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1.4.0 release

InLong Source Code1.4.0Nov. 16, 2022[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.4.0Nov. 16, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.4.0Nov. 16, 2022[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-6376[Improve][Agent] Refactor sink and complement send metric
INLONG-6366[Bug][Agent] Missing position update operation when data is successfully sent in order-send mode
INLONG-6332[Bug][Agent] Reboot will reset file position
INLONG-6251[Bug][Agent] The unit test occurred ConcurrentModification error
INLONG-6207[Improve][Agent] Optimize the unit test for TestSQLServerReader
INLONG-6197[Improve][Agent] Remove useless configuration in
INLONG-6194[Feature][Agent] Support parsing metrics for different components
INLONG-6181[Feature][Agent][DataProxy][Manager] Support query and management for cluster protocol type
INLONG-6131[Feature][Agent] Support file filtering by condition
INLONG-6115[Bug][Agent] Prometheus listeners miss some metrics
INLONG-6047[Bug][Agent] File could not be matched in the k8s
INLONG-6033[Improve][Agent] Support for hidden directories
INLONG-6022[Bug][Agent] Lost metrics values with send and read
INLONG-6009[Improve][Agent] Report data size to InLong Audit
INLONG-5988[Improve][Agent] Add the Partition Key settings for file source
INLONG-5948[Improve][Agent][DataProxy] Add the enable audit environment
INLONG-5909[Bug][Agent] WatchService is no effect in the k8s
INLONG-5874[Improve][Agent] Add msgTime attribute in PackProxyMessage
INLONG-5861[Improve][Agent] Support symbolic links for file
INLONG-5828[Bug][Agent] Merge data error when collect nonstandard log of k8s
INLONG-5803[Bug][Agent] NPE when collect file data
INLONG-5743[Feature][Agent] Read file data continuously through the monitoring file
INLONG-5741[Improve][Agent] Keep the docker config of Agent consistent with physical machine
INLONG-5722[Feature][Agent] Support Redis Source
INLONG-5720[Bug][Agent] The data file cannot be fetched
INLONG-5675[Improve][Agent] Support custom fixed ip for Agent
INLONG-5045[Feature][Agent] Support collect data from MongoDB
INLONG-4986[Feature][Agent] Support MQTT Source
INLONG-6327[Improve][Agent] Support collect data from SQLServer by Debezium
INLONG-6176[Feature][Agent] Support collect data from Oracle


INLONG-6439[Improve][DataProxy] Added service status and load fields in heartbeat request
INLONG-6406[Improve][DataProxy] Should support creating sink dynamically after started
INLONG-6369[Improve][DataProxy] Use the defined message attribute key value in InLong-Common
INLONG-6331[Bug][DataProxy] Unable to obtain prometheus metrics correctly
INLONG-6329[Improve][DataProxy] Add proxy-send mode message logic
INLONG-6324[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize DataProxy's message processing on the source side
INLONG-6316[Bug][DataProxy] Heartbeat information is null
INLONG-6285[Improve][DataProxy] Add authorization info while reporting heartbeat to Manager
INLONG-6278[Improve][DataProxy] Needless to sleep() for order event
INLONG-6266[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Change the heartbeat configuration
INLONG-6234[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust the source report information acquisition source
INLONG-6228[Improve][DataProxy] Modify the default values of the dataproxy-tube.conf file
INLONG-6217[Improve][DataProxy] Delete the in the file
INLONG-6181[Feature][Agent][DataProxy][Manager] Support query and management for cluster protocol type
INLONG-6156[Bug][DataProxy] Twice event write when topic is empty
INLONG-6065[Bug][DataProxy] Delete the Pulsar client synchronously when deleting a topic
INLONG-6052[Bug][DataProxy] Wrong value set in PulsarClientService
INLONG-6049[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize exception stack information is not printed in some scenes
INLONG-6040[Bug][DataProxy] DataProxy does not fully update the configurations
