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1.9.0 release

InLong Source Code1.9.0September. 19, 2023[SRC] [ASC] [SHA512]
InLong Binary File1.9.0September. 19, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.131.9.0September. 19, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]
Connector Binary File For Flink v1.151.9.0September. 19, 2023[BIN] [ASC] [SHA512]

Release Integrity

You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of InLong's Release Managers. We also provide SHA-512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.

Release Notes


INLONG-8850[Improve][Agent] Remove unregister of MetricRegister when taskmanager is initialized
INLONG-8655[Bug][Agent] JobWrapper thread leaks when the job is stopped
INLONG-8652[Improve][Agent] Delete the capacity of setting blacklist
INLONG-8649[Bug][Agent] Thread leaks for ProxySink when the DataProxy SDK init failed
INLONG-8647[Improve][Agent] Stop sending task snapshot to Manager module
INLONG-8645[Improve][Agent] Delete the capacity of the loading trigger for local files
INLONG-8629[Bug][Agent] Sending invalid data to DataProxy failed blocks normal data sending
INLONG-8524[Improve][Agent] Update the JVM Options for Agent
INLONG-8520[Bug][Agent] File agent sent data to dataproxy was all json formatted 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8146[Improve][Agent] Optimize, and '-XX:NativeMemoryTracking'
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project


INLONG-8836[Improve][Audit] Add audit_tag information to distinguish data sources and data targets
INLONG-8753[Improve][Audit] Separate commons-text from org.apache.flume
INLONG-8699[Improve][Audit] Optimize the service log of audit-proxy
INLONG-8642[Improve][Audit] Remove the audit commons-text dependency


INLONG-8882[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Pulsar data node
INLONG-8881[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Pulsar sink
INLONG-8843[Improve][Dashboard] StarRocks sink field optimization
INLONG-8841[Feature][Dashboard] Support management of Iceberg sources
INLONG-8810[Improve][Dashboard] Approval management process ID link optimization
INLONG-8800[Improve][Dashboard] Owners search component optimization
INLONG-8788[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization page optimization
INLONG-8779[Improve][Dashboard] Modify password verification optimization
INLONG-8760[Bug][Dashboard] The transform button was not at the center
INLONG-8757[Improve][Dashboard] Implement buttons using a link good first issue
INLONG-8755[Improve][Dashboard] Data synchronization field mapping optimization
INLONG-8727[Improve][Dashboard] Approval management Application details optimization
INLONG-8705[Improve][Dashboard] Source and sink title optimization
INLONG-8693[Feature][Dashboard] Data synchronization supports Audit
INLONG-8661[Bug][DashBoard] DatabaseWhiteList is required which is inconsistent with tips
INLONG-8624[Bug][Dashboard] Tenant Management Search Tenant Exceptions
INLONG-8621[Feature][Dashboard] Approval management supports approval data synchronization
INLONG-8575[Improve][Dashboard] Tenant management query optimization
INLONG-8560[Bug][Dashboard] No username and password when configuring hive.
INLONG-8548[Feature][Dashboard] Data access supports displaying transmission delay
INLONG-8546[Bug][Dashboard] Inlong group resource details display error good first issue
INLONG-8512[Bug][Dashboard] Create tube consumer failed when selecting topic 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8502[Bug][Dashboard] Query data preview interface exception
INLONG-8500[Bug][Dashboard] Fix stream data preview url error
INLONG-8008[Improve][Dashboard] Add default icon for different data nodes good first issue


INLONG-8914[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize DataProxy event statistics
INLONG-8899[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize metadata update logic
INLONG-8819[Improve][DataProxy] Optimize ConfigHolder related subclass loading processing
INLONG-8758[Improve][DataProxy] Metadata synchronization management optimization
INLONG-8741[Bug][DataProxy] Wrong constant reference in CommonConfigHolder class
INLONG-8729[Bug][DataProxy] Wrong result in the addSendResultMetric function also reports success
INLONG-8725[Improve][DataProxy] Cache file metric output switch value at usage location
INLONG-8679[Improve][DataProxy] Migrate index-related variables to abstract classes
INLONG-8670[Improve][DataProxy] Define in detail the exceptions actively thrown in Source
INLONG-8657[Improve][DataProxy] Cache Source, Sink name and Channel object content
INLONG-8597[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust the format of the metric output to the file
INLONG-8589[Improve][DataProxy] Add callback parameter support for Http access
INLONG-8576[Improve][DataProxy] Adjust handling when messages are incomplete
INLONG-8507[Improve][Dataproxy] Modify nodeIp in dataproxy message to clientIp
INLONG-6364[Improve][DataProxy] Add DataProxy node load information stage/stale
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project
INLONG-8936[Bug][DataProxy] The log's path for DataProxy is wrong


