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1.5.0 release

InLong Source Code1.5.0Jan. 13, 2023[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.5.0Jan. 13, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.5.0Jan. 13, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-6970[Improve][Agent] Improve Agent UnitTest
INLONG-6960[Bug][Agent] Generate repeat UUID for different messages in some cases
INLONG-6759[Improve][Agent] Improve code style
INLONG-6730[Improve][Agent] Change MOCK task type
INLONG-6704[Feature][Agent] Add pulsar sink
INLONG-6681[Feature][Agent] Support settings for agent's data report-to


INLONG-7086[Improve][DataProxy] Add default ext tag report value
INLONG-7054[Improve][DataProxy] Add the processing of the rtms field
INLONG-6985[Improve][DataProxy] Make maxMonitorCnt setting configurable
INLONG-6964[Bug][DataProxy] Caught when deploy in docker-compose
INLONG-7070[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix pulling MQ configuration problem
INLONG-6955[Improve][Script] Support starts the DataProxy with Kafka in the deployment script
INLONG-6848[Improve][DataProxy] Support original InlongMsg protocol and headers
INLONG-6802[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Adapt Apache Kafka as cache cluster
INLONG-6738[Feature][DataProxy] New MQ sink integration with TCP source
INLONG-6717[Feature][DataProxy] Support BufferQueueChannel
INLONG-6715[Bug][DataProxy] Fix json problem in data proxy
INLONG-6702[Improve][DataProxy] Modify the default network card name to obtain the local IP
INLONG-6604[Bug][DataProxy] Fix can not get the local IP in the docker container
INLONG-6602[Bug][DataProxy] The IP config was invalid
INLONG-6593[Bug][DataProxy] Compile and build failed
INLONG-6592[Feature][DataProxy] Fix the problem of missing OrderEvent
INLONG-6438[Improve][SDK] DataProxy-SDK parses and handles ack response from DataProxy
INLONG-6153[Feature][DataProxy] Optimize the sink architecture


INLONG-6997[Improve][TubeMQ] Add sendMessage and getMessage latency statistics
INLONG-6638[Bug][TubeMQ] The C++ client does not support filtering consume with the - character
INLONG-6611[Feature][TubeMQ] Base implementation of TubeMQ C++ Producer
INLONG-6579[Bug][TubeMQ] The updated version causes the consumer group permissions to be abnormal
INLONG-6535[Improve][TubeMQ] The storage space used by the offset of TubeMQ broker is too large
INLONG-4969[Feature][TubeMQ] Python SDK for Producing Message
INLONG-7106[Improve][TubeMQ] Add reset offset API by time


INLONG-7070[Bug][Manager][DataProxy] Fix pulling MQ configuration problem
INLONG-7067[Feature][Manager] Provide MQ cluster info in consumption details
INLONG-7049[Feature][Manager] Support complex datatypes in Hudi Sink
INLONG-7040[Improve][Manager] Make the display name more easy to read
INLONG-7039[Bug][Manager] Unknown method isNoneBlank
INLONG-7028[Bug][Manager] Failed to query the task status
INLONG-7026[Bug][Manager] A kafka topic is created without checking whether the topic exists
INLONG-7011[Bug][Manager] Check Pulsar non-partitioned table if exist
INLONG-6992[Bug][Manager] The agent is always in the status of TO_BE_ISSUED_DELETE.
INLONG-6988[Feature][Manager] Use the data node info for StarRocks
INLONG-6961[Feature][Dashboad][Manager] Support for handling non-InlongMsg formats
INLONG-6938[Feature][Manager] Support create StarRocks database or table
INLONG-6933[Improve][Manager] Add OpenAPIs for InLong stream-source and stream-transform operations
INLONG-6918[Improve][Manager] Command tools support Transform
INLONG-6909[Improve][Manager] Rename Flink Job to avoid conflicts
INLONG-6905[Improve][Manager] Add OpenAPIs for InLong cluster and data node operations
INLONG-6876[Improve][Manager] Always enable "scan.incremental.snapshot" for MySQL extract node
INLONG-6860[Improve][Manager] Add open APIs related to inlong basic operations
INLONG-6835[Bug][Manager] Error about backup mq resource of DataProxy getAllConfig interface.
INLONG-6830[Improve][Manager] Optimize the config managerment of SortSDK
INLONG-6816[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove the DLC Iceberg-related files
INLONG-6815[Bug][Manager] Elasticsearch port parameter is missing
INLONG-6806[Bug][Manager] Failed to start the sort task because the es hosts parameter is incorrect
INLONG-6805[Bug][Manager] Workflow initialization threw NPE exception when esVersion attribute is null.