INLONG-6012[Bug][DataProxy] Adjust the fields statistics unit in DataProxyMetricItemSet
INLONG-6005[Bug][DataProxy] Bug with metics values
INLONG-5948[Improve][Agent][DataProxy] Add the enable audit environment
INLONG-5917[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize TubeSink class
INLONG-5899[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize Http's SimpleMessageHandler class
INLONG-5880[Improve][DataProxy] Add data reporting time process logic
INLONG-5834[Bug][DataProxy] The sink metric in MQ Zone has some mistakes
INLONG-5830[Bug][DataProxy] Required parameter topic exception
INLONG-5788[Bug][DataProxy] Incorrect readFailSize metric value
INLONG-5770[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the method of obtaining the local IP address
INLONG-5723[Bug][DataProxy] Source and sink metrics are incorrect when msgType=5
INLONG-5718[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix the conflict of %m and %mask in the log4j2.xml
INLONG-5658[Bug][DataProxy] Docker script error
INLONG-4962[Improve][DataProxy] Unify the Usage of Message Queue
INLONG-1959[Feature][Manager][DataProxy] Support register DataProxy IP to the Manager automatically


INLONG-6446[Bug][TubeMQ] Fix misuse of SECT_TOKEN_BROKER
INLONG-6422[Bug][TubeMQ] Deleting the topic was unsuccessful
INLONG-6421[Bug][TubeMQ] Host should not be blank
INLONG-6419[Bug][TubeMQ] Correct some misuse of META_DEFAULT_BROKER_PORT
INLONG-6303[Improve][TubeMQ] Unify the guava version for the TubeMQ manager
INLONG-6158[Improve][TubeMQ] Add ZooKeeper request timeout configuration
INLONG-6142[Improve][TubeMQ] Added client-balanced consumer group control API
INLONG-6138[Improve][TubeMQ] Update the API called by the js files in the resource
INLONG-6133[Improve][TubeMQ] Add query parameter groupName in method admin_query_consumer_regmap
INLONG-6126[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize StoreRepairAdmin logic
INLONG-6124[Improve][TubeMQ] Small optimizations about the implementation of metadata logic
INLONG-6117[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize the implementation of adminQueryBrokerTopicCfgAndRunInfo
INLONG-6110[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize the implementation logic of adding or modifying TopicCtrlEntity records
INLONG-6108[Improve][TubeMQ] Added booked consume group query APIs
INLONG-6098[Improve][TubeMQ] Add preprocessing condition check
INLONG-6096[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize some code styles under the nodeconsumer module
INLONG-6092[Bug][TubeMQ] Change the way to obtain the modifyUser and modifyDate
INLONG-6038[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize FlowCtrlRuleHandler.updateFlowCtrlInfo()
INLONG-6035[Improve][TubeMQ] Add Broker's message append and file refresh delay statistics
INLONG-6019[Improve][TubeMQ] Modify the name of variables and APIs in Broker statistics related classes
INLONG-5946[Improve][TubeMQ] AbstractDaemonService implementation optimization
INLONG-5907[Improve][TubeMQ] Replace the while-sleep with ScheduledExecutorService for tube server loopProcess
INLONG-5867[Improve][TubeMQ] Add registered partition information printing
INLONG-5859[Improve][TubeMQ] Optimize redundant code in DefaultOffsetManager
INLONG-5848[Bug][TubeMQ] Get duplicated call when calling TubeMQConsumer::Start()
INLONG-5795[Improve][TubeMQ]Optimize the implementation of ConsumerEvent.toStrBuilder()
INLONG-5748[Improve][TubeMQ] Remove the virtual keyword of the destructor of the TubeMQTDMsg and DataItem classes
INLONG-5700[Bug][TubeMQ] Core file generated while the C++ consumer is closed
INLONG-5687[Improve][TubeMQ] Missing log content in the tests directory
INLONG-5681[Bug][TubeMQ] The C++ SDK does not switch after the active Master node hangs up


INLONG-6415[Bug][Manager] JSON serialization failure in SortSourceService
INLONG-6412[Improve][Manager] Add a parameter to control whether to initiate the process for StreamSink
