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1.8.0 release

InLong Source Code1.8.0July. 20, 2023[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.8.0July. 20, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.8.0July. 20, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.8.0July. 20, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-8176[Improve][Agent] Upgrade rocksdb version
INLONG-8180[Improve][Agent] Improve the efficiency and safety of log file reading
INLONG-8183[Improve][Agent] Optimize agent UT
INLONG-8244[Bug][Agent] Thread leaks after the job is finished
INLONG-8251[Improve][Agent] Add global memory limit for file collect
INLONG-8334[Improve][Agent] Optimize the file collection UT
INLONG-8339[Improve][DataProxy][Agent] Enable audit by default in DataProxy and Agent
INLONG-8347[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of testTimeOffset
INLONG-8352[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of testRestartTriggerJobRestore
INLONG-8376[Improve][Agent] Optimize the agent UT of TestTriggerManager


INLONG-4961[Feature][DataProxy] Golang SDK
INLONG-7194[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index log statistics for the new mq layer
INLONG-7766[Bug][SDK] Adjusted frame length exceeds occurred when reporting data through the HTTP protocol
INLONG-7950[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the implementation logic of the Source
INLONG-8049[Improve][DataProxy] Add CIDR configuration in the BlackList and WhiteList
INLONG-8073[Improved][DataProxy]Add HTTP message processing logic in source2
INLONG-8106[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize ConfigManager implementation ( part one )
INLONG-8132[Improve][DataProxy] Fix Golang SDK typo errors in and options.go
INLONG-8161[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize BatchPackProfile related classes implementation
INLONG-8163[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Make DataProxy config interface compatible with old versions
INLONG-8167[Improve][DataProxy]Update Golang SDK dependent packages to fix dependabot alerts
INLONG-8192[Bug][DataProxy] The topic name generated by dataproxy is incorrect
INLONG-8212[Improve][DataProxy] Improve HTTP related message handling
INLONG-8228[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the implementation of the index output to files
INLONG-8252[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust default Topic settings from Source to Sink
INLONG-8267[Improve][DataProxy] Add the control of whether to retry and the count of retries for the failure message
INLONG-8284[Improve][DataProxy] Unify the message encoding definition of DataProxy
INLONG-8294[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize the log output in the Sink module
INLONG-8305[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize HttpPost object creation
INLONG-8311[Improve][DataProxy] Add event handling support for FlumeEvent type
INLONG-8318[Improve][DataProxy] Change notification synchronization through condition variables and locks
INLONG-8323[Improve][DataProxy] Add Topic detailed information output when Producer is null
INLONG-8332[Improve][DataProxy] Return original content for MSG_ORIGINAL_RETURN type messages
INLONG-8339[Improve][DataProxy][Agent] Enable audit by default in DataProxy and Agent
INLONG-8356[Improve][DataProxy] Replace source2 to source
INLONG-8368[Bug][DataProxy] Sink does not have audit data
INLONG-8385[Improve][DataProxy] Add take method in BufferQueue class
INLONG-8459[Improve][DataProxy] Fix code scanning alert - Implicit narrowing conversion in compound assignment


INLONG-4968[Feature][TubeMQ] Golang SDK for Producing Message
INLONG-8122[Feature][TubeMQ] Add "Heartbeat" method for GO SDK
INLONG-8165[Feature][TubeMQ] Add "SendMessage" method for GO SDK
INLONG-8286[Improve][TubeMQ] Supports the return package type when querying messages
INLONG-8321[Improve][TubeMQ] Improve the precision of tube consumer id