INLONG-6804[Bug][Manager] Workflow initialization threw IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported FieldType text or keyword
INLONG-6802[Improve][DataProxy][Manager] Adapt Apache Kafka as cache cluster
INLONG-6785[Feature][Manager] Support register and manage the resource of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6773[Bug][Manager] Sink cannot jump from the configuration to successful configuration
INLONG-6771[Improve][Manager] Add login failure limit
INLONG-6768[Bug][Manager] Unable to find the data node according to the keyword
INLONG-6763[Bug][Manager] Remove unnecessary validation when saving HiveSinkRequest
INLONG-6745[Feature][Manager]Support StarRocks load node management
INLONG-6737[Bug][Manager] Fix update failure by UpdateByKey methods
INLONG-6735[Feature][Sort][Manager] PostgreSQL connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6734[Bug][Manager] The DDL statement format of the Pulsar source does not match the front-end config
INLONG-6732[Bug][Manager] Fix wrong SortSDK topic properties
INLONG-6676[Feature][Manager] Support list all InlongTopicInfo under a given cluster tag
INLONG-6665[Bug][Manager] Unable to save additional information for Elasticsearch field
INLONG-6663[Improve][Manager] Move MQType from inlong-manager to inlong-common
INLONG-6659[Improve][Manager] Using the Elasticsearch data node when creating its resource
INLONG-6640[Feature][Manager][Sort] Function field type supports transform nodes
INLONG-6631[Improve][Manager] Annotate the InlongGroupProcessServiceTest function
INLONG-6621[Bug][Manager] Source tasks are issued repeatedly
INLONG-6610[Improve][Manager] Support the saving and query of data report-to settings
INLONG-6608[Feature][Manager] Support adding extension params for sink field
INLONG-6570[Bug][Manager] Cannot parse the field type with length when building the Sort config
INLONG-6568[Bug][Manager] The status of the deleted source is updated incorrectly
INLONG-6563[Bug][Manager] No error message is displayed when the group fails to be deleted
INLONG-6561[Bug][Manager] Failed to delete InlongGroup
INLONG-6544[Bug][Manager] The source status cannot be updated after stream configuration is completed
INLONG-6533[Bug][Manager] The manager did not distribute the task according to the clusterName
INLONG-6531[Improve][Manager] Add load value in the response of getIpList method
INLONG-6526[Bug][Manager] The manager-client force delete the stream source failed
INLONG-6525[Bug][Manager] Stream and source status cannot be updated
INLONG-6517[Bug][Manager] Failed to delete stream sink when the inlong group was config_failed
INLONG-6516[Bug][Manager] NPE is thrown when startup the Sort task in the InlongStream workflow
INLONG-6515[Bug][Manager] NPE is thrown in the cache configuration of DataProxy
INLONG-6505[Feature][Manager] Support Kafka MQ in Inlong Consume
INLONG-6502[Improve][Manager] Optimize some log and code formats
INLONG-6497[Feature][Manager] Support Elasticsearch cluster
INLONG-6496[Feature][Manager] Support Elasticsearch datanode
INLONG-6491[Feature][Manager] Support getting backup info in getAllConfig
INLONG-6487[Improve][Manager] Add API to force delete the stream source
INLONG-6477[Feature][Manager] Supplement the consume API in the manager client
INLONG-6463[Improve][Manager] Support create subscription and topic of multiple pulsar cluster
INLONG-6451[Improve][Manager] Rewrite getSourcesMap for Kafka source operator
INLONG-6426[Feature][Manager] SortSourceService support multi stream under one group
INLONG-6044[Improve][Manager] Distinguish between group and stream configuration processes
INLONG-5024[Bug][Manager] The error message is not right when deleting a successful inlong group
INLONG-7104[Improve][Manager] Add database change script of InlongManager
INLONG-5776[Improve][Manager] Add tenant param for Pulsar info


INLONG-7083[Feature][Sort] StarRocks connector supports dirty data archives and metric
INLONG-7076[Feature][Sort] Add multi table sink for MySQL
INLONG-7075[Improve][Sort] Add table level metric and dirty data backup for PostgreSQL
INLONG-7066[Improve][Sort] Kafka connector lost topic level dirty data metric and state restore for multi sink
INLONG-7037[Bug][Sort] Remove exception when topic does not exist
INLONG-7019[Improve][Sort] Rethrow the system error when flush data to doris