INLONG-6410[Bug][Manager] The extension parameters of group and stream cannot be saved to ext_params
INLONG-6399[Feature][Manager] Support adding extension params for InLong Group and InLong Stream
INLONG-6395[Bug][Manager] Wrong annotation in the delete method of InlongStreamApi
INLONG-6387[Improve][Manager] Adapt auto-push source type status and fix source field update
INLONG-6371[Bug][Manager] Lack of topic and cache zone properties in getSortSource method
INLONG-6361[Bug][Manager] Fix the deserialization error below jackson version 2.13
INLONG-6352[Improve][Manager] Add a global config for whether to use ZooKeeper to manage the Sort task
INLONG-6349[Feature][Manager] Support update and delete StreamSink by key in Client
INLONG-6347[Bug][Manager] MQ type is missing from the getSortSource method and NPE should not be thrown
INLONG-6343[Bug][Manager] Get NullPointerException when bind cluster
INLONG-6297[Feature][Manager] Refactor the PollerPlugin and SortPoller interfaces
INLONG-6288[Feature][Manager] Refactor getSortClusterConfig by using MyBatis Cursor
INLONG-6282[Bug][Manager] The client deletes the sources or sinks not working
INLONG-6276[Bug][Manager] The data separator is a number when submitting the Sort task
INLONG-6268[Improve][Manager] Support raw format for Load nodes
INLONG-6266[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Change the heartbeat configuration
INLONG-6248[Feature][Manager] Optimize task status management
INLONG-6232[Feature][Manager] Support Apache Doris load node management
INLONG-6222[Bug][Manager] Parse the source type error in Command tools
INLONG-6220[Improve][Manager] Support query cluster nodes by the manager client
INLONG-6216[Feature][Manager] Support getting topic and backup topic for InlongGroup
INLONG-6209[Improve][Manager] Clean and reuse code for DataNode
INLONG-6192[Improve][Manager] Clean and reuse code for StreamSink
INLONG-6188[Bug][Manager] Join transform node should supports more than one fields to join
INLONG-6181[Feature][Agent][DataProxy][Manager] Support query and management for cluster protocol type
INLONG-6179[Feature][Manager] Add RAW dataformat enum
INLONG-6171[Bug][Manager] Fix the lightweight group node relation compatibility error
INLONG-6159[Bug][Manager] Heartbeat update failed but return success
INLONG-6154[Feature][Manager] Support to get audit data from the ClickHouse
INLONG-6151[Feature][Manager] Add logically deleted group purging
INLONG-6146[Bug][Manager] Using error jackson dependency when build dataflow json string
INLONG-6136[Bug][Manager] Cannot find manager-web.log in docker mode
INLONG-6121[Bug][Manager] Stream source list not assigned when list stream info
INLONG-6105[Umbrella][Manager] Manager support delete/update by unique key
INLONG-6104[Feature][Manager] Support getting backup info in getSortSource
INLONG-6101[Feature][Manager] Support updating and deleting inlong cluster by key
INLONG-6089[Feature][Manager][Sort] Kafka extract node supports raw format and timestamp scan mode
INLONG-6088[Improve][Sort][Manager] Scan mode support timestamp for Kafka extract node
INLONG-6086[Feature][Manager] Support updating and deleting stream sink by key
INLONG-6085[Improve][Manager] Remove the unused data consumption related classes
INLONG-6080[Bug][Manager] Change the unused DataNodeResponse to DataNodeInfo
INLONG-6078[Improve][Manager][Sort] Add VarBinary data type and extend binary for supporting length
INLONG-6068[Improve][Manager] Optimize the usage of ObjectMapper
INLONG-6063[Feature][Manager] Use the data node info for ClickHouse and Iceberg
INLONG-6042[Feature][Manager] Support updating and deleting DataNode by key
INLONG-6018[Improve][Manager] Using the Hive data node when creating group resources
INLONG-6014[Bug][Manager] Int type cannot be compared with null using ==
INLONG-6004[Feature][Manager] Command tools add CRUD for inlong cluster node
INLONG-6003[Bug][Manager] The transform source node relation is incorrect under standard mode
