][Manager] Implement the APIs of data node management
INLONG-4071[Feature][Manager] Add data cluster table
INLONG-4070[Improve][Manager] Add update api In Inlong stream
INLONG-4069[Improve][Manager] Add ext_tag field for inlong cluster table
INLONG-4067[Improve][Manager] Optimize fieldRelationShip in split transform
INLONG-4063[Umbrella][Manager] Refactor the inlong group interfaces to support easily extending different MQs
INLONG-4060[Improve][Manager] Fix NodeUtils for sort
INLONG-4052[Improve][Manager] Remove zone tag field of inlong cluster table
INLONG-4046[Feature][Manager] Fix Filter Function of Join node
INLONG-4042[Improve][Manager] Add properties in MysqlExtractNode for migrating all databases
INLONG-4040[Bug][Manager] Hive sink table path config error
INLONG-4034[Improve][Manager] Add originFieldName in StreamField
INLONG-4026[Improve][Manager] Fix field type of StreamSourceFieldMapper
INLONG-4017[Bug][Manager] Fix DataType deserialized exception
INLONG-4012[Feature][Manager] Add kafka sink resource operator
INLONG-4000[Improve][Manager] Refactor the implementations of heartbeat interfaces
INLONG-3993[Improve][Manager] Support HiveLoadNode in light mode
INLONG-3981[Improve][Manager] Fix status check of lightweight Group
INLONG-3958[Improve][Manager] Fix NPEs in manager service
INLONG-3951[Bug][Manager] Unique index error for cluster_name in SQL file
INLONG-3947[Improve][Manager] Support blank middleware
INLONG-3946[Improve][Manager] Implement the APIs of cluster management
INLONG-3943[Feature][Manager] Add inlong_cluster and inlong_cluster_node tables
INLONG-3942[Umbrella][Manager] Provides cluster management features for the InLong
INLONG-3929[Improve][Manager] Support deDuplicate transform in manager
INLONG-3921[Improve][Manager] Add primary key in Kafka source
INLONG-3920[Improve][Manager] Add primary key in Binlog source
INLONG-3919[Improve][Manager] Data consumption and data source module supports access control
INLONG-3915[Bug][Manager] Missing delete flag on entity creation
INLONG-3888[Bug][Manager] The method of batchSaveAll occurred error as the sink_name was null
INLONG-3883[Feature][Manager] Support create table of ClickHouse
INLONG-3879[Improve][Manager] Update status enum for group, stream, source, and sink
INLONG-3876[Bug][Manager] The managerctl tool crashes when lunches with -h or --help argument
INLONG-3874[Improve][Manager] Abstract the operator class for creating Sink resources
INLONG-3866[Improve][Manager] Rename the third-party package to resource
INLONG-3861[Improve][Manager] Support the expansion of TubeMQ, Pulsar, or other message queues
INLONG-3858[Bug][Manager] The other admin role can not list all inlong group info and stream info
INLONG-3856[Feature][Manager] Add heartbeat report handler
INLONG-3855[Feature][Manager] Add lightweight mode for inlong group
INLONG-3782[Improve][Manager] Improve the log configuration
INLONG-3776[Improve][Manager] Update the third-party components LICENSEs
INLONG-3775[Improve][Manager] Add a specific meaning for the managerctl status output
INLONG-3731[Improve][Manager] Make state more abstract for managerctl
INLONG-3719[Feature][Manager] Support data_transformation feature
INLONG-3698[Feature][Manager] Support complex data type distribution for hive-sink
INLONG-3636[Improve][Manager] Fix the warning logs during the build
INLONG-3392[Improve][Manager] Optimize groupName and groupId
INLONG-3238[Bug][Manager] The data grouping list cannot be edited?