INLONG-7014[Improve][Sort] Mysql state restore is compatible with old task state
INLONG-7006[Improve][Sort] Optimize reading metric at the table level
INLONG-6978[Bug][Sort] Get primary keys for PostgreSQL
INLONG-6968[Bug][Sort] Encountered SqlParseException
INLONG-6962[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MySQL-CDC
INLONG-6949[Feature] support all rowkinds for metric computing and restore metrics state for dirty metric for jdbc connector
INLONG-6925[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MongoDB-CDC
INLONG-6914[Bug][Sort] Doris connector have a parallelism setting error
INLONG-6912[Improve][Sort] Add table level metric for Doris
INLONG-6908[Feature][Sort] Support all rowkinds for metric computing for es connector
INLONG-6907[Feature][Sort] Support to close StatsRecorder of pulsar client
INLONG-6899[Feature][Sort] StarRocks-CDC supports table level metrics
INLONG-6898[Feature][Sort] Unify metrics report model of SortStandalone
INLONG-6896[Feature][Sort] PostgreSQL-CDC supports metrics by database and table
INLONG-6886[Improve][Sort] Add dirty message for doris sink
INLONG-6884[Improve][Sort] Add dirty message for kafka connector
INLONG-6869[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for elasticsearch sink
INLONG-6864[Improve][Sort] Modify Hive metric computing to ensure metric data accuracy
INLONG-6858[Feature][Sort] Support extract node of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6839[Bug][Sort] Clean up remain event when the related stream offline
INLONG-6823[Bug][Sort] Parse the epoch date to normal date for Doris sink
INLONG-6822[Feature][Sort]Add multi table source for MongoDb
INLONG-6819[Feature][Sort]Add multi table sink for PostgresSQL
INLONG-6816[Improve][Sort][Manager] Remove the DLC Iceberg-related files
INLONG-6813[Bug][Sort] MetricStateUtils threw NPE when write to es and no dirtyRecordsOut counter
INLONG-6797[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for filesystem sink
INLONG-6795[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for hive sink
INLONG-6792[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for hbase sink
INLONG-6784[Feature][Sort] Support load node of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6782[Feature][Sort] Support Apache Hudi connector
INLONG-6780[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for JDBC connector and related sinks
INLONG-6770[Improve][Sort] Optimize EsSink params
INLONG-6765[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for Iceberg sink
INLONG-6754[Feature][Sort] Bump verison of pulsar-connector to
INLONG-6751[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for Oracle
INLONG-6749[Improve][Sort] Add dirty metric for Kafka
INLONG-6747[Feature][Sort]StarRocks connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6735[Feature][Sort][Manager] PostgreSQL connector supports transferring all tables for all schemas in one database
INLONG-6724[Feature][Sort] Supports dirty data side-output for doris sink
INLONG-6707[Improve][Sort] Delay the release of audit metrics
INLONG-6706[Bug][Sort] The client id of Kafka sink was wrong
INLONG-6675[Bug][Sort] Not report metrics because Flink SQL missing the metrics.audit.proxy.hosts info
INLONG-6657[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for Hive
INLONG-6640[Feature][Manager][Sort] Function field type supports transform nodes
INLONG-6639[Bug][Sort] DynamicPulsarDeserializationSchema threw NPE when sourceMetricData is not initialized
INLONG-6636[Improve][Sort] Keep metric computing consistent for source MySQL and sink HBase
INLONG-6626[Improve][Sort] Use SortClientV2 by default
INLONG-6620[Feature][Sort] Support metadata for Kafka source
INLONG-6619[Feature][Sort] Support dirty sink for connectors
INLONG-6617[Feature][Sort] Add common process for dirty data sink and supports log sink
INLONG-6615[Bug][Sort] Upsert Kafka will throw NPE when getting deleted record
INLONG-6600[Bug][SortStandalone] Dead lock when one stream is removed from or migrated to one sink
INLONG-6598[Improve][Sort] Import small file compact for Apache Iceberg
INLONG-6594[Bug][Sort] Clickhouse connector throw exception when source is change log stream
INLONG-6586[Bug][SortStandalone] Wrong node duration time of the Kafka sink
INLONG-6584[Improve][Sort] Add read phase metric and table level metric for MySQL
