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1.3.0 release

InLong Source Code1.3.0Sep 11, 2022[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.3.0Sep 11, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.3.0Sep 11, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-5540[Bug][Agent] MySQL binlog reader has NPE error
INLONG-5533[Improve][Agent] Support structured output in the Kubernetes
INLONG-5474[Improve][Manager][Agent] Add metadata parameter
INLONG-5466[Improve][Agent] Add Manager Open API secret config
INLONG-5428[Improve][Agent] Abstract metrics interface to be easier to extend
INLONG-5382[Improve][Manager][Agent] Optimized the file collection configuration
INLONG-5362[Feature][Agent] Supports the collection of data splicing metadata information
INLONG-5347[Feature][Agent] Incremental and full reads of file contents
INLONG-5277[Bug][Agent] The getManagerIpList request method should change to POST
INLONG-5272[Improve][Agent] Change format
INLONG-5224[Improve][Agent][DataProxy] Remove unused StreamConfigLog related classes
INLONG-5222[Improve][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Add heartbeat mechanism for Inlong component cluster
INLONG-5164[Bug][Agent] The agent receive count is zero but the send count not
INLONG-5149[Bug][Agent][DataProxy] The log directory for the unit test was incorrect
INLONG-5054[Bug][Agent] Agent can not import old job after reboot
INLONG-5046[Feature][Agent] Support collect data from PostgreSQL
INLONG-4824[Improve][Agent] Log output has no line numbers
INLONG-4821[Bug][Agent] The error of null value for key
INLONG-4535[Feature][Agent] Support configurable automatic exit function when OOM happens
INLONG-4233[Feature][Umbrella] Support collect data from a specified position for MySQL binlog
INLONG-4232[Feature][Agent][Manager] Support collect data from a specified position for MySQL binlog
INLONG-3407[Feature] Make sure job send all messages before it stops
INLONG-3266[Improve][Agent] Get local IP when IP in config is not present
INLONG-5601[Improve][Agent] The default triggering policy for file collection is FULL
INLONG-5259[Feature][Agent] File data sources support custom end-of-line symbols
INLONG-5393[Bug][Agent] Docker image of agent stuck in starting
INLONG-5000[Bug][Agent] The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye
INLONG-4998[Bug][Agent] Create PrometheusMetric repeatedly
INLONG-4854[Improve][Agent] Report metrics at inongGroupId and inlongStreamId
INLONG-5589[Improve][Agent] To extend type of file data for k8s log


INLONG-4983[Bug][Audit] Unable to start audit proxy using
INLONG-4921[Improve][Audit] Set the configuration file to an absolute path
INLONG-4579[Feature][Audit] Delete redundant configuration in channel and sink
INLONG-4559[Feature][Audit] Support select channels by random routing
INLONG-4919[Bug][Audit] Delete the wrong driver-class-name
INLONG-4741[Feature][Audit] AuditStore support ClickHouse sink
INLONG-5402[Bug][Audit] startup script exception


INLONG-5596[Improve][Dashboard] Support locales extends
INLONG-5592[Improve][Dashboard] HighSelect support addonAfter prop
INLONG-5574[Improve][Dashboard] Support extended consumption fields
INLONG-5565[Improve][Dashboard] Support extended group fields
INLONG-5523[Improve][Dashboard] Support menu permission control
INLONG-5522[Improve][Dashboard] Disable editing of user roles and names
INLONG-5520[Improve][Dashboard] Move cluster config to metas
INLONG-5508[Improve][Dashboard] Adaptive naming conventions
INLONG-5479[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the group configuration process and use meta management
INLONG-5456[Improve][Dashboard] Support source/sink metadata management
INLONG-5391[Improve][Dashboard] Unified consumption creation/management logic