INLONG-8852[Improve][Manager] Supports fuzzy matching of username based on keyword
INLONG-8845[Feature][Manager] Support Tencent Cloud Log Service data flow
INLONG-8834[Bug][Manager] No relationship generated after setting the transformnode
INLONG-8832[Bug][Manager] The request type for transform/list in the client does not match the actual one
INLONG-8829[Improve][Manager] Support configuring whether to use zookeeper by request
INLONG-8827[Feature][Manager] Inlong manager sql directory is incorrect in docker README
INLONG-8823[Feature][Manager] Supporting data flow to Pulsar
INLONG-8816[INLONG-8815][Manager] Supports configuring iceberg streamSources
INLONG-8815[Improve][Manager] Supports configuring iceberg streamSources
INLONG-8813[Improve][Manager] Replacing whitespace characters in MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8805[Feature][Manager] Check tenant status before deleting tenant
INLONG-8799[Bug][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] The "opentelemetry" related configs may affect the startup of services
INLONG-8797[Feature][Manager][Sort] Audit has no data for data sync
INLONG-8794[Improve][Manager] Support add streamField and sinkField
INLONG-8781[Bug][Manager] When batch task is finished, exception is throw
INLONG-8773[Improve][Manager] Optimize Agent heartbeat logic
INLONG-8771[Bug][Manager] Audit data error for MySQL data source
INLONG-8751[Bug][Manager] Response of data preview was empty
INLONG-8749[Improve][Manager] Support configuring whether to initialize node state during startup
INLONG-8739[Bug][Manager] The file collection task was mistakenly deleted
INLONG-8675[Bug][Manager]Manager client InlongTenant get method request type error
INLONG-8671[Bug][Manager] Find no method parameter of form data in POST request
INLONG-8663[Improve][Manager] Add tenant related OpenAPI
INLONG-8627[Improve][Manager] Add parameters validation for the testConnection method
INLONG-8622[Improve][Manager] Optimize the permission control of user API
INLONG-8620[INLONG-8619][Manager] Remove the inlong role check of internal interfaces
INLONG-8619[Improve][Manager] Remove the inlong role check of internal interfaces
INLONG-8618[INLONG-8617][Manager] Optimize compatibility of SortSdk config interface 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8617[Improve][Manager] Optimize compatibility of SortSdk config interface
INLONG-8611[Feature][Manager][Agent][DataProxy] Support full link tracking to improve the observability of the project
INLONG-8606[INLONG-8590][Manager] Make Cluster and ClusterTags as public resources
INLONG-8603[Bug][Manager] Fix the vulnerability to security attacks for the MySQL JDBC URL
INLONG-8590[Improve][Manager] Make Cluster and ClusterTags as public resources
INLONG-8586[Improve][Manager] Stop Stream Source which is still running after group is stopped
INLONG-8582[Improve][Manager] Remove unnecessary log information in InlongClusterServiceImpl
INLONG-8570[Bug][Manager] Modules in the wrong order cause UT execution to fail
INLONG-8568[INLONG-8567][Manager] Add new role INLONG_SERVICE for internal service query 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8567[Feature][Manager] Add new role INLONG_SERVICE for internal service query
INLONG-8564[Bug][Manager] Unable to issue tasks after modifying data node info
INLONG-8563[Improve][Manager] Opitmize the permission check of tenant-related operation
INLONG-8556[Improve][Manager] Optimize the location of the manager-plugins-flink jar package
INLONG-8550[INLONG-8547][Manager] Add workflow approver automatically when create a new tenant
INLONG-8547[Feature][Manager] Add workflow approver automatically when create a new tenant
INLONG-8541[Bug][Manager] Save InlongGroup with error tenant 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8539[Improve][Manager] Remove stream source when heartbeat of agent contains no group message
INLONG-8537[Bug][Manager] Insert group failed 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8535[Bug][Manager] There is a null pointer when calling updateRuntimeConfig method
INLONG-8529[Improve][Manager] update stream source to heartbeat timeout when evit cluster node
INLONG-8522[Improve][Manager] Optimize log print for AgentService
INLONG-8516[Improve][Manager] Missing scala dependency for Flink 1.15 1.9.x/bugfix
INLONG-8514[Improve][Manager] Support ClickHouse field type special modifier Nullable
INLONG-8509[Improve][Manager] Optimize preProcessTemplateFileTask in AgentServiceImpl
INLONG-8492[INLONG-8490][Manager] Duplicate queried audit data according to all fields
INLONG-8491[Feature][Manager] manager client support list inlong streams with sources and sinks by paginating
INLONG-8490[Improve][Manager] Duplicate queried audit data according to all fields
INLONG-8488[INLONG-8374][Manager] Manager client tools support multiple tenant
INLONG-8448[INLONG-8447][Manager] Optimize paging logic
INLONG-8447[Improve][Manager] Optimize paging logic stage/stale
INLONG-8446[Feature][Manager] Remove the permission check logic in Services and DAOs good first issue
INLONG-8403[Feature][Manager] Support resource migrate to different tenant
INLONG-8374[Feature][Manager] Manager client tools support multiple tenant good first issue
INLONG-8360[Improve][Manager] Support previewing data of Kafka
INLONG-8939[Improve][Manager] Add a switch to initiate the delete data source task
INLONG-8946[Improve][Manager] Optimize the audit ID method issued by the manager
INLONG-8951[Improve][Manager] Support for configuring built-in fields for iceberg


