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1.7.0 release

InLong Source Code1.7.0May. 19, 2023[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary file1.7.0May. 19, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary file1.7.0May. 19, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-7847[Bug][Agent] Failed to create MySQL reader
INLONG-7783[Feature][Agent] Support sink data tor Kafka
INLONG-7752[Bug][Agent] PulsarSink threadPool throw reject exception
INLONG-7976[Bug][Agent] The data collected by the agent is incomplete
INLONG-8026[Improve][Agent] Improve the Agent performance


INLONG-7931[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize related control mechanism
INLONG-7898[Improve][DataProxy] Clean up useless configuration files in the ConfigManager class
INLONG-7769[Bug][DataProxy] NPE when request Inlong Manager failed
INLONG-7512[Improve][DataProxy] Update the metrics log level to avoid the log file increasing quickly
INLONG-7766[Bug][DataProxySDK] Adjusted frame length exceeds occurred when reporting data through the HTTP protocol
INLONG-7194[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index log statistics for the new mq layer


INLONG-7926[Feature][TubeMQ] Add ""Register2Master"" method for GO SDK "


INLONG-8021[Improve][Manager] Periodically delete sources with inconsistent states
INLONG-8006[Improve][Manager] Set displayname for the auto-registered cluster
INLONG-7999[Improve][Manager] Support PostgreSQL data node
INLONG-7996[Improve][Manager] Support issued kafka consumer group to sort
INLONG-7987[Improve][Manager] Add a heartbeat timeout status to the source
INLONG-7981[Bug][Manager] Failed to stop source correctly when suspend a group
INLONG-7948[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when operate inlong consume
INLONG-7946[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when bind clusterTag
INLONG-7941[Improve][Manager][Dashborad] Query group to distinguish lightweight
INLONG-7940[Bug][Manager][Sort] Use Pulsar subscriptions in Pulsar connector
INLONG-7938[Bug][Manager] The consume list interface does not filter by request
INLONG-7936[Improve][Manager] Support issued pulsar subscriptions to sort
INLONG-7934[Improve][Manager] Optimize the serializationType to support debezium json
INLONG-7912[Improve][Manager] Only response DataProxy nodes in normal status
INLONG-7895[Feature][Manager] Support field description when parsing field by SQL
INLONG-7893[Feature][Manager] Support field description when parsing field by JSON
INLONG-7890[Improve][Manager] Add checks for unmodifiable data_node_name and cluster_name
INLONG-7888[Bug][Manager] Failed to create lightweight task
INLONG-7883[Improve][Manager] Invalidate user session when deleting user
INLONG-7867[Feature][Manager] Support data validation when importing Excel file
INLONG-7844[Improve][Manager] Support to set cluster when create table for clickhouse
INLONG-7843[Feature][Manager] Creating the schema of StreamSource by importing an Excel file
INLONG-7841[Feature][Manager] Support title style and font when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7839[Improve][Manager] Bump version of apache-poi:poi to 5.2.3
INLONG-7837[Bug][Manager] The Admin user cannot modify streamSource when it is not the responsible person
INLONG-7835[Improve][Manager] The permission is removed when a user is deleted
INLONG-7823[Improve][Manager] Supports creating clickhouse tables using the ReplicatedMergeTree engine
INLONG-7820[Feature][Manager] Support style and font when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7816[Feature][Manager] Support validation rules when exporting Excel file
INLONG-7810[Bug][Manager] No token field in the return result of getAllConfig
INLONG-7804[Improve][Manager] Limit the length of user password
INLONG-7800[Bug][Manager] Update redis data node failed
INLONG-7798[Improve][Manager] Add user authentication when operate workflow
INLONG-7792[Feature][Manager] Support export Excel template file of StreamSource
INLONG-7778[Feature][Manager] Optimize the create command for ease of use
INLONG-7774[Improve][Manager] Add permission verification for streamSource
INLONG-7760[Bug][Manager] Parse fields failed for streamSink and InlongStream
INLONG-7730[Feature][Manager] Support node management for Redis
INLONG-7722[Bug][Manager] The task status is inconsistent with the returned result
INLONG-7720[Umbrella][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Excel
INLONG-7719[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for Redis in NodeManagement
INLONG-7713[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7711[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support specifying parameters for the kudu client
INLONG-7706[Bug][Manager] sink is always in the configuration after being saved
INLONG-7701[Feature][Manager] Support test connection for hudi in NodeManagement
INLONG-7690[Feature][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by CSV
INLONG-7688[Feature][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by SQL
INLONG-7686[Feature][Manager] Support node management for Apache Kudu
INLONG-7678[Improve][Manager] Rename FROZEN to STOP for source status
INLONG-7675[Improve][Manager] Check OrderType when calling listAll to prevent sql injection
INLONG-7673[Improve][Manager] Remove whitespace when saving or updating URLs
INLONG-7670[Improve][Manager] Filter out sinks with empty cluster
INLONG-7666[Improve][Manager] Support to freezing and restarting streamSource
INLONG-7658[Improve][Manager] Optimized table index
INLONG-7655[Improve][Manager] Remove the dependency of hudi-flink1.13-bundle
INLONG-7651[Bug][Manager] StreamSource in normal state cannot be modified
INLONG-7648[Improve][Manager] Support list streams by a specific group principal
INLONG-7632[Improve][Manager] Mask the audit information that Sort sent successfully
INLONG-7625[Improve][Manager] Make data encoding type as a common property of StreamSink
INLONG-7619[Improve][Manager] Support update and retry MySQL sources after updating MySQLDataNode
INLONG-7004[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Statement
INLONG-6672[Feature][Manager] Add inlongctl status management for the group