INLONG-5355[Bug][Dashboard] SinkType config error
INLONG-5345[Improve][Dashboard] Group approval supports partial field modification
INLONG-5340[Bug][Dashboard] 404 error is reported when accessing the dashboard container
INLONG-5330[Improve][Dashboard] Stream page optimization adjustment, remove collapse mode
INLONG-5319[Bug][Dashboard] An error occurred while creating the dataproxy cluster
INLONG-5234[Bug][Dashboard] Some fields are missing when creating a new stream
INLONG-5213[Improve][Dashboard] Adapt to the new data structure of the stream list API
INLONG-5142[Improve][Dashboard] Change API paths and parameters to adapt the Manager module
INLONG-5120[Feature][Dashboard] The list page of stream, source and sink supports status filtering
INLONG-5082[Bug][Dashboard] Elasticsearch fields cannot be saved
INLONG-5077[Bug][Dashboard] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'version')
INLONG-5076[Feature][Dashboard] Support HBase sink
INLONG-5059[Bug][Dashboard] Unable to get total number
INLONG-5056[Bug][Dashboard] Unable to get stream list when creating
INLONG-5004[Feature][Dashboard] Support PostgreSQL sink
INLONG-4997[Improve][Dashboard] Support cluster tag bind and unbind
INLONG-4989[Improve][Dashboard] Modify MySQL sink parameters
INLONG-4953[Improve][Dashboard] Modify Greenplum sink parameters
INLONG-4906[Feature][Dashboard] Support Oracle sink
INLONG-4902[Improve][Dashboard] Supports audit queries with different time precisions
INLONG-4888[Feature][Dashboard] Support MySQL sink
INLONG-4885[Feature][Dashboard] Support Greenplum Sink
INLONG-4876[Improve][Dashboard] Added prompt information on tag modification and deletion
INLONG-4857[Bug][Dashboard] Unable to get stream information
INLONG-4850[Improve][Dashboard] Add prompt information for some fields in cluster management
INLONG-4845[Improve][Dashboard] Update the Tube configuration form
INLONG-4809[Improve][Dashboard] Remove and optimize some old logic
INLONG-4752[Bug][Dashboard] Keyword param error
INLONG-4739[Bug][Dashboard] The pagination of the execution log of the group is invalid
INLONG-4668[Feature][Dashboard] Support the config management of the Elasticsearch sink
INLONG-5406[Bug][Dashboard] No restrictions are added to the input of port numbers, such as dataproxy node
INLONG-5349[Bug][Dashboard] Failed to create stream
INLONG-5035[Improve][Dashboard] Support version control for backend APIs
INLONG-4865[Bug][Dashboard] The storage config can still be modified after submitting for approval
INLONG-4820[Feature][Dashboard] Support cluster tag manage


INLONG-5551[Improve][DataProxy] Add metric log output information in TubeSink
INLONG-5538[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the Producer construction logic in TubeSink
INLONG-5489[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize message deduplication logic
INLONG-5433[Improve][DataProxy] Select the corresponding configuration parameters according to the type of MQ
INLONG-5238[Bug][DataProxy] Error metric params in PulsarZoneSinkContext::addSendFailMetric
INLONG-5192[Improve][DataProxy] Added unit tests for the TubeMQ sink
INLONG-5163[Bug][DataProxy] Dataproxy can not send data to pulsar as topic NotFoundException
INLONG-5161[Improve][SDK] Remove the redundant annotation for the author
INLONG-5055[Bug][DataProxy] Data send failed due to Pulsar client error
INLONG-4816[Bug][DataProxy] Caught IllegalStateException: No tube service url specified
INLONG-4803[Bug][DataProxy] Caught IllegalStateException: No pulsar server url specified


INLONG-5585[Bug][Manager] Some errors of inlong stream API and user API
INLONG-5577[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support function fieldType