INLONG-8916[Improve][SDK] Update SDK configuration file for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8910[Improve][SDK] Adjust some default configuration parameters
INLONG-8905[Improve][SDK] Code specifications for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8896[Improve][SDK] Remove old code before refactoring for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8891[Improve][SDK] Optimize compile for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8889[Improve][SDK] Optimize CmakeList for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8887[Improve][SDK] Optimize api framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8885[Improve][SDK] Optimize tcp manager framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8883[Improve][SDK] Optimize proxy config manager framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8868[Improve][SDK] Optimize send data framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8866[Improve][SDK] Optimize data receiving framework for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8864[Improve][SDK] Add memory utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8861[Improve][SDK] Add mutex utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8860[Improve][SDK] Add log utils for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8858[Improve][SDK] Add init helper information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8856[Improve][SDK] Add msg information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8854[Improve][SDK] Add return code information for dataproxy cpp sdk
INLONG-8784[INLONG-8766][SDK] SortSdk create consumer in parallel
INLONG-8766[Improve][SDK] SortSdk create consumer in parallel
INLONG-8747[Improve][SDK] Optimize the local configuration management of cpp sdk
INLONG-8728[Improve][SDK] Optimize the problem of third-party openssl library dependency failure
INLONG-8639[Improve][SDK] Improve send failed logic of DataProxy
INLONG-8637[Improve][SDK] Pool data request and batch request for DataProxy
INLONG-8635[Improve][SDK] Update dependency packages and required Go version for DataProxy
INLONG-8633[Improve][SDK] Update debug log level for DataProxy SDK
INLONG-8631[Improve][SDK] Handle context.Done() in Send() for DataProxy SDK