INLONG-7914[Feature][Manager] Support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8024[Improve][Manager] Add extended properties when getting the status of the sort task info
INLONG-8035[Bug][Manager] Non-file tasks cannot be recovered from the heartbeat timeout state
INLONG-8039[Improve][Manager] Optimize the transform interface
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8066[Improve][Manager] Add sort extended properties when getting the status info of the InlongGroup
INLONG-8068[Feature][Manager] Support repeatable read for http request
INLONG-8072[Bug][Manager] NPE when sort_task_name of stream_sink table is empty or null
INLONG-8080[Bug][Manager] The total parameter found on the page is different from the actual value
INLONG-8087[Feature][Manager] Add definition of Inlong tenant table
INLONG-8088[Improve][Manager] The heartbeat timeout interval can be configured
INLONG-8091[Bug][Manager] Unsupported FieldType is reported when the source and sink are both PostgreSQL
INLONG-8093[Feature][Manager] Add inlong tenant related APIs
INLONG-8098[Feature][Manager] Support Inlong user permission control
INLONG-8108[Bug][Manager] WorkflowApprover API Permissions Optimization
INLONG-8114[Bug][Manager] Appeared NPE when building properties
INLONG-8118[Feature][Manager] Support tenant user permission control
INLONG-8121[Improve][Manager] Supports cluster node status management in the case of multiple manager nodes
INLONG-8127[Bug][Manager] UT failed in HeartbeatManagerTest.testReportHeartbeat
INLONG-8129[Improve][Manager] Add encoding check to the MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8136[Improve][Manager] Support obtaining resource information used by the current group
INLONG-8148[Bug][Manager] The method of querying cluster nodes is not idempotent
INLONG-8150[Improve][Manager] Not throw an exception when getting cluster nodes
INLONG-8152[Improve][Manager] Paging queries remove the restriction that groupid is not empty
INLONG-8154[Improve][Manager] Optimize the way of creating ExtractNodes to make it easy to expand and maintain
INLONG-8159[Improve][Manager] Rename "tenant" in InlongPulsarInfo to "pulsarTenant"
INLONG-8163[Improve][Manager][DataProxy] Make DataProxy config interface compatible with old versions
INLONG-8169[Feature][Manager] Add default tenant "public" if the request does not specify one
INLONG-8171[Improve][Manager] Optimize the way of creating LoadNodes to make it easy to expand and maintain
INLONG-8188[Improve][Manager] Support querying audit information by sink id
INLONG-8197[Improve][Manager] Optimize the ClickHouse query for the Audit interface
INLONG-8199[Improve][Manager] Supports get brief information of inlong stream
INLONG-8200[Feature][Manager] Fliter out requests which user has no permission to the specific tenant
INLONG-8202[Improve][Manager] Extract public parseFormat method to optimize NodeProvider
INLONG-8222[Feature][Manager] Support different data types mapping for different data sources by the strategy pattern
INLONG-8226[Improve][Manager] Change the type of partitionNum for KafkaSink
INLONG-8231[Feature][Manager] Add tenant into param and body of each request
INLONG-8247[Improve][Manager] Removes the restriction that only the admin user can create DataNodes
INLONG-8260[Bug][Manager] Source field is empty for data sync
INLONG-8266[Improve][Manager] Optimize PostgreSQL field type mapping strategy with the customized configuration file
INLONG-8275[Umbrella][Manager] All resources support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8276[Feature][Manager] InlongGroup support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8278[Feature][Manager] Add tenant into the login user info
INLONG-8281[Feature][Manager] Manager client support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8282[Improve][Manager] Increase the length of the partial ID or name field
INLONG-8288[Feature][Manager] Add MySQL field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8290[Improve][Manager] Support SQL interceptor to add tenant into each query
INLONG-8292[Improve][Manager][Dashboard] Add task types on the approval management page
INLONG-8296[Improve][Manager] Move LoginUserUtils to pojo to avoid cycle dependency
INLONG-8300[Feature][Manager] Support previewing data of Pulsar
INLONG-8313[Feature][Manager] Add Oracle field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8327[Feature][Manager] Add SQLServer field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8330[Bug][Manager] The information returned by the getAllConfig interface is incorrect
INLONG-8345[Improve][Manager][Sort] Flink multi-version adaptation directory adjustment and version unified management
INLONG-8349[Feature][Manager] DataNode support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8354[Improve][Manager] Support previewing data of TubeMQ
INLONG-8361[Bug][Manager] Group restart fail
INLONG-8365[Feature][Manager] InlongCluster support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8369[Feature][Manager] Add MongoDB field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8378[Feature][Manager] InlongClusterTag support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8380[Feature][Manager] InlongConsume support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8389[Bug][Manager] Tenant interception failure when authentication is disable
INLONG-8394[Improve][Manager] TenantRole list interface support fuzzy match
INLONG-8396[Improve][Manager] Support for querying audit data with average delay
INLONG-8398[Improve][Manager] Optimize multiple tenant related logs
INLONG-8404[Feature][Manager] Workflow support multi-tenancy
INLONG-8405[Improve][Manager] Dynamically configure ClickHouse source
INLONG-8421[Bug][Manager] NPE when disable OpenApi auth
INLONG-8423[Feature][Manager] Manager client support tenant operation
INLONG-8425[Bug][Manager] Error in obtaining audit information when sink is not configured
INLONG-8434[Bug][Manager] Error converting null to string when converting JSON string
INLONG-8440[Feature][Manager] Support list tenant info by user or given tenant list
INLONG-8442[Feature][Manager] Support delete tenant and tenant role
INLONG-8443[Feature][Manager] Add ClickHouse field type mapping strategy to improve usability
INLONG-8449[Bug][Manager] Abnormal growth of self increasing primary key in heartbeat table
INLONG-8462[Bug][Manager] Attribute was overwritten by the default value error when modifying the group
INLONG-8469[Bug][Manager] The ext_params is incorrectly set to null