INLONG-5570[Improve][Manager] Add manager client packages into the lib directory
INLONG-5559[Feature][Manager] Supplement the workflow approver API in the manager client
INLONG-5555[Bug][Manager] Fix missing heartbeat fields and stream source subtask creation
INLONG-5536[Bug][Manager] Client api version missing on stream info update
INLONG-5529[Bug][Manager] Fix the error of version not set before updating operation
INLONG-5517[Bug][Manager] Manager client does not write back the version when updating info
INLONG-5515[Bug][Manager] Repair type of form_data when data too long
INLONG-5501[Bug][Manager] Repair type of workflow_process.form_data when data too long
INLONG-5499[Bug][Manager] The data source is successful, but the status always is issued or added
INLONG-5497[Bug][Manager] DataProxyConfigRepository get error field name
INLONG-5493[Feature][Manager] Supplement the user API in the manager client
INLONG-5491[Bug][Manager] Pulsar failed to configure non partitioned topic
INLONG-5476[Bug][Manager] Heartbeat is not functioning properly under sparse report
INLONG-5452[Improve][Manager] Change creating resource after group approval to be asynchronous
INLONG-5432[Improve][Manager] Return the type of the MQ cluster when processing the getConfig method
INLONG-5424[Bug][Manager] JSON serialization error for Authentication when getting inlongGroupInfo
INLONG-5419[Bug][Manager] Pulsar creates a specified queue model's error
INLONG-5411[Improve][Manager] Optimize the creation code of databases and tables of PostgreSQL
INLONG-5409[Bug][Manager] Fix JSON serialization for class BaseSortConf
INLONG-5401[Bug][Manager] Fix the problem that StreamSinkFieldEntity and SinkField fields do not match
INLONG-5397[Feature][Manager] Add delete resource in manager client
INLONG-5394[Feature][Manager] Support batch task for Inlong group
INLONG-5387[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support encrypt records
INLONG-5380[Feature][Manager] Modify the saving function of the data node
INLONG-5369[Improve][Manager] Optimize the user service related function to support third party authentication and authorization plugin
INLONG-5368[Bug][Manager] Update workflow approver error
INLONG-5359[Improve][Manager] Add query workflow approver API
INLONG-5337[Improve][Manager] Add Agent cluster info and operator
INLONG-5335[Improve][Manager] Unserialize Sort config when getting GroupInfo
INLONG-5333[Improve][Manager] Add array, map, struct, and decimal format
INLONG-5324[Improve][Manager] Optimize configuration files and scripts
INLONG-5308[Improve][Dashboard] Change MQ and cluster type to adapt the Manager module
INLONG-5305[Improve][Manager] Change the type enum that needs to be extended to a string constant
INLONG-5296[Improve][Manager] Add fields for DataProxy cluster info
INLONG-5286[Improve][Manager] Move pojo classes into the manager-pojo module
INLONG-5285[Improve][Manager] Support custom query for group, stream, source and sink
INLONG-5283[Improve][Manager] OpenAPI authentication should not be mandatory
INLONG-5279[Improve][Manager] Optimize the creation code of databases and tables, including Oracle and MySQL
INLONG-5269[Feature][Manager] Workflow supports rapid scaling of MQ resources
INLONG-5264[Improve][Manager] Remove unused StreamConfigLog related classes and tables
INLONG-5246[Bug][Manager] Agent gets dataproxy list and always returns empty
INLONG-5245[Improve][Manager] Optimize the URI paths of the WebAPI and OpenAPI
INLONG-5240[Improve][Manager] Unify the workflow approver and process classes and tables
INLONG-5232[Improve][Manager] Unify the user and role tables
INLONG-5228[Feature][Manager] Support create SQLServer databases and tables
INLONG-5219[Bug][Manager] The inlong group is still pending approval after approval