INLONG-6001[Improve][Manager] Workflow cannot be triggered when a new sink is created under a successful stream
INLONG-6000[Feature][Manager] Abstract Topic info to facilitate the expansion of different MQ
INLONG-5998[Bug][Manager] Sub-source suffix name not consistent with the validation rule
INLONG-5996[Improve][Manager] Add a previous status field for InlongConsume
INLONG-5990[Feature][Manager] Command tools add CRUD for inlong cluster tag
INLONG-5984[Improve][Manager] Optimize the logic related to the InlongConsume process
INLONG-5978[Feature][Manager] Add protocol type in cluster nodes
INLONG-5975[Bug][Manager] Unify transform node processing in both lightweight and standard modes
INLONG-5962[Improve][Manager] Add additional parameters for the Agent cluster
INLONG-5956[Feature][Manager] Support MySQL node configuration
INLONG-5953[Bug][Manager] DataProxy nodes are not filtered by status when necessary
INLONG-5936[Bug][Manager] Wrong return type in cluster API
INLONG-5919[Bug][Manager] Failed to obtain the group information of mq type kafka
INLONG-5904[Bug][Manager] Manager client and client tools missing some packages
INLONG-5897[Feature][Manager] Support query audit data by user role
INLONG-5885[Improve][Manager] Refactor the task issue logic to simply code complexity
INLONG-5881[Improve][Manager] JDBC URL of MySQL was vulnerable to security attacks
INLONG-5876[Feature][Manager] Remove the check of data separator to support custom it
INLONG-5875[Bug][Manager] Sub source version is incorrectly copied from template entity
INLONG-5863[Feature][Manager] Extend Redis extract node
INLONG-5849[Bug][Manager] The inlong group ext info was not updated by the client
INLONG-5846[Bug][Manager] SQL exception to check if consumer exists
INLONG-5844[Bug][Manager] Sub sources should be filtered when querying task status
INLONG-5836[Bug][Manager] Stream source status related behavior problem fix
INLONG-5825[Bug][Manager] SortSourceService should not limit the MQ type of group
INLONG-5824[Bug][Manager] Logging is broken due to log4j conflicts
INLONG-5820[Bug][Manager] AutoPush source task cannot be deleted properly
INLONG-5812[Bug][Manager] If the data groupfails to be executed after approval it cannot be executed again
INLONG-5810[Feature][Manager] Supplement the workflow event API in the manager client
INLONG-5799[Bug][Manager] The stream source task is unable to be stopped/deleted/restarted
INLONG-5781[Feature][Manager] Support creating consumer groups for all sinks
INLONG-5775[Improve][Manager] Add unit tests for the Inlong Consume
INLONG-5769[Bug][Manager] Unsupported type=FILE for SourceOperateListener
INLONG-5765[Feature][Manager] Supplement the heartbeat API in the manager client
INLONG-5756[Improve][Manager] Change the accept condition for SortConfigListener
INLONG-5752[Improve][Manager] Change the text type to medium text to avoid saving long data failed
INLONG-5739[Feature][Manager] Supplement the anno API in the manager client
INLONG-5729[Bug][Manager] Suspend the agent sources failed as the inlong group cannot be updated
INLONG-5726[Improve][Manager] Remove unused DB and File source classes
INLONG-5718[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix the conflict of %m and %mask in the log4j2.xml
INLONG-5705[Bug][Manager] The PageInfo was deprecated in the pagination quey
INLONG-5703[Feature][Manager] Add separator-related fields for File/Kafka and Pulsar sources
INLONG-5701[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support raw format
INLONG-5698[Bug][Manager] The DataProxy cluster tag was restored after restarting the manager
INLONG-5694[Bug][Manager] Get the inlong group failed when the Init-Sort task execution failed
INLONG-5691[Bug][Manager] Database field length is too small for agent_ip
INLONG-5689[Feature][Manager] PulsarSource support set fieldDelimiter when use CSV format
INLONG-5680[Bug][Manager][Sort] Fix field relation object generate error cause generate union SQL throw NPE
INLONG-5670[Bug][Manager] Mask sensitive message in Java stack traces