INLONG-2901[Bug][Manager] Maven cannot run test classes
INLONG-2544[Improve][Manager] Refactor the CreateStreamWorkflowDefinition
INLONG-2305[Feature][Manager] Add Cluster Management for MQ/DataProxy/Sort Cluster
INLONG-1858[Bug][Manager] Adding columns to a Hive table does not take effect


INLONG-4400[Improve][SDK] Unified dataproxy sdk clusterId property name
INLONG-4354[Bug][SDK] ProxyConfigEntry cluster id NPE


INLONG-4647[Improve][Sort] Re-optimize the distribution package of the Sort connectors
INLONG-4638[Improve][Sort] Remove the dependency of spotbugs-annotations
INLONG-4624[Improve][Sort] Package Pulsar and Hive connectors to the same file
INLONG-4619[Bug][Sort] Fix maven package problem of Hive connector
INLONG-4596[Bug][Sort] Fix jdbc-connector packaging lost dependency
INLONG-4591[Bug][Sort] Set the default Hive version and upgrade the log4j to log4j2
INLONG-4557[Bug][Sort] Fix HBase connector dependency and pom relocation problem
INLONG-4527[Improve][Sort] Upgrade the Elasticsearch version and add related license
INLONG-4493[Improve][Sort] Remove hiveConfDir not null constraint
INLONG-4491[Bug][Sort] Missing dependencies after packaging for sort-dist module
INLONG-4476[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove zk and related classes
INLONG-4458[Improve][Sort][Manager] Unify the meta field naming
INLONG-4448[Feature][Sort] Add Greenplum database data load support
INLONG-4429[Improve][Sort] Add sqlserver jdbc driver and management version
INLONG-4428[Improve][Sort][Manager] Optimize the name for Data Node related modules and classes
INLONG-4408[Feature][Manager][Sort] Add iceberg sink load node
INLONG-4405[Feature][Sort] Support run SQL script
INLONG-4394[Feature][Sort] Add Oracle data load support
INLONG-4390[Bug][Sort] Exclude mysql:mysql-connector-java:jar package
INLONG-4385[Bug][Sort] Exclude or remove the mysql:mysql-connector-java:jar:8.0.21 package
INLONG-4383[Feature][Sort] Add MySQL data load support
INLONG-4371[Bug][Sort] Remove null constraint on Hive version
INLONG-4353[Improve][Sort] Optimize code structure and shading jar
INLONG-4346[Improve][Sort] Enhance upsert capability for SqlServer
INLONG-4345[Feature][Sort] Support sink changelog stream to TDSQL PostgreSQL
INLONG-4342[Improve][Sort] Duplicate audit-sdk dependency in sort core
INLONG-4339[Improve][Sort] Rollback debezium-core to 1.5.4
INLONG-4332[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support ClickHouse load node
INLONG-4327[Bug][Sort] Fix missing some connector table factory error after packaging
INLONG-4312[Feature][Sort] Add SqlServer data load support
INLONG-4306[Bug][Sort] Parameter error connector of file system
INLONG-4303[Improve][Sort] Iceberg Load Node add required option
INLONG-4292[Improve][Agent][TubeMQ][Sort] Upgrade the property file for all modules from log4j to log4j2
INLONG-4282[Improve][Sort] Optimize the sort package structure
INLONG-4264[Bug][Sort] Sort lightweight start 'pulsar-to-kafka' task failed
INLONG-4262[Feature][Sort] Add SqlServer data extract support
INLONG-4259[Feature][Sort] Import inlong format json serialize/deserialize
INLONG-4250[Feature][Sort] Add Elasticsearch load node
INLONG-4245[Improve][Manager][Sort] Manager transmit consumer group name of kafka to sort
INLONG-4243[Feature][Sort] Add Oracle data extract support
INLONG-4228[Feature][Sort][Manager] Adaptive HDFS Load Node
INLONG-4227[Feature][Sort] Sort lightweight support extract data to ClickHouse
INLONG-4224[Improve][Sort] Add debezium module to connectors
INLONG-4244[Improve][Sort] Remove flink-avro relocation
INLONG-4215[Improve][Sort] Add license for Hive connector of Sort
INLONG-4198[Feature][Sort] Add Postgres load node
INLONG-4189[Feature][Sort] Change the NOTICE to LICENSE
INLONG-4174[Feature][Sort] Add Postgres extract node supporting
INLONG-4171[Feature][Sort] Add FileSystem extract node
INLONG-4170[Feature][Sort] Add FileSystem load node
INLONG-4169[Improve][Sort] Add Java docs in sort
INLONG-4167[Feature][Sort] Add MongoDB extract node
INLONG-4157[Feature][Sort] Sort lightweight support load data to Iceberg
INLONG-4156[Feature][Sort] Support HBase load node
INLONG-4141[Feature][Sort] Sort lightweight support load data from Pulsar
INLONG-4097[Improve][Sort] Use javax constrain notNull annotation
INLONG-4090[Improve][Sort] Add license for MySQL CDC in Sort single tenant
INLONG-4086[Improve][Sort] Remove BufferedSocketInputStream class as it is not used
INLONG-4081[Bug][Sort] Fix upsert_kafka constant to upsert-kafka
INLONG-4066[Feature][Sort] Add Inlong Msg format for inlong msg
INLONG-4058[Improve][Sort] Resolve AVRO format dependency conflict
INLONG-4050[Bug][Sort] Parameter definition error of HiveLoad