INLONG-5212[Feature][Manager] Merge the Selector classes into their related Listeners
INLONG-5203[Improve][Manager] Refactor the user interface
INLONG-5201[Bug][Manager] The inlong group cannot be updated normally after the approval is successful
INLONG-5194[Improve][Manager] Update MD5 hashing to SHA-256
INLONG-5188[Bug][Manager] Create group workflow fail
INLONG-5184[Improve][Manager] Add more info for some error logs
INLONG-5178[Improve][Manager] There is so much Warning info when compiling the Manager module
INLONG-5175[Improve][Manager] Remove redundant StreamSinkExt table and classes
INLONG-5167[Feature][Manager] OpenAPI authentication support
INLONG-5166[Bug][Manager] Cluster tags are not separated by commas when querying clusters
INLONG-5165[Bug][Manager] Getting Sort source collects wrong topic properties of each stream
INLONG-5157[Bug][Manager] Failed to build Sort config as the relations is empty
INLONG-5148[Improve][Manager] Handle the lightweight and standard inlong groups differently in workflow
INLONG-5144[Bug][Manager] Fail to execute Group-InitSort
INLONG-5137[Bug][Manager] The API to get the group list loses the mqType field
INLONG-5136[Improve][Manager] Update the get DataProxy cluster nodes API
INLONG-5127[Improve][Manager] Rename second_xxx to backup_xxx in sort-standalone management interface
INLONG-5112[Improve][Manager] Improve creating Pulsar topic by using the lookups method
INLONG-5104[Improve][Manager] Update Flink address environment for Sort Flink plugin
INLONG-5103[Feature][Manager] Add constant field support for stream source and transform node
INLONG-5088[Feature][Manager] Support only consumes the MQ cluster with the same tag
INLONG-5086[Feature][Manager] Support create Oracle databases and tables
INLONG-5085[Feature][Manager] Support create MySQL databases and tables
INLONG-5070[Feature][Manager] Add more parameter settings support for stream source
INLONG-5066[Improve][Manager] Remove the LightGroup-related workflow listener and definitions
INLONG-5052[Bug][Manager] The workflow that failed to execute still failed, but returned success
INLONG-5031[Improve][Manager] Encryption saves all password fields
INLONG-5026[Improve][Manager] The unit test code contains a real IP address
INLONG-5018[Feature][Manager] Support for Tube data sources
INLONG-4993[Improve][Manager] Return details when querying a list of StreamSources
INLONG-4974[Umbrella][Manager] Support create sink resource
INLONG-4965[Improve][Manager] Eliminate NullPointerException on user management
INLONG-4951[Bug][Manger] Unable to save the change when updating the chargers of cluster tag
INLONG-4949[Feature][Manager] Support to extend different types of Sort protocol
INLONG-3922[Feature][Manager] Fetch source failed and update task status through heartbeat
INLONG-5442[Bug][Manager] Fix accept logic error for SortConfigListener
INLONG-5299[Improve][Manager] Remove redundant configuration and class files
INLONG-5371[Feature][Manager] Supplement the data node API in the manager client
INLONG-5029[Umbrella][Manager] Unify the InlongGroup workflow
INLONG-5020[Improve][Manager] Refactoring InnerInlongManagerClient of manager client
INLONG-5007[Feature][Manager] Client supports getting sink details by id
INLONG-5006[Improve][Manager] Return details when querying a list of StreamSinks
INLONG-4897[Improve][Manager] Change length of field name
INLONG-4928[Feature][Manager] Supplement or modify the inlong stream api in the manager client


INLONG-5580[Feature][Sort] Add InlongMetric interface for extract and load nodes
INLONG-5576[Feature][Sort] Add redis extract node and support temporal join
INLONG-5488[Feature][Sort] Add metric for Iceberg and DLC with Flink metrics group and audit SDK