INLONG-5650[Improve][Manager] Remove the non-null check of the Pulsar adminURL
INLONG-5611[Bug][Manager] Wrong sink status after updating the sink info when the inlong group was not submitted
INLONG-5302[Feature][Manager] Supports the extension of data consumption for different MQs
INLONG-5290[Improve][Manager] Optimize the objects returned by paging queries
INLONG-5102[Feature][Manager] Support CRUD for inlong cluster
INLONG-5049[Feature][Manager] Improve user management
INLONG-5043[Feature][Manager] Add Apache Doris load node management
INLONG-4976[Feature][Manager] Support Kafka
INLONG-1959[Feature][Manager][DataProxy] Support register DataProxy IP to the Manager automatically
INLONG-5776[Improve][Manager] Add tenant param for Pulsar info
INLONG-5024[Bug][Manager] The error message is not right when deleting a successful inlong group


INLONG-6402[Improve][Sort] Modify the metadata field of Oracle connector
INLONG-6401[Bug][Sort] Schema update is stuck in an endless loop and causes stack overflow in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6382[Bug][Sort] Iceberg data is messed up when the source table has no primary key in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6379[Bug][Sort] Iceberg misses metric data in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6373[Bug][Sort] The time value is wrong when the data type is datetime and timestamp
INLONG-6370[Bug][Sort] The debezium format supported by all-db-migration should be 'u' or 'update'
INLONG-6356[Bug][Sort] Verify all field types for Oracle connector
INLONG-6353[Bug][Sort] Fix delete event handle error for doris connector
INLONG-6345[Bug][Sort] Add metrics for Doris connector
INLONG-6335[Bug][Sort] MySql all migrate not support blob and binary data
INLONG-6326[Improve][Sort] Incorrect log type in the all migrate converter
INLONG-6322[Bug][Sort] Fix write data incorrect for doris connector with sink multiple scenario
INLONG-6318[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector supports snapshots and restores the metric state
INLONG-6311[Bug][Sort] Missing fields error for the old Canal JSON data in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6307[Improve][Sort] Add whether to ignore single-table error policy processing for multiple sink of DorisLoadNode
INLONG-6301[Bug][Sort] Add metrics and strategies for the Doris connector
INLONG-6296[Improve][Sort] Split one record to multiple records when the physical data has more records for KafkaLoadNode
INLONG-6283[Bug][Sort] JAR conflict between sort-dist and sort-connector
INLONG-6274[Feature][Sort] Support multiple sink for IcebergLoadNode
INLONG-6271[Bug][Sort] Unhandled update_before data in canal json in multiple sink scene
INLONG-6256[Feature][Sort] Support debezium-json format with schema parse for DebeziumJsonDynamicSchemaFormat
INLONG-6250[Bug][Sort] MySQL -> Iceberg exception when data is timestamp
INLONG-6246[Feature][Sort] Import multiple sink option and schema update handle policy
INLONG-6243[Feature][Sort] Support custom name for Sort job
INLONG-6214[Feature][Sort] Import schema and data parsing ability for DynamicSchemaFormat
INLONG-6212[Feature][Sort] Support multiple sink for DorisLoadNode
INLONG-6174[Feature][Sort] MySQL connector support meta data with debezium format
INLONG-6166[Bug][Sort] Fix can not get pkNames metadata for MySqlExtractNode
INLONG-6160[Feature][Sort] Support dynamic partition for KafkaLoadNode
INLONG-6152[Feature][Sort] MySQL connector support filtering kinds of row data
INLONG-6149[Bug][Sort] Iceberg delete key cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
INLONG-6116[Feature][Sort] Support dynamic topic for KafkaLoadNode
INLONG-6113[Feature][Sort] Mysql cdc connector support read table schema when using debezium function
INLONG-6089[Feature][Manager][Sort] Kafka extract node supports raw format and timestamp scan mode
INLONG-6088[Improve][Sort][Manager] Scan mode support timestamp for Kafka extract node