INLONG-6578[Bug][Sort] Failed to write Bitmap data to the Apache Doris
INLONG-6575[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for Filesystem
INLONG-6574[Improve][Sort] Add dirty data metric for HBase
INLONG-6552[Bug][Sort] MicroTimestamp data error in Oracle connector
INLONG-6548[Improve][Sort] Optimize metadata field naming for format of canal-json
INLONG-6538[Bug][Sort] Wrong bool type convert in multiple sink scenes
INLONG-6537[Bug][Sort] The decimal type loss of precision during DDL synchronization
INLONG-6529[Bug][Sort] Fix microtime time zone error in MySql connector
INLONG-6507[Bug][Sort] Should convert date type to timestamp type in Oracle connector
INLONG-6495[Improve][Sort] Support metrics and restore metrics for single-table of Doris
INLONG-6484[Bug][Sort] Fix schema update circular dependency error in multiple sink iceberg scenes
INLONG-6471[Bug][Sort] MySQL connector metric restore lost init data for sourceFunction
INLONG-6428[Feature][Sort] Support elasticsearch-5.x
INLONG-5628[Feature][SortStandalone] Add buffer limit for dispatch queue of the sink
INLONG-7090[Improve][Sort] Upgrade the version of Iceberg to 1.1.0
INLONG-7061[Feature][Sort] Support table level metrics for Apache Doris connector and add dirty metrics
INLONG-6788[Feature][Sort] Support the metric of Apache Hudi
INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information


INLONG-6852[Improve][Audit] agent and dataproxy report audit data when the program exits


INLONG-7092[Feature][Dashboard] Source and Sink as sub-concepts of Stream
INLONG-7064[Improve][Dashboard] Update the FilePathHelp value
INLONG-7063[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the topic name of the new consumption page
INLONG-7047[Improve][Dashboard] Specific meanings of data subscription list fields
INLONG-7045[Improve][Dashboard] Change the verification of InlongGroupId
INLONG-7043[Improve][Dashboard] Add field prompt for ES sink
INLONG-7032[Improve][Dashboard] Group creation page split basic information and MQ information
INLONG-7024[Improve][Dashboard] Type readable lowercase and title optimization in data integration
INLONG-7016[Improve][Dashboard] Approve page supports multiple columns
INLONG-7005[Feature][Dashboard] Support StarRocks node management
INLONG-7000[Improve][Dashboard] Add AVRO format for InlongStream
INLONG-6998[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Support ignore deserialization error data
INLONG-7009[Improve][Dashboard] The data node type supports lowercase
INLONG-6996[Improve][Dashboard] Add JSON format for InlongStream
INLONG-6994[Improve][Dashboard] Add MQ type filter box for inlong group and consume list
INLONG-6987[Improve][Dashboard] Writing standard when splicing Chinese and English words
INLONG-6983[Improve][Dashboard] Group page supports multiple columns
INLONG-6982[Improve][Dashboard] Data source and data storage bullet box title optimization
INLONG-6980[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the detail page of InlongGroup and InlongStream
INLONG-6975[Bug][Dashboard] The cluster name of the File source does not support modification
INLONG-6972[Improve][Dashboard] Change all "consumption" to "subscription" for data consumption
INLONG-6961[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Support for handling non-InlongMsg formats
INLONG-6940[Improve][Dashboard]Type name correction
INLONG-6948[Improve][Dashboard] Reset and modify the password input box
INLONG-6935[Improve][Dashboard] Add Key-Value format for InlongStream
INLONG-6930[Improve][Dashboard] Create a new cluster token placeholder configuration i18n
INLONG-6926[Improve][Dashboard] Change the cluster type and tag to lower case
INLONG-6923[Improve][Dashboard] Application and Approval Interchange for Approval Management
INLONG-6916[Improve][Dashboard] MQ type adds partition limit
INLONG-6904[Improve][Dashboard] File source type supports selecting agent cluster
INLONG-6900[Improve][Dashboard] Support pulling up the field list of Source in Sink
INLONG-6874[Improve][Dashboard] Stream removes the Raw-CSV data format
INLONG-6865[Improve][Dashboard] Support npm ci command for stable package-lock
INLONG-6843[Improve][Dashboard] ES datanode parameter improvement
INLONG-6837[Improve][Dashboard] ES sink support version), documentType and primaryKey options