INLONG-5485[Feature][Sort] Support JSON UDF getter and JSON getter function
INLONG-5484[Feature][Sort] Add audit info for Elasticsearch 6 connector and report metric when delete mode
INLONG-5478[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector lost inlong metric feature for no primary key table
INLONG-5470[Bug][Sort] Fix compile error
INLONG-5464[Improve][Sort] Optimize the implementation of the sort-connector-base metric common abstract
INLONG-5463[Feature][Sort] Add audit for HBase load node
INLONG-5462[Feature][Sort] Add audit for Oracle extract Node
INLONG-5461[Feature][Sort] Add audit for MongoDB extract node
INLONG-5460[Feature][Sort] Add audit for PostgreSQL extract node
INLONG-5448[Improve][Sort] Optimize cls callback when send failed
INLONG-5447[Feature][Sort] Add lookup support for Redis
INLONG-5423[Feature][SortStandalone] Revise invalid partition time when dispatch messages
INLONG-5404[Bug][Sort] Fix EncryptFunction checkstyle
INLONG-5377[Feature][Sort] Add reporting metrics for kafka connector sink
INLONG-5375[Improve][Sort] Iceberg-inlong connector lose its meta-inf
INLONG-5352[Feature][Sort] Add audit report for Pulsar source
INLONG-5327[Bug][Sort] Lack of service file of Inlong Pb format msg
INLONG-5262[Feature][Sort] Add metric report for Pulsar source
INLONG-5242[Feature][Sort] Add metric computing for Oracle and MongoDB
INLONG-5215[Bug][TubeMQ] Initialization script execution error
INLONG-5211[Improve][Sort] Replace 1.3.0-snapshot with inlong-version
INLONG-5210[Feature][Sort] Add reporting metrics for Elasticsearch 7 connector and audit SDK
INLONG-5205[Feature][Sort] Add reporting metrics for Elasticsearch 6 connector
INLONG-5169[Bug][Sort] Metrics of HBaseSinkFunction are not collected accurately
INLONG-5158[Feature][Sort] Add metric for Kafka source with Flink metrics group and audit SDK
INLONG-5156[Feature][Sort] Add metric for SQLServer source with Flink metrics group and audit SDK
INLONG-5152[Feature][Manager][Sort] Add union parse support for FlinkSqlParser
INLONG-5119[Feature][Sort] Import all changelog mode data ingest into Kafka
INLONG-5117[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Support specify component type from remote config
INLONG-5100[Feature][Sort] Add reporting metrics for JDBC
INLONG-5094[Feature][SortStandalone] Implements time interval interceptor
INLONG-5072[Feature][Sort] Add metric computing of MySQL and PostgreSQL and HBase for user query metric by label
INLONG-5068[Bug][Sort] Fix RegexpReplace replacing uncorrectly
INLONG-4892[Bug][Sort] Sort connector package without own Factory files
INLONG-4858[Bug][Sort] Building connectors twice without clean command causes failures
INLONG-4815[Improve][Sort] Supporting field type cast when sinking data to HBase
INLONG-4808[Feature][InLong] Extract end-to-end testing capabilities
INLONG-4807[Feature][Sort] CSV deserialization schema support process data whose input field length unmatch the register table
INLONG-4806[Feature][Sort] Sort support pb format deserializationSchema
INLONG-4751[Improve][Sort] Optimize the metadata implementation of Extract Nodes and Load Nodes
INLONG-4735[Improve][Sort] Add precision support for DecimalFormatInfo,TimeFormatInfo
INLONG-4732[Bug][Sort] Table not found when Iceberg commit Hive table
INLONG-4730[Bug][Sort] Fix meta field format is null when parse json to sql
INLONG-4693[Bug][Sort] Fix DLC connector maven package problem
INLONG-4685[Improve][Sort] Add data type convert implicitly support
INLONG-4678[Improve][Sort] Add util class of parsing meta info for data node
INLONG-4665[Improve][Sort] The primary key of the MongoDB CDC connector must be _id
INLONG-4659[Feature][Sort] Support routing field for Elasticsearch connector