INLONG-6078[Improve][Manager][Sort] Add VarBinary data type and extend binary for supporting length
INLONG-6045[Feature][Sort] Support all migrate for Oracle connector
INLONG-6027[Bug][Sort] Dlc did not restore metric data successfully
INLONG-6016[Bug][Sort] Serialization failed when submit load DLC sort job
INLONG-5992[Bug][Sort] Fix runtimeContext not initialized in JDBC and ES when reload metric status
INLONG-5971[Feature][Sort] Support metrics state restore for dlc-iceberg connector
INLONG-5970[Feature][Sort] Support metrics state restore for iceberg connector
INLONG-5969[Feature][Sort] Support metrics state restore for hive connector
INLONG-5959[Feature][Sort] Support metric state recovery for filesystem
INLONG-5955[Feature][Sort] Support metric state recovery for HBase
INLONG-5952[Feature][Sort] Support metrics state restore for Pulsar connector without adminurl
INLONG-5950[Feature][Sort] Support metric state recovery for mongodb-cdc
INLONG-5944[Improve][Sort] Add metric state for es6 and es7
INLONG-5943[Improve][Sort] Add metric state for JDBC
INLONG-5940[Improve][Sort] Compatible with the old version of sort protocol with mysql and kafka extract node
INLONG-5933[Feature][Sort] Support metric state recovery for mongodb-cdc
INLONG-5930[Feature][Sort] Support metric state recovery for sqlserver-cdc
INLONG-5922[Improve][Sort] Add metric state for Kafka and modify mysql metric init
INLONG-5913[Improve][Sort] Add metric state for Oracle
INLONG-5903[Improve][Sort] Make InLong metric constructs factory more cohesive
INLONG-5889[Bug][Sort] Fix MySQL node JDBC for RCE vulnerability
INLONG-5822[Bug][Sort] The metric is empty for Elasticsearch
INLONG-5818[Bug][Sort] Wrong metric computing for Pulsar connector
INLONG-5784[Improve][Sort] Add metric state for PostgreSQL
INLONG-5767[Improve][Sort] IOUtils interface is incompatible in jdk17
INLONG-5762[Bug][Sort] The computing of Pulsar source metric was wrong
INLONG-5754[Bug][Sort] Fix Pulsar connecotr deserialize complex format with multiple data will cause data loss
INLONG-5746[Feature][Sort] Add SPI path for Inlong PB msg
INLONG-5737[Bug][Sort] InLongMsg with inner format raw deserialize will throw NullPointException
INLONG-5733[Bug][Sort] Slf4j class conflict in Hive connector
INLONG-5712[Bug][Sort] Fix class not found in Elasticsearch 6 connector for producting
INLONG-5701[Feature][Manager][Sort] Support raw format
INLONG-5680[Bug][Manager][Sort] Fix field relation object generate error cause generate union SQL throw NPE
INLONG-5637[Bug][Sort] Fix kafka load node npe error
INLONG-5613[Feature][Sort] Add interval join support for FlinkSqlParser
INLONG-5608[Improve][Sort] Reformat connector codes for reporting metrics
INLONG-5599[Feature][Sort] Add temporal join support for mysql
INLONG-5469[Feature][Sort] Add metric for Hive with Flink metrics group and audit SDK
INLONG-5193[Feature][Sort] Dlc load data support auto compact file


INLONG-6309[Bug][Audit] Druid connection pool still init when the store mode is not MySQL
INLONG-6289[Feature][Docker][Audit] Add configuration to choose starting proxy or store or both
INLONG-6069[Bug][Audit] Not initialized the service before ClickHouse starts
INLONG-6031[Improve][Audit] Clean code for InLong Audit
INLONG-6026[Bug][Audit] SQL file executed error for ClickHouse in Audit
INLONG-6024[Bug][Audit] Invalid default value for 'sdk_ts'
INLONG-5963[Bug][Audit] Solve the sdk memory leak problem
INLONG-5772[Improve][Audit] The config is missing the comment on ClickHoue option
INLONG-5710[Bug][Audit] The clickhouse storage service is not initialized properly


INLONG-6397[Feature][Dashboard] Support management for MySQL data node
INLONG-6391[Feature][Dashboard] Supports deep merge of field decorator
INLONG-6375[Feature][Dashboard] Cluster supports new Kafka type
INLONG-6365[Improve][Dashboard] Modify the options of the data type and modify some file names
INLONG-6363[Feature][Dashboard] InLong Group supports Kafka MQ