INLONG-8897[Bug][Sort] update dbz option name 'schema. whitelist' to 'schema.include.list'
INLONG-8848[Bug][Sort] Sort base dependency error
INLONG-8839[Feature][Sort] Add audit metric in starrocks connector on flink 1.15
INLONG-8838[Improve][Sort] IcebergSource support metadata
INLONG-8825[Feature][Sort] Optimize the field type conversion between source and target in the whole database scenario
INLONG-8818[INLONG-8643][Sort] Support Iceberg source
INLONG-8808[Improve][Sort] Improve convertToBinary for RowDataDebeziumDeserializeSchema
INLONG-8796[Improve][Sort] Add SchemaChangeEventHandler to deal schema change event by each connector
INLONG-8786[Bug][Sort] The Doris schema should be changed in case of multiple URI
INLONG-8783[Bug][Sort] MySql connector jdbc version is incompatible with mysql-cdc version
INLONG-8776[Improve][Sort] MySql connector should add jdbc driver jar
INLONG-8745[Improve][Sort] Add incremental and postgre type in postgre connector
INLONG-8743[Feature][Sort] Support more type of ddl in all migration
INLONG-8667[Improve][Sort] The inner class name was wrong in OracleSnapshotContext
INLONG-8653[Bug][Sort] fix the query sql for jdbc pg dialect multiple table scenerios.
INLONG-8643[Feature][Sort] Add Iceberg source on flink 1.15
INLONG-8641[Bug][Sort] SingleTableCustomFieldsPartitioner package name does not match path
INLONG-8616[INLONG-8598][Sort] Optimize sortstandalone pulsar sink
INLONG-8602[Bug][Sort] Fix StackOverflowError of Oracle CDC
INLONG-8598[Improve][Sort] Optimize sortstandalone pulsar sink
INLONG-8596[Feature][Sort] Iceberg supports dynamic switching between append and upsert
INLONG-8594[Bug][Sort] When change record is chunk range of snapshot phase, MongoDB cannot rewrite the record
INLONG-8579[INLONG-8578][Sort] Fix npe inside outputReadPhaseMetrics in mysql-cdc
INLONG-8578[Bug][Sort] NPE occurred inside outputReadPhaseMetrics of mysql-cdc
INLONG-8558[Improve][Sort] Use database name in upper case at the OracleTableSourceFactory
INLONG-8551[INLONG-8549][Sort] Fix incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-8549[Bug][Sort] Incorrect use of maven plugin on integration test among sort-end-to-end-tests
INLONG-8445[Feature][Sort] Support running tests on both Flink 1.13 and Flink 1.15
INLONG-8436[Bug][Sort] The backfill task not running bug in oracle cdc connector
INLONG-8279[Bug][Sort] NPE when run MySqlLoadSqlParseTest
INLONG-8236[Feature][Sort] Iceberg supports dynamic switching between append and upsert
INLONG-7908[Feature][Sort] PostgreSQL connector supports parallel read
INLONG-7900[Feature][Sort] Support partition by custom fields when upsert single table of Kafka
INLONG-7763[Feature][Sort] Support ddl change for doris
INLONG-8797[Feature][Manager][Sort] Audit has no data for data sync
INLONG-8903[Bug][TubeMQ][Sort] int64 not recognized by the compiler and Missing @Override annotations
INLONG-8953[Bug][Sort] Iceberg source default the StartSnapshot to the latest


INLONG-4972[Feature][TubeMQ] Add TubeMQ Command Tools stage/roadmap
INLONG-8903[Bug][TubeMQ][Sort] int64 not recognized by the compiler and Missing @Override annotations
INLONG-8871[Improve][TubeMQ] Use an error code in checkMessageAndStatus() to return the check result instead of throwing an exception
INLONG-8812[Improve][Tubemq] Missing parameter
INLONG-8793[INLONG-8791][TubeMQ] Tubemq-client-go lacks log level configuration API
INLONG-8768[Improve][TubeMQ] Adding for inlong-tubemq-manager
INLONG-8720[Improve][TubeMQ] Some unused return params in WebParamaterUtils
INLONG-8717[Bug][TubeMQ] Display wrong response message in TubeMQ master web panel
INLONG-8716[Bug][TubeMQ] set error code 0 when it works
INLONG-8701[Improve][TubeMQ] Master dashboard respond always true when some operation complete


INLONG-8614[Bug][CI] Post maven cache failed for UT and build workflow service/ci
INLONG-8494[Bug][CI] Caught IOException "No space left on device" for Analyze by CodeQL workflow
INLONG-8846[Improve][Doc] Add ASF DOAP File for InLong
INLONG-8543[Bug][Docker] The path of the mysql connector is wrong when docker build service/docker
INLONG-8533[Improve][Docker] Add MySQL connector to the manager image service/docker
INLONG-8918[Bug][Script] A script parameter error in bin/inlong-daemon
INLONG-8690[Improve][Security] TemporaryFolder on unix-like systems does not limit access to created files
INLONG-8688[Improve][Security] Incorrect Authorization in MySQL Connector Java
INLONG-8687[Improve][Security] Apache Pulsar Java Client vulnerable to Improper Certificate Validation
INLONG-8686[Improve][Security] TemporaryFolder on unix-like systems does not limit access to created files
INLONG-8685[Improve][Security] Denial of service due to parser crash
INLONG-8684[Improve][Security] Vite Server Options (server.fs.deny) can be bypassed using double forward-slash (//)
INLONG-8683[Improve][Security] OutOfMemoryError for large multipart without filename in Eclipse Jetty
INLONG-8682[Improve][Security] Guava vulnerable to insecure use of temporary directory
INLONG-8681[Improve][Security] netty-handler SniHandler 16MB allocation
INLONG-8934[Feature][Distribution] Add Iceberg connectors into the bundle
INLONG-8942[Improve][Distribution]Support to merge all jar file of multiple modules in order to reduce version package size
INLONG-8965[Improve][Doc] Update the description for swagger API