INLONG-4650[Bug][Sort] Iceberg connector not found the Hive classpath
INLONG-4431[Feature][Sort] Sort lightwieght support load data to DLC
INLONG-4166[Feature][Sort] Add metrics test
INLONG-4894[Feature][Sort] Add TubeMQ extract node
INLONG-4890[Feature][Sort] Support TubeMQ connector
INLONG-5315[Feature][Sort] Import all changelog mode data ingest into JDBC
INLONG-5312[Feature][Sort] Add unified inlong.metric parameter injection support for nodes
INLONG-5451[Improve][Sort] kafka sink use customized partitioner
INLONG-5446[Feature][Sort] Add reporting metric from JDBC to audit SDK and refactor according to connector-base
INLONG-5353[Bug][Sort] Fix HBase connector packaging problem and inlong metrics delimiter problem
INLONG-5217[Feature][Sort] Add connector-base component for common code
INLONG-5074[Improve][Sort] KafkaExtractNode support more StartupMode
INLONG-5012[Improve][Sort] Remove the duplicate declaration of elasticsearch7
INLONG-4943[Improve][Sort] Remove redundant information in licenses
INLONG-4726[Feature][SortStandalone] Support ClickHouse sink
INLONG-4763[Feature][Sort] Import sort end2end unit test with sql file input
INLONG-4670[Improve][Sort] Update the for the sort
INLONG-4777[Feature][Sort-Standalone] Change ack policy from checking message count to checking every message


INLONG-5496[Improve][SDK] Refactor single topic manager in Sort SDK
INLONG-5418[Feature][SDK] Sort SDK support seek topic or partitions to a given timestamp
INLONG-5270[Feature][SDK] Add unit tests and manual for DataProxy C++ SDK
INLONG-5267[Feature][SDK] Add config file and demo for DataProxy C++ SDK
INLONG-5265[Feature][SDK] Build config for DataProxy C++ SDK
INLONG-5256[Feature][SDK] Support network operation and management for DataProxy C++ SDK
INLONG-5253[Feature][SDK] Support buffer manager for DataProxy C++ SDK
INLONG-5251[Feature][SDK] Add proxy client config and proxylist manager for DataProxy SDK(C++)
INLONG-5249[Feature][SDK] Add DataProxy SDK(C++) utils file
INLONG-5160[Improve][DataProxy-SDK] Update DataProxy cluster API and response parsing method
INLONG-5095[Feature][SortSDK] Support consume stream from a certain time
INLONG-5092[Feature][SDK] Change Kafka default partition assignment strategy to RangeAssignor
INLONG-4995[Improve][SDK] The md5 digest is not secure and triggers a CodeQL warning.
INLONG-4884[Bug][SortSDK] Fix data duplicated problem when default ackTimeout value of Pulsar consumer is not 0
INLONG-4871[Bug][SDK] The generateMd5 method generate md2 not md5
INLONG-4790[Improve][DataProxySDK] Replace DES with a more secure encryption algorithm
INLONG-5258[Feature][SDK] Add core interface for DataProxy C++ SDK


INLONG-5567[Bug][TubeMQ] Master start failed with NullPointerException
INLONG-5435[TubeMQ] Adjust the parameter requirements in Audit and Prometheus sections
INLONG-5386[Feature][TubeMQ] Supports reporting metrics data through Prometheus
INLONG-5373[Feature][TubeMQ] Supports outputting traffic information through the audit SDK
INLONG-5314[Bug][TubeMQ] When a non-master node is configured in the first position of the address, the service cannot be started
INLONG-5303[Improve][TubeMQ] Simplify flush check for appendMsg in FileMsgStore
INLONG-5281[Bug][TubeMQ] After running for a period of time, it has been unable to connect to the broker
INLONG-5138[Bug][TubeMQ] compile error with gcc >= 8.0 on rapidjson
INLONG-5097[Bug][TubeMQ] The protocol from 1.1.0 and later is not smoothly compatible with previous versions
INLONG-5087[Bug][TubeMQ] In MySQL 5.7 initialize the database failure: Unknown collation 'utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci'
INLONG-4942[Improve][TubeMQ] Add the display of the IP address of consumer
INLONG-4934[Bug][TubeMQ] Reversed value for admin_enable_stats methods