INLONG-6359[Improve][Dashboard] The utils method adds null data compatibility
INLONG-6330[Improve][Dashboard] Other sinks support asynchronous loading of plugins
INLONG-6315[Feature][Dashboard] Support Doris sink
INLONG-6273[Umbrella][Dashboard] Ability to load plugins asynchronously
INLONG-6185[Bug][Dashboard] The suffix configuration function will only be executed once
INLONG-6163[Bug][Dashboard] Form will lose old data when data changes are merged
INLONG-5986[Improve][Dashboard] Support fieldType field to set length
INLONG-5938[Bug][Dashboard] The API parameter of calling to get the topic is lost
INLONG-5931[Improve][Dashboard] Support query audit data by user role
INLONG-5926[Improve][Dashboard] Change the consume related config to adapt the Manager module
INLONG-5911[Improve][Dashboard] Modify the data group name to the data stream group
INLONG-5901[Improve][Dashboard] Unified sinks type definition
INLONG-5832[Improve][Dashboard] Unified sources type definition
INLONG-5814[Bug][Dashboard] Supports setting the precision of a field when adding a table field
INLONG-5798[Improve][Dashboard] Support stream fields extends
INLONG-5761[Feature][Dashboard] Add agent type to cluster management
INLONG-5749[Bug][Dashboard] Bad node public params
INLONG-5735[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the development environment and enable vite
INLONG-5731[Feature][Dashboard] Add data node management
INLONG-5696[Bug][Dashboard] EditableTable value update error when columns change
INLONG-5122[Bug][Dashboard] The whitelist input format of binlog source need to be optimized


INLONG-6190[Improve][SDK] Add protocolType field in DataProxy config
INLONG-6182[Bug][SDK] RequestTimeoutMillis initialization value error
INLONG-6119[Improve][SDK] Avoid printing a lot of useless logs
INLONG-5808[Feature][SDK] SortSdk support InlongMsg
INLONG-5796[Improve][SDK] Optimize fetcher builders
INLONG-5665[Improve][SDK] Invoke callback in each MQ message
INLONG-5642[Improve][SDK] Change SDK(cpp) logger framework
INLONG-5623[Feature][SDK] Support multi-topic fetcher for Kafka
INLONG-5621[Feature][SDK] Support multi-topic fetcher for Pulsar
INLONG-5495[Feature][SDK] Support multi-topic manager
INLONG-5437[Feature][SDK] Support initializing SDK(cpp) by ClientConfig object
INLONG-6389[Bug][Docker] Configuration file name is different with MQ_TYPE
INLONG-6341[Improve][Docker] Update the default cluster name for Agent
INLONG-6339[Improve][Docker] Add a global variable to define the InLong version
INLONG-6289[Feature][Docker][Audit] Add configuration to choose starting proxy or store or both
INLONG-6280[Feature][Docker] Add tools for dashboard image
INLONG-6241[Feature][Docker] Add manager and audit database name configuration
INLONG-6169[Improve][Docker] Make the topic and address configurable for the audit store
INLONG-6140[Bug][Docker] Docker compose yml config type error
INLONG-5890[Bug][Docker] Can not connect the MySQL deployed by Docker
INLONG-5870[Bug][Docker] Build arm images failed
INLONG-5816[Bug][Docker] CI build images lost aarch64 arch
INLONG-5652[Bug][Docker] Push aarch64 images failed
INLONG-6291[Improve][CVE] Denial of Service (DoS) risks of the org.ini4j
INLONG-6263[Improve][CVE] Upgrade to 30.0-jre
INLONG-6236[Improve][CVE] Resource exhaustion can occur because of a lack of a check in primitive value for jackson-databind
INLONG-6231[Improve][CVE] There are 1 security vulnerabilities found in org.apache.hive:hive-exec 3.1.2
INLONG-5789[Improve][CVE] Apache Hadoop argument injection vulnerability
INLONG-5786[Improve][CVE] PostgreSQL JDBC Driver SQL Injection in ResultSet.refreshRow() with malicious column names
INLONG-5647[Bug][CVE] There is a vulnerability in Jetty 9.4.44.v20210927: Java based HTTP/1.x HTTP/2 / Servlet / WebSocket Server
INLONG-5645[Bug][CVE] There is a vulnerability in pagehelper 5.3.0
INLONG-6082[Bug][CI] The greeting action runs failed
INLONG-5724[Improve][CI] Skip the apache-rat-plugin when building the docker-compose