INLONG-6545[Improve][Sort] Accurately parse the schema type and completely match the missing precision information
INLONG-7853[Feature][Sort] Add common handle for schema-change in sink
INLONG-7882[Improve][Sort] Oracle CDC reduces the number of session connections
INLONG-7959[Improve][Sort] Dynamic schema evolution support delete and update columns when sink to Iceberg
INLONG-7990[Improve][Sort] Fix license header for InLongFixedPartitionPartitionerTest
INLONG-7994[Improve][Sort] Add UT for all migration to MongoDB CDC
INLONG-8034[Improve][Sort] Bump hudi version to 0.12.3
INLONG-8038[Feature][Sort] Optimize MySQL CDC chunk splitting logic
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8054[Improve][Sort] Update document information of Sort
INLONG-8062[Feature][Sort] Add PostgreSQL source connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8065[Feature][Sort] Add StarRocks connector on Flink 1.15
INLONG-8092[Feature][Sort] Support all database and multiple tables transmission for Hive
INLONG-8099[Umbrella][Sort] Sort support Flink multi-version
INLONG-8101[Feature][Sort] Support multi-version packaging of sort-connectors
INLONG-8110[Improve][Sort] Only whole database migration need table level metric
INLONG-8116[Improve][Sort] Support table api config setting
INLONG-8125[Improve][Sort] Optimizing the speed of transitioning from snapshot to binlog
INLONG-8140[Feature][Sort] Support data inference schema change type
INLONG-8143[Feature][Sort] Kafka support DDL
INLONG-8173[Bug][Sort] Fix the NPE problem when adding new columns
INLONG-8175[Improve][Sort] MySQL CDC support read data from specific timestamp
INLONG-8177[Improve][Sort] Improve jdbc connector object calculation and Fix filesystem connector report dirty data metrics error
INLONG-8217[Improve][Sort] Sort-core should support running on flink-1.15
INLONG-8218[Bug][Sort] Kafka connector reader data byte calculation error
INLONG-8220[Improve][Sort] Add PostgreSQL connector for Flink 1.15 in distribution
INLONG-8233[Improve][Sort] Support running tests on both Flink 1.13 and Flink 1.15
INLONG-8239[Improve][Sort] Support sort format to flink-1.15
INLONG-8307[Bug][Sort] Job restart failed from savepoint When set 'scan.startup.mode' = 'timestamp'
INLONG-8337[Improve][Sort] Support getting accurate precision and scale of decimal type for Iceberg
INLONG-8341[Improve][Sort] MySQL cdc connector cannot get scale for decimal field
INLONG-8345[Improve][Manager][Sort] Flink multi-version adaptation directory adjustment and version unified management
INLONG-8363[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector captures binlog in snapshot phase all the time even if tables have been removed in flink sql
INLONG-8366[Bug][Sort] Lost data in Iceberg when restoring checkpoint
INLONG-8372[Improve][Sort] MySQL connector supports uploading flink job delay metrics
INLONG-8382[Improve][Sort] Provide unsupported operation for ddl that is not parseable
INLONG-8411[Bug][Sort] The artifactId of the dependency of sort-format-json is wrong
INLONG-8429[Bug][Sort] Shield the missing part of the Flink 1.15 connector pipeline failure error