INLONG-4927[TubeMQ] Add version info in history offset record
INLONG-4924[TubeMQ] Add admin_get_methods method
INLONG-4883[TubeMQ] No error report for incorrect topic subscription
INLONG-4805[Bug][TubeMQ] Tube-Manager startup failed
INLONG-4721[TubeMQ] Remove the "incubat*" tag in the tubemq-go-sdk code
INLONG-4664[Feature][TubeMQ] Add GroupController and TopicBackendWorker
INLONG-4551[Feature][TubeMQ] Batch delete consumer groups and authorized consumer groups from the blacklist
INLONG-4123[BUG][TubeMQ] All images can not work when using go example
INLONG-5282[TubeMQ] An error when deploying tubemq-manager according to the documentation on the official website


INLONG-5583[Improve][K8S] Add timezone to helm chart
INLONG-5553[Imporve][Common] Adjust the log output level of MetricListenerRunnable
INLONG-5527[Improve][Docker] Add configmap.yaml for MySQL
INLONG-5439[Bug][Docker] Fix arm docker build script
INLONG-5294[Improve][CVE] Upgrade gson version due to CVE
INLONG-5292[Improve][CVE] Upgrade shiro version due to CVE
INLONG-5207[Improve][K8S] Add components for helm chart
INLONG-5190[Bug][Build] The build of InLong is missing some packages
INLONG-5182[Improve][CI] Upgrade apache-rat-plugin to compatible with parallel builds
INLONG-5179[Bug][K8S] External mysql information has not been used in manager
INLONG-5154[Improve][Doc] Update the architecture image
INLONG-5124[Improve] Add initial sort connectors to the manager docker image
INLONG-5115[Improve][Pom] There are redundant agent dependencies in Distribution
INLONG-5098[Improve][CI] Use maven parallel build feature to improve project workflow build speed
INLONG-5064[Improve][CI] Decrease Vulnerabilities Scan run time
INLONG-5016[Improve][CI] Improve Vulnerabilities Scan build speed
INLONG-5009[Bug][Docker] Dataproxy proc cannot startup
INLONG-4991[Improve] Update the lables for CI/CD workflows
INLONG-4977[Bug][K8s] Divide persistent volume claim by statefulsets
INLONG-4910[Improve][CI] CI_docker runs time too long
INLONG-4862[Improve][Docker] Add publish images by arch and push manifest script
INLONG-4838[Improve][Docker] Add MQ Type environment for Audit and DataProxy
INLONG-4827[Improve][Kubernets] Add Flink config into the YAML files
INLONG-4826[Bug][K8s] Helm upgrade inlong failed
INLONG-4769[Bug][CI] Error trigger conditions in the docker workflow
INLONG-4758[Improve][Doc] Command-line codes in README should remove the leading $ sign
INLONG-4746[Website] Modify the how-to-vote-a-committer-pmc file
INLONG-4737[Doc] Remove "(Incubating)" tag in licenses dirs
INLONG-4727[Doc] Update InLong project link in readme and pom.xml
INLONG-4724[Pom] Change version to 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
INLONG-4719[Improve][All] Remove commons-lang 2.6 dependency
INLONG-4717[Doc] Remove DISCLAIMER file
INLONG-4716[Bug][Doc] 404 issue for document links in guides
INLONG-4710[Improve][Website] Modify how to release and verify
INLONG-4708[Website] Modify the "(incubating)" tag associated with the link
INLONG-4702[Umbrella][Website][Doc] Remove incubation related content information
INLONG-4698[Improve][Doc] Update the definitions and features to make them accurate
INLONG-4696[Improve][Doc] Update the supported data nodes
INLONG-4673[Feature][Docker] Support for building Docker images for the ARM architecture
INLONG-4653[Improve][CI] Add concurrency support on GitHub Actions
INLONG-4636[Feature][CI] Add check PR title workflow
INLONG-4616[Improve][Office-Website] Set Apache events on footer
INLONG-4606[Improve][CI] Improve the trigger conditions of the Docker image build
INLONG-2440[Improve] add a workflow to Scan InLong common vulnerabilities
INLONG-1831[Feature] Add official website content search button