INLONG-4048[Bug][Sort] Fix metadata type process error and hive-exec dependency scope error
INLONG-4044[Bug][Sort] Resolve conflict of flink-table-api-java-bridge jar
INLONG-4035[Bug][Sort] Change the restriction of Hive catalogName from not nullable to nullable
INLONG-4030[Improve][Sort] Import all changelog mode data ingest into Hive
INLONG-4022[Bug][Sort] Flink table catalog only supports timestamp of precision 9
INLONG-4013[Feature][Sort] Support write metadata in canal format
INLONG-4007[Improve][Sort] Modify default settings of CSV format
INLONG-4005[Bug][Sort] Remove some inappropriate comment and code
INLONG-3996[Feature][Sort] Support all migrate for database
INLONG-3979[Bug][Sort] Fix mysqlExtractNode options append error and conflict of flink jar
INLONG-3973[Feature][Sort] CDC support all migration
INLONG-3961[Feature][Sort] Add MySQL CDC append
INLONG-3956[Feature][Sort] Add Hive connector to support CDC
INLONG-3953[Feature][Sort] Add MySQL dynamic table implementation - modified from Flink CDC
INLONG-3924[Feature][Sort] Add MySQL cdc and support multiple meta data
INLONG-3899[Feature][Sort] Add string regexp replace support for transform
INLONG-3893[Feature][Sort] Add string delimiting support for transform
INLONG-3890[Feature][Sort] Add StringConstantParam to enhance support for constant parameters
INLONG-3885[Feature][Sort] Add KafkaExtractNode to support Kafka source
INLONG-3868[Feature][Sort] Support data from mysql binlog sync to kafka
INLONG-3860[Improve][Sort] Add some format for ExtractNode and LoadNode
INLONG-3841[Feature][Sort] Add distinct support based time column for transform
INLONG-3839[Feature][Sort] Add cascade function support for transform
INLONG-3837[Feature][Sort] Optimize the time window correlation function format
INLONG-3836[Feature][Sort] Add join support for transform
INLONG-3835[Feature][Sort] Register CascadeFunctionWrapper in the parent interface
INLONG-3834[Feature][Sort] Fix unit test sporadic errors
INLONG-3831[Feature][Sort] Add meta field support for sort lightweight
INLONG-3829[Feature][Sort] Optimize the sort entrance program to support lightweight
INLONG-3827[Feature][Sort] Add functions definition to support transform
INLONG-3826[Feature][Sort] Enhance field format to support varchar types and timestamp of different precisions
INLONG-3823[Feature][Sort] Fix error caused by unregistered custom function
INLONG-3822[Feature][Sort] Add node relations definition to support transform
INLONG-3817[Feature][Sort] Fix null point exception in canal-json format
INLONG-3816[Feature][Sort] Fix NPE in RegexpReplaceFirstFunction
INLONG-3815[Feature][Sort] Fix meta field sync error
INLONG-3805[Feature][Sort] Add operators definition to support transform
INLONG-3800[Feature][Sort] Add GroupInfo, StreamInfo definition to support transform
INLONG-3794[Feature][Sort] Add TimeUnitConstantParam definition to support transform
INLONG-3793[Feature][Sort] Add ConstantParam definition to support transform
INLONG-3791[Feature][Sort] Add WatermarkField definition to support transform
INLONG-3790[Feature][Sort] Add FieldRelationShip definition to support transform
INLONG-3789[Feature][Sort] Add NodeRelationShip definition to support transform
INLONG-3788[Feature][Sort] Add Node interface and derived interface definitions to support transform
INLONG-3787[Feature][Sort] Add Function interface and derived interface definitions to support transform
INLONG-3786[Feature][Sort] Add Operator interface and derived interface definitions to support transform
INLONG-3778[Feature][Sort] FieldInfo enhanced to support transform in the future
INLONG-3777[Feature][Sort] ExtractNode,LoadNode implementation
INLONG-3658[Umbrella][Sort] Data integration lightweight
INLONG-1823[Feature][Sort] Support store data to Elasticsearch


INLONG-4453[Bug][Sort-Standalone] Wrong audit when send to kafka failed
INLONG-3773[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Support configurable handler to transform data of Kafka
INLONG-3667[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Add manage entry to stop cache consumer before node offline or upgrade
INLONG-1933[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Read API support inlong manager commands


INLONG-4486[Improve][TubeMQ] Adjust the parameter requirements of group consume delete control APIs
INLONG-4470[Improve][TubeMQ] The adminQueryBlackGroupInfo method adds query topicName field
INLONG-4451[Bug][TubeMQ] The zookeeper service can not start for TubeMQ Docker Container
INLONG-4324[Improve][TubeMQ] Add Javadoc for methods
INLONG-4321[Improve][TubeMQ] Add Javadoc comments for methods
INLONG-4292[Improve][Agent][TubeMQ][Sort] Upgrade the property file for all modules from log4j to log4j2