INLONG-6826[Feature][Dashboard] Support loading different plugins using different loaders
INLONG-6824[Feature][Dashboard] Support StarRocks sink
INLONG-6800[Improve][Dashboard] MySQL sink supports selecting MySQL nodes
INLONG-6786[Feature][Dashboard] Supoort Apache Hudi sink management
INLONG-6775[Bug][Dashboard] There is a risk of source code exposure in the production environment
INLONG-6772[Feature][Dashboard] Support ClickHouse node management
INLONG-6761[Feature][Dashboard] Support Iceberg node management
INLONG-6758[Improve][Dashboard] Unify the log function components of Group and Stream
INLONG-6744[Improve][Dashboard] Hive sink supports selecting hive nodes
INLONG-6699[Feature][Dashboard] Support MQTT source
INLONG-6694[Improve][Dashboard] Create with filter value first, if there is a filter plugin
INLONG-6680[Bug][Dashboard] Set the plugin to default when there is no target plugin
INLONG-6678[Improve][Dashboard] Add sinkType parameter in sinkFieldList
INLONG-6661[Improve][Dashboard] Support Elasticsearch DataNode
INLONG-6651[Improve][Dashboard] Add settings for data report type
INLONG-6581[Bug][Dashboard] The file format prompt of the FILE source is wrong
INLONG-6572[Improve][Dashboard] Stream is not deleted by default when the sink is deleted
INLONG-6565[Bug][Dashboard] The operation of refreshing the sink configuration needs to be executed when the group configuration is successful
INLONG-6542[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize stream execution workflow and execution log
INLONG-6511[Bug][Dashboard] The Select/AutoComplete component in EditableTable will mistakenly change the value and cause re-rendering
INLONG-6504[Feature][Dashboard] Support stream to view execution log and execute workflow
INLONG-6498[Improve][Dashboard] Field resolution for unified inlong group approval
INLONG-6493[Bug][Dashboard] After the Stream is configured successfully), some parameters cannot be modified
INLONG-6482[Improve][Dashboard] Sink management distinguishes between save-only and save-and-submit processes
INLONG-6481[Feature][Dashboard] Supports management of SQLServer source
INLONG-6456[Feature][Dashboard] Supports management of Oracle sources
INLONG-6418[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of MongoDB source


INLONG-7098[Improve][Common] Add UUID in MonitorIndex
INLONG-7093[Improve][SDK] Add report time metric
INLONG-7035[Bug][SDK] The message id in DataProxy is not globally unique
INLONG-6955[Improve][Script] Support starts the DataProxy with Kafka in the deployment script
INLONG-6946[Feature][SDK] Support to consume subset of message queue cluster or topic
INLONG-6945[Feature][SDK] Unify metrics report model of SortSDK
INLONG-6944[Feature][SDK] Remove useless code of SortSDK
INLONG-6893[Bug][CI] Build and Push docker image skipped
INLONG-6888[Bug][CI] All Docker workflow failed
INLONG-6882[Improve][Docker] Update the docker-compose version requirement in the readme
INLONG-6879[Improve][CI] Use ubuntu-22.04 to replace ubuntu-latest for workflows
INLONG-6867[Improve][CVE] Protobuf Java vulnerable to Uncontrolled Resource Consumption
INLONG-6862[Improve][License] Use spotless to apply the asf header
INLONG-6841[Improve][Docker] Integrate InLong template to Grafana
INLONG-6838[Feature] Support multi addresses for ES load node
INLONG-6810[Improve][Pom] Versions for protobuf-maven-plugin and os-maven-plugin are not consistent
INLONG-6787[Feature][Doc] Add the usage document for Apache Hudi
INLONG-6777[Improve][CVE] Password exposure in H2 Database
INLONG-6685[Bug][Script] The bin/ compatible with MacOS
INLONG-6673[Improve][CVE] Apache Shiro Authentication Bypass vulnerability
INLONG-6624[Improve][Doc] Add Stargazers and Contributor chart for readme
INLONG-6555[Improve][CI] The set-output command is deprecated and will be disabled soon
INLONG-6550[Bug][SDK] Decode heartbeat response error
INLONG-6522[Improve][Docker] Add notes for building ARM images
INLONG-6475[Feature][Docker] Add a base flink environment for docker-compose
INLONG-6459[Improve][CI] Match the branch-version as release branch
INLONG-6429[Umbrella] Release InLong 1.4.0
INLONG-6417[Improve][SDK] Support proxy-send mode
INLONG-5669[Improve][SDK] Extract SortClientConfig parameters key to constants
INLONG-5231[Improve][CodeStyle] Add spotless to CI
INLONG-4957[Umbrella] Add Grafana Metrics Dashboard