INLONG-8224[Bug][Audit] Fix audit-proxy memory leak
INLONG-8315[Improve][Audit] Filter out invalid data that is more than 7 days old (configurable)


INLONG-8043[Improve][Dashboard] The label displays the cluster name as displayName
INLONG-8046[Improve][Dashboard] Support batch import of sink fields
INLONG-8047[Improve][Dashboard][Manager][Sort] Rename lightweight to DataSync
INLONG-8051[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the display effect of the batch parse dialog
INLONG-8078[Bug][Dashboard] Source and sink list pagination does not work
INLONG-8134[Feature][Dashboard] Inlong Group supports viewing resource details
INLONG-8190[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the param display name for PostgreSQL
INLONG-8204[Improve][Dashboard] Support querying audit information by sink id
INLONG-8254[Improve][Dashboard] Supports get brief information of inlong stream
INLONG-8257[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the data node to display normally
INLONG-8262[Improve][Dashboard] Optimize the group log component
INLONG-8269[Feature][Dashboard] Navigation bar increased data synchronization
INLONG-8298[Improve][Dashboard] Stream supports data preview
INLONG-8302[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization source and sink type optimization
INLONG-8316[Improve][Dashboard] Update length limit for partial ID or name field
INLONG-8343[Improve][Dashboard] Increase the length of the field for creating MySQL varchar types to 16383
INLONG-8350[Feature][Dashboard] Dashboard plugin support light
INLONG-8384[Improve][Dashboard] Data Integration ---> Data Ingestion
INLONG-8431[Feature][Dashboard] Support tenant management and tenant role management
INLONG-8461[Improve][Dashboard] Cluster management tag optimization
INLONG-8467[Improve][Dashboard] Audit query condition optimization


INLONG-8005[Bug] Fix duplicate split request when add new table in mysql connector
INLONG-8042[Improve][CI] Update the workflow to avoid the network being unreachable
INLONG-8060[Improve] Let mysql source reader throws runtimeException when connect times out or OOM
INLONG-8082[Bug][CI] workflow ci_build.yml ci_greeting.yml syntax error
INLONG-8103[Improve][CI] Format the order of imports by the spotless plugin
INLONG-8157[Bug][CI] Failed to compile code in submodule
INLONG-8249[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.springframework:spring-boot-autoconfigure to 2.6.15
INLONG-8274[Bug][Sort] Mysql connector will throw exception when synchronizing incremental data
INLONG-8309[Improve][CVE] Upgrade org.xerial.snappy:snappy-java to version 1.1.10. 1
INLONG-8326[Improve][Build] Remove duplicate dependency declarations of "jsqlparser"
INLONG-8407[Improve] Optimize mongodb cdc for verifying type DDL types
INLONG-8413[Improve][Doc] Update the description about data Ingestion and Synchronization
INLONG-8419[Improve][Doc] Update the description about InLong