INLONG-4217[Improve][TubeMQ] Add the flow control method and filtering method of the consumption group settings
INLONG-4130[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize the broker replication method and topic replication method
INLONG-4114[Bug][TubeMQ] All container can not start successfully
INLONG-3975[Improve][TubeMQ] Modify the MasterConfigTest file to configure the incoming parameters
INLONG-3869[Improve][TubeMQ] Remove hibernate for tube manager
INLONG-3475[Feature][TubeMQ] Add an API for batch deletion of authorized consumer group records


INLONG-4640[License] Complete the LICENSE of the third-party dependencies of the Sort connectors
INLONG-4633[License] Add the third-party dependency LICENSE of Sort connectors module
INLONG-4628[License] Update inlong-manager's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4574[Release] Bumped version to 1.3.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
INLONG-4568[Release] Bumped version to 1.2.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT
INLONG-4567[Release] Update changes log for the 1.2.0 version
INLONG-4565[Release] Add the 1.2.0 version option for the bug report
INLONG-4368[License] Final LICENSE check of all modules
INLONG-4336[License] Update inlong-sort's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4318[License] Update inlong-manager's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4314[License] Update Sort-standalone's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4305[License] Update TubeMQ-Manager's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4296[License] Update Audit, DataProxy, TubeMQ's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-4288[License] Update Agent's third-party dependency LICENSE
INLONG-3968[License] Remove the "WIP" label of the DISCLAIMER file
INLONG-3864[License] Recheck the third-party dependencies by combing each module
INLONG-3849[License] Update the third-party components LICENSEs for inlong-audit
INLONG-3771[License] Update the third-party components LICENSEs for inlong-agent
INLONG-3422[License] Sort out the LICENSEs of the third-party components that the project depends on
INLONG-4426[Improve][Office-Website] Update CI Nodejs Version
INLONG-4150[Improve][Office-Website] Automatically identify version number sorting
INLONG-4455[Improve][GitHub] Update the Pull Request TEMPLATE to make it more clear
INLONG-4267[Bug][GitHub] The checks pipeline of PR was incorrect
INLONG-4251[Improve][GitHub] Improve GitHub configuration in .asf.yaml
INLONG-4205[Bug][GitHub] Error in the greeting workflow
INLONG-4201[Improve][GitHub] Improve workflows and documentation
INLONG-4161[Bug][GitHub] Incorrect name in stale workflow
INLONG-4153[Feature][GitHub] Add support for first interaction
INLONG-4038[Improve][GitHub] Enable the alert of dependabot, and disable the automatic update
INLONG-4024[Improve][GitHub] Improve trigger conditions in the stable workflow
INLONG-4019[Improve][GitHub] Update the dependency from dependabot
INLONG-4001[Improve][Docker] Modify the MySQL Docker image version to 8.0.28
INLONG-3998[Improve][GitHub] Improve labeler workflow with docker, k8s and github labels
INLONG-3995[Improve][GitHub] Improve Dependabot configuration
INLONG-3974[Feature][GitHub] Add support for Dependabot
INLONG-3473[Feature][GitHub][K8s] Add support for helm chart testing
INLONG-4349[Improve][Doc] Update check style to avoid the Javadoc missing and error
INLONG-4256[Improve][Doc] Add java doc to solve the checkstyle issues
INLONG-4073[Improve][Doc] Modify the invitation email templates of Committer or PPMC
INLONG-3965[Improve][Doc] Add
INLONG-3930[Improve][Doc] Add more deployment and development guides in Readme
INLONG-3843[Bug][Doc] The link to "Contribution Guide for Apache InLong" is invalid
INLONG-1839[Improve][Doc] Supplement deployment document
INLONG-4351[Improve][Pom] Update the fastjson to solve the CVEs
INLONG-4484[Improve][Pom] Upgrade Spring version from 5.3.19 to 5.3.20
INLONG-3940[Improve][Pom] Bump spring-core from 5.3.18 to 5.3.19
INLONG-3935[Feature][Pom] Remove dependency of testng
INLONG-3780[Improve][Pom] Upgrade postgresql due to CVEs
INLONG-4434[Bug][Docker] Audit Container caught error when create pulsar topic
INLONG-3898[Bug][Docker] The log paths of Agent, Audit, Dataproxy and TubeMQ Manager containers are incorrect
INLONG-3744[Bug][Docker] Docker images are not pushed in release-* branches
INLONG-3553[Bug][Docker][K8s] TubeMQ pod fails to start
INLONG-4144[Bug][K8s] HTTP error appears on the login dashboard when deploying InLong using helm
INLONG-3845[Bug][K8s] The manager pod fails to start
INLONG-3635[Improve][JavaDoc] Fix the Javadoc check style problems for all modules