INLONG-7958[Bug][Sort] MongoDB's schema becomes unordered after extracting the row data
INLONG-7957[Bug][Sort] The canaljson's type of Oracle CDC and MongoDB CDC is inconsistent with MySQL CDC
INLONG-7952[Improve][Sort] Mask sensitive message of Flink SQL in the logs
INLONG-7945[Bug][Sort] MongoDB CDC unable to output the 'replace' records
INLONG-7940[Bug][Manager][Sort] Use Pulsar subscriptions in Pulsar connector
INLONG-7906[Improve][Sort] Improve logic of calculation object byte size
INLONG-7858[Bug][Sort] Oracle CDC uploaded two different db name metrics for the same table
INLONG-7857[Bug][Sort] Duplicated chunk happens when open scan-newly-added-table in mysql-cdc
INLONG-7855[Bug][Sort] Hang up reader in snapshot phase when reducing paralleism
INLONG-7850[Feature][Sort] Add support for extracting ddl statement and operation from origin data
INLONG-7831[Improve][Sort] Using spilling disk map to reduce memory loss for buffer per parititon data
INLONG-7829[Improve][Sort] Add mini-batch pre aggregate by partition when ingesting data into iceberg
INLONG-7825[Bug][Sort] MySQL CDC cannot capture truncate ddl statement
INLONG-7813[Bug][Sort] ES6 multiple sink initialize error
INLONG-7809[Improve][Sort] ES multiple sink support dirty data runtime strategies
INLONG-7790[Bug][Sort] Setting ""scanNewlyAddedTableEnabled=true"" and ""scan.startup.mode=latest-offset"" in MySQL CDC failed to capture newly added tables"
INLONG-7787[Bug][Sort] Fix cannot output drop statement
INLONG-7767[Bug][Sort]Doris connector does not real delete record because of columns header losing
INLONG-7762[Bug][Sort] Fix capturing unrelated tables when open DDL change detection
INLONG-7731[Bug][Sort] Fix the problem of calling getAndSetPkFromErrMsg method parameter order
INLONG-7724[Improve][Sort] Add rate limit for ingesting into iceberg
INLONG-7715[Bug][Sort] Fix single table metric invalid
INLONG-7711[Feature][Sort][Manager] Support specifying parameters for the kudu client
INLONG-7708[Bug][Sort] Fix the error that occurs when adding a table during whole database synchronization in Oracle.
INLONG-7700[Improve][Sort] Update some copy class file when update mongo-cdc version to 2.3
INLONG-7695[Bug][Sort] NPE occurs when running Oracle all database migration jobs
INLONG-7693[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC Connector supports specifying field synchronization
INLONG-7683[Bug][Sort] Unit test error for Oracle connector
INLONG-7680[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC supports unsigned zerofill data type
INLONG-7660[Feature][Sort] Support DDL model for MySQL connector when running in all migrate mode
INLONG-7653[Feature][Sort] Support archiving dirty data and metrics for Iceberg connector
INLONG-7635[Feature][Sort] MongoDB CDC supports metrics with enable incremental snapshots
INLONG-7581[Feature][Sort] Support multiple-sink migration for Elasticsearch
INLONG-7554[Feature][Sort] MySQL CDC supports parsing gh-ost records
INLONG-7553[Feature][Sort] Mysql CDC support output DDL model in all migrate
INLONG-7249[Feature][Sort] JDBC accurate dirty data archive and metric calculation
INLONG-6668[Improve][Sort] Unify the constants in inlong-common and sort-connectors
INLONG-7970[Bug][Sort] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to
INLONG-7747[Umbrella][Sort] Improve memory stability of data ingesting into iceberg
INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information


INLONG-7646[Bug][Audit] NPE when mq configuration is not registered
INLONG-7641[Feature][Script] Modify script for Audit standalone deployment
INLONG-7636[Feature][Docker] Modify the Kafka config for Audit docker deployment
INLONG-7413[Feature][Audit] Proxy and Store get MQ address from the Manager service


INLONG-7955[Improve][Dashboard] Change the consumption query method from get to post
INLONG-7929[Bug][Dashboard] The select box cannot be triggered when the form is not entered
INLONG-7918[Improve][Dashboard] File source cluster name is displayed as displayName
INLONG-7915[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse sink engine field optimization
INLONG-7871[Improve][Dashboard] MySQL source supports filling in the database name whitelist
INLONG-7852[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse supports setting cluster when creating a table
INLONG-7833[Improve][Dashboard] Process optimization for creating source and sink
INLONG-7826[Improve][Dashboard] Supports filling in the life cycle when the Clickhouse sink engine is ReplicatedMergeTree
INLONG-7802[Improve][Dashboard] Requirements for optimizing data sources
INLONG-7796[Improve][Dashboard] Add icon to menu
INLONG-7789[Feature][Dashboard] Support create stream fields by statement
INLONG-7785[Improve][Dashboard] Clickhouse sink engine defaults to MergeTree
INLONG-7772[Improve][Dashboard] Redis sentinel master name normalization in NodeManagement
INLONG-7758[Bug][Dashboard] Login page display error
INLONG-7756[Bug][Dashboard] Group logs can not display
INLONG-7749[Improve][Dashboard] Support rate limit for pulsar mq mark-delete operation
INLONG-7738[Improve][Dashboard] The name and type of cluster and node cannot be modified
INLONG-7734[Feature][Dashboard] Update Dashbaord layout & folder design
INLONG-7728[Feature][Dashboard] Extract the cluster properties of Redis NodeManagement
INLONG-7702[Improve][Dashboard] Add Chinese name for partitionKeys properties of Hudi LoadNode
INLONG-7672[Feature][Dashboard] Support kudu node management
INLONG-7668[Feature][Dashboard] InLong source supports restart and freeze operations
INLONG-7643[Feature][Dashboard] Support specifying buckets when creating kudu resource
INLONG-7630[Bug][Dashboard] The page flickers when the route is switched
INLONG-7004[Feature][Dashboard][Manager] Creating schema of StreamSource by Statement
INLONG-7971[Feature][Dashboard] Support batch import fields by Excel
INLONG-8001[Feature][Dashboard] Support postgreSQL node management
INLONG-8011[Improve][Dashboard] Cluster name and node name can be modified when editing
INLONG-8011[Improve][Dashboard] Node management title text optimization


INLONG-7909[Bug]Capture changes made by connector user & document that SYS/SYSTEM changes are not captured
INLONG-7892[bug] multiple times generating approval slips
INLONG-7876[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.springframework:spring-core to 5.3.27
INLONG-7781[Bug][InLong-SDK] Solve the problem of cpp-sdk send data by HTTP protocol
INLONG-7745[Improve][CVE] Spring Framework vulnerable to denial of service via specially crafted SpEL expression
INLONG-7742[Improve][Tool] Only support inlong-dev-toolkit on MacOS and Linux
INLONG-7698[Bug][Docker] docker images build faild for tubemq-build
INLONG-7697[Feature] Reduce the memory usage of JM when split table chunks
INLONG-7986[Bug] Collect file to Postgresql failed when using docker image for test
INLONG-7986[Improve] Exclude the useless dependency for pulsar-client to decrease